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Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This Satsang was given June 13, 1995, in Subachoque, Columbia.

Salutations unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers Almighty Lords Sawan and Kirpal Who, showering limitless grace upon us, have given us the gift of Their devotion, and have given us the opportunities to sing Their glory.

A brief hymn of Swami Ji Maharaj is presented to you. He tells us about the glory, the importance, of the Satsang, and the benefits of receiving the human body. He also tells us that all the Shastras, all the holy scriptures tell us that there is no difference between God Almighty and the Master. He gives us the warning that this precious opportunity of the human birth is such that you may not get it again and again. So instead of just thinking about going to the Master, you should go to the Master; you should not delay in going to the Master and receiving the Initiation from Him.

In order to cross over this ocean of life, and in order to remove all the diseases, all the pains which we have, especially the pain or the disease of birth and death, the Naam of the perfect Master is the only medicine. It works like an herb which renews life _ it gives you the life again.

Saints and Mahatmas, whether They were born in the East or the West, or whether They were born in the Persian countries, regardless of which age They came into this world and what language They spoke, all the Masters have the same goal, They all have the same destination. All the Masters are the drops of the same ocean _ that very ocean from which our soul has come out. Guru Nanak Sahib says that there is one God, there is one Will of God, and with that Will of God He has created the entire creation.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj says that God is One, and the Will of God, the Hukam of God, has also been One. And the Saints and Mahatmas are like the government sent by that God Almighty.

Paltu Sahib says that in the Home of God, all the works are done by the Saints. Even thirty-three krores of gods and goddesses also are afraid of the Saints.

So if there are any workers in the Home of the Lord, They are the Saints, the beloved children of God Almighty. They come to this world in the Will of God Almighty, and They do all the work only in His Will. They neither break any of the existing religions nor do They form any new religions in this world.

The mission of the Mahatmas, up until now, the mission of any Mahatma has not run on the Vedas or any holy scriptures. They tell us, "Dear ones, we do not run the mission based on any holy scripture." All the Masters Who have come into this world have given out this same message. And the things which are written in the holy scriptures are just the experiences of the Masters.

Some Mahatma has reminded us about our relationship with God Almighty as a relationship between the son and the father. Some have reminded us of the relationship between us and God Almighty as the relationship between the mother and the son.

Some Mahatma came into this world and gave this message: "I am the Light; and only through me can you realize God Almighty."

Someone even said that he who has had the darshan of the Son has also had the darshan of the Father.

Some Mahatma even told us, "Do not remain in any illusion. Without the Master you will not get the liberation."

Guru Arjan Dev said, "He who has seen the Son of God Who came into this world became free from the birth and death, and he has made his human birth successful."

Kabir Sahib says, "I and Rama, the Lord, have become one. And there is no difference between me and Him." Kabir Sahib says, "No one can even recognize who is Rama or who is Kabir. So Rama and Kabir have become one, and no one can find the difference."

Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj says, "Whenever Saints and Mahatmas have come into this world, it doesn't matter what language They spoke; Their ways of explaining the things may be different, and Their ways of working may be different, but Their destination, Their goal, was always the same." No matter how learned we are, unless we go to the perfect Master we cannot find our way out. We are getting kicked and knocked; we are roaming here and there in the darkness. The darkness cannot be removed unless we go to the perfect Master.

The Vedas and Shastras tell us the benefit of going to the perfect Master; they tell us the benefit of meditating on the Naam. They even tell us that we cannot get the Naam unless we go to the perfect Master. But just by reading the Vedas and Shastras we cannot obtain the Naam.

It is like if we get sick and we get a good book written by a very good doctor. In the book it may be written that this is the way you can remove the chronic diarrhea, or these are the symptoms and these are the remedies for removing the fever, and like that. So if we just go on reading that book all day long, no matter with how much love and devotion we go on reading that book, still we cannot get rid of our sickness. Unless we go to a living doctor and get the medicine from him, we cannot be cured. Because the doctor has done the practice; and he knows what medicine should be given and he gives us the medicine. So unless we go to the living doctor and get the medicine from him, we cannot be free of the disease we may have.

