Take Advantage of this Precious Time

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This Satsang was given June 5, 1995, in Venezuela.

Salutations unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers, Lords Almighty Sawan and Kirpal Who have had mercy and showered Their grace upon this poor soul. And They have given us the opportunity to sing Their glory.

The happiness of meeting with the perfect Master cannot be described in words. The disciple who is blessed with union with the Master becomes very happy and joyous in his within. Only he knows about it because he is absorbed in that love and happiness. He cannot describe it outside. Just as a dumb man cannot describe the sweetness of the sweets, in the same way, he who has met with the perfect Master cannot describe, with words, the joy or the happiness of meeting with the Master inside. How can those who are involved in and are indulging in the worldly pleasures know about the happiness one gets meeting with the Master? A perfect Saint remains absorbed in the Simran and the devotion of God Almighty. He has received the peace of His soul by doing the devotion of the Lord. That is why, giving up the devotion of the hypocrite world, He devotes Himself to the devotion of God Almighty.

A perfect Saint is above the criticism and the backbiting of others. He has been sent into the world by God Almighty with the quality of doing good to others.

Our human birth goes useless and is wasted if we do not do the devotion of God Almighty. By doing the devotion of God the perfect Saint has made His human birth successful and has made the best use of it.

Just as in the beak of the swan there is the quality that it can separate the milk from the water, in the same way, the perfect Saint has this quality that He discriminates between the pleasures of this world. Leaving the pleasures of this world on one side, He drinks only the Naam.

Those jivas are very fortunate ones who, going to such a perfect Saint, receive the Naam Initiation from Him and make their lives successful. A perfect Saint comes from God Almighty carrying the ship of Naam. Those who get into that ship of Naam, the perfect Saint saves them from the waves of this ocean of the world and makes them reach their Real Home.

Those jivas are very fortunate ones who get the opportunity to sit in the company of such a perfect Saint. Those who are fortunate enough to get the Initiation from the perfect Masters, they are the most fortunate ones. Only those moments are valuable and precious in our lives which we spend in the company of the perfect Saint, or those moments which we spend in doing the Simran given to us by the perfect Saint.

Two brief hymns of Kabir Sahib are presented to you. In the first one Kabir Sahib lays great emphasis on doing Simran. He says that if we do not go on repeating the Sim-ran given to us by the perfect Master day and night, we will suffer a great deal. If we have not done the Simran given to us by the Master, we will not have any excuses when the Lord of Judgment will catch hold of our neck.

In the second hymn Kabir Sahib gives the example of a gambler. He says that like a gambler who, no matter how much money he has, at the end of the day loses everything and goes home empty-handed, in the same way, if you do not have the Master, if you do not have the Simran with you, no matter how much worldly wealth you have accumulated, no matter how many children you have, no matter how much you gain in this world _ at the end, since you do not have the perfect Master or the Simran with you, you will have to leave this world empty-handed like the gambler.

Meditate on Naam, otherwise you will repent.
The sinner jiva is greedy; today or tomorrow you will die.

Kabir Sahib warns us. He says that no matter how much power you have in this world, in the end you will have to repent. It will not go with you. The power of this world is like a bed of thorns. When you first get power, the people who are supporting you carry you on their shoulders, but when you are about to lose that power, the same people who once supported you, they defame you, they say things against you. That is why Kabir Sahib lovingly says here, "Dear one, the power will also not go with you. You will have to repent at the end. You did not do the devotion of God." Kabir Sahib says that if you want to survive the repentance, you should do the meditation of Shabd. You should meditate on Naam.

Controlled by the greed, using so many different tricks and dishonest means, we go on collecting the wealth of this world. Kabir Sahib asks why are you doing that? It is not going to go with you. Not even your body will go with you. You go on collecting the wealth, but you don't know anything, even about your breaths. You have breathed in, but you don't even know whether you will breathe out or not. All the wealth you have collected will be destroyed either while you are still in the body, or if it remains who knows if your children will destroy it, or how they will handle it. So first you suffer a lot in collecting the wealth, and then you suffer because you cannot take it with you.

In the greed you have lost your life;
In the illusions of maya you have forgotten.

God had given us this human body to do His devotion, but instead of doing the devotion