Guru Kirpal, Mere Ghar Aana

Guru Kirpal, mere ghar aana (2x)
Jese turn Sawan divane, mai tera divana

O Guru Kirpal, come to my home.
Just like You are fond of Sawan, so I am fond of You.

Eyk bar bhi sache man Se, jisne tujhe dhyaya
Bhar-bhar jholi dono hatho, tumne pyar lutaya
Men dor tumhare hatho, tum mere jivan sathi
Tum bhagato ke bhagat tumhare, thik nahi mujhko thukrana
Mai tera divana...

Whoever has meditated or remembered You, with a true heart, even for once -- with both Your Hands full You have given him Your Love.
My string is in Your Hands -- You are the companion of my life.
You are the devotee of devotees, and it is not good for You to reject me.
I am fond of You just like You are fond of Sawan...

Shivri ke jhute bero se pyare tumne maja uthaya
Duyordhan ke meve taj ke, sag vidur ka khaya
Keval das nahi hu satguru, mai daso ka das tumhare
Jese sabki laj rakhi hai, meri bhi laj rakhana
Mai tera divana...

O Dear One, You enjoyed the contaminated berries of Shivri.
Giving up the good delicious food of Duyordhan, You preferred to eat the simple food of Vidur.
I am not only Your servant O Satguru, I am the servant of Your Servants.
Just like You have protected the honor of everyone, protect my honor also.
I am fond of You just like You are fond of Sawan...

Kese tumhe bulau satguru, pata nahi hai gyan nahi
Kisi tareh ka koi tukabar, mere bas ki bat nahi
Pal-pal ke darshan ko guruji, pyasi ankhe taras rahi hai
Yahi benati hai Ajaib ki, mujhe nahi tadafana
Mai tera divana...

O Satguru, how do I call You? I do not know, I do not have any knowledge.
I do not have any style. I do not know... It is not in my hands to call You.
O Guru Ji, moment after moment my eyes are thirsty for Your darshan.
This is the request of Ajaib, "PIease do not let me suffer any more."
I am fond of You just like You are fond of Sawan...

As I have told you, Swami Ji Maharaj first explains the importance of Satsang to us, and then He talks about the human birth, the benefits of the human birth. And He also tells us that we will not get this opportunity again and again.

Sant Mat is not a religion, and neither should it be given a shape or a form of a religion. It is the Path for improving our own selves.

When we give up all of our bad qualities, our faults, only then should we understand ourselves as the improved ones.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj says, "When the jealousy or envy for others is finished from our within, only then we should understand that we have had the effect of the Satsang." When we see the same God within both our friend and our enemy, then we should understand that we have had the effect of the Satsang. When we see the same God within both the friend and the enemy, then we cannot criticize anyone. Then we become free from the egoism. Because God is the One Who gives to everyone. Why should we be jealous if God Almighty is giving someone something happily?

When within ourselves we see the enchanting, the most beautiful Form of the Master, we also see Him within everyone else. Then we become very surprised [to see] how that enchanting, that most beautiful Form, is within everyone.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj says, "Ever since I got the company of the Sadhu and the sangat, all the enmity and jealousy for others has been forgotten. No one is my enemy; no one is a stranger to me. I get along with everyone."

"The same God is residing within everyone." Nanak says, "I become pleased seeing Him within all."

So Swami Ji Maharaj says that if you are going to the Satsang, you should attend the Satsang in such a way that your mind becomes pure, holy. Because it is the mind that we want to make understand. That is why we go to the Satsang. So when we go to the Satsang, we should keep our mind also present there.

If our mind is wandering in the vices and the pleasures of the world, if it is involved in the worldly pursuits and the matters of the family, if our mind is wandering and is involved in the fighting and the other things, but if we keep our body in the company of the Saints, how will our mind get the color of the company of the Master if we have not kept it present, along with our body, in the company of the Master?

Kabir Sahib says, "You have given your mind to someone else, but you have kept your body with the Master." Says Kabir, "Your mind will remain like the uncolored cloth; it will not get any color of the Master."

After making the Satsang, may you do it.
You have got this precious human body; this opportunity will not come again.

Swami Ji Maharaj says, "The human body is a beautiful opportunity which you will not get again and again." The cows and the buffaloes, the horses and the mares, the birds, and the other creatures, they cannot do the Satsang.

Not even the gods and goddesses have the good fortune to get the Satsang. Even they yearn for the human body so that they may go to the perfect Master and receive the Naam and get the Satsang. Kabir Sahib tells us, "Even gods and goddesses yearn to receive this body, as only in this body can we do the devotion of God. So meditate upon God Almighty. Do not forget that this is the only benefit you can get from the human body."

Kabir Sahib says, "Human birth is precious; it doesn't happen again and again. Just like a ripened fruit, once it gets down from the tree, it doesn't go back to the tree." Kabir Sahib lovingly tells us that just as when a fruit is ripened and it falls down from the tree onto the ground, no matter how much effort you put in, still you cannot put it back on the same branch.

The fish doesn't remember the net. And that is why she is dancing and she is playing in the water. She realizes the net only when she's trapped into it and finally she is cut into pieces. Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj gives us the warning and He explains to us, "Just as the fish is unaware of the net and she plays, in the same way, we are unaware and we do not know when we will be caught."

No matter if we have forgotten death, but the Lord of death doesn't forget us. We do not know where we will meet with an accident or where our breathing will stop. Sufi Saint Farid Sahib also gives us the warning, and He tells us that the Angel of Death will come while you are still seeing him. He will plunder this fort (the body is called the "fort"); he will blow out your two lamps (these two eyes are called the lamps). Master Sawan Singh Ji used to say, "Neither Kal takes us in the darkness, nor does our Master take us in the darkness," because the Negative Power or Kal is sitting on the left-hand side and the Master is sitting on the right hand side. So that is why He says, "While those two lamps are still glowing, the Angel of Death comes, and blowing out those two lamps, he takes you away."

So Swami Ji Maharaj says, "This Will of [your] receiving this human body will not happen again and again." You will not get this body again and again. It is an opportunity which we have been given by God Almighty, where we can unite ourselves with Him.

You have got this precious human body; this opportunity will not come again.

Swami Ji Maharaj tells us that those objects or those things which we have made the source of our happiness and comfort in this world _ as a man has made the woman as the source of his happiness, and the same with a woman who has made the man as the source of her happiness; we have children and other things which we have created or collected to bring us happiness. Swami Ji Maharaj says that all these things will turn into the source of unhappiness; because when the death will come, none of these things will go with you. Not even the body in which we are living will go with us when we will be taken away.

Farid Sahib says that our parents and our grandparents used to love us. They made the homes, they collected so much of this world, and when they left this world, they did not take any of these things with them. So when they could not take any of these things with them when they left this world, how can we take all these things with us? How can we get them insured and take all those things along with us?

Where are your parents who gave birth to you? They left you alone in this world and still you don't understand? You think that maybe they forgot to take all those things with them when they left, but we will not forget _ we will take all those things with us. Kabir Sahib says, "Like the gambler returns home in the evening empty-handed, the same is our condition. We go like the gambler who, after losing everything, goes with empty hands."

A man takes the birth with his fist closed; but when he goes, he goes with his hands stretched out.

Woman, son, wealth, home, fame - these bring happiness for now, and later become the source of pain.

Swami Ji Maharaj says that if you want to save yourself from the clutches of Kal, if you want to save yourself from the clutches of the death, then don't hesitate, don't delay in going in the company of the perfect Master. Don't just go on thinking. Whatever opportunity you may get to go in the company of the Master, you go and be in His company.

Be spared of them and accept the refuge of the Master;
Go and sit in the Satsang.
All this play is a dream of the night;
Now I have awakened you.

Not only Swami Ji Maharaj, but all the Saints have called all the things which we see with our own eyes as nothing but the dream of the night. The things which we see in the dreams seem to appear very real, very true. But when our eyes open and we get up from the sleep nothing exists there _ everything is unreal. The dream of the night lasts for a couple of minutes or a couple of hours, whereas this life lasts for 20 years, 30 years, 50 years, or even more. But when this night of our life is over, then nothing remains there, because everything is unreal.

"Understand this world as the dreams which you see. No one is your companion in this world. Nanak says, Understand this reality."

The body is false, maya is false;
The mind who attracts you to them is also false.

Swami Ji Maharaj says that our body is unreal. It is going to be destroyed one day, and it is like a ball of sand. In the same way, the maya is also unreal. It is like the shadow of the tree: sometimes it is here, other times it is over there. Our mind is also very unreal and very untrue, as he has involved us in the body and in the mind.

Satsang is True; Satguru is True.
Naam is the Truth; what else can I tell you?

Swami Ji Maharaj says, What is the true thing? "Truth is that which does not get destroyed, which is never finished. The Mahatma Who is the Form of the Naam is the True One. And the company of such a Mahatma is True, it is never destroyed." Because such Mahatmas come from the Naam; They meditate on and They become the Form of the Naam. Naam is the Truth: it never is destroyed or perishes. The thing which we surrender to the wave goes to the depth of the ocean. In the same way, if we surrender ourselves to the Masters Who are the Form of the Naam, They take us to the Naam.

O dear one, believe my words;
Your birth and death will be finished.

Swami Ji Maharaj gives the message to the soul who is sleeping, who is imprisoned in the cage of the body. He says, "Dear daughter, go in the Satsang, or go in the company of the perfect Master; do not delay, do not hesitate in doing so. Receive the Naam from Him, because He has come into this world only to cut the birth and death and to liberate you."

Climb the sky and work in the Shabd;
Radha Soami says this, making you understand.

In this very brief hymn, Swami Ji Maharaj explains to us that we should be very careful in doing the Satsang. We should always keep our mind present in the Satsang of the Master. He told us that this was a very precious opportunity which we have got, and we should not waste it. He also told us that our body is false, the maya is false, and even the mind, who is convincing us that these things are real, he himself is false. He told us, "What is the true thing? The Naam of the Master is the true thing. The Satsang of the Master is the only true thing, and the Master Himself is the True One." He lovingly told us that we should not delay, we should not hesitate, in coming to the Satsangs of the Master, because it is a very precious opportunity which we have been given and we should not let it go out of our hands without using it.

Sant Ji's Farewell Comments

First of all, I would like to thank my Beloved Satguru Kirpal, Who gave us the opportunity to sing His praises, because it is only due to His grace that we were able to sing His glory and His praises. The program of the Satsang which the organizers arranged for you now ends. I am very thankful to all the organizers, to all the dear ones who worked as a team and made arrangements for the dear ones who came to the Satsang. I also thank the dear ones for making the arrangements in the langar for the dear ones.

I am pleased and I am thankful to all the dear ones who maintained the discipline, who cooperated with the sevadars, to the sevadars who did the bhajan practice, who made the children do the bhajan practice and who did the children's Satsang, and all the dear ones who did all kinds of seva here. I am very pleased with their seva, and I thank each one of them for doing their seva.

Every Satsangi should develop the quality of absorbing the good qualities from others. You should not look at the faults of the others, because the Master, the One Who has to give the punishment or the reward of the faults of every satsangi, is sitting within him. If we make the habit of accepting or absorbing the good qualities only, then all the Satsangs we have heard here, all the darshans we have had of the Master, and the encouragement to do the meditation and go within which we have received in the Satsang from the Master _ we will take all those things with us if we will make the habit of only looking at and absorbing the good qualities of others.

Now many souls are understanding the love of God Kirpal. The sleeping souls have awakened. Now they are realizing that which God Kirpal came into this world to give us. They realize that even now, from behind the veil, He is giving us so much of His grace.

Many dear ones came, and the organizers and the sevadars did their best. The sevadars worked very hard and in the langar every day new kinds of foods were prepared and served to the dear ones. The sevadars here did their best according to their capacity; they worked very hard. But still, if there was any lacking or any difficulty, or if while doing the seva any sevadar hurt anyone's feelings, I apologize for that. I hope that you will not take any hard feelings from here, that you will not leave this place with hurt feelings or bad feelings for anyone. We should pray to our Beloved Lord Kirpal that He may bless us with the right understanding, the good thinking, and good intellect; we should pray that He may bless us with the love for His Holy Feet, and that He may give us the opportunities and the strength to do His Bhajan and Simran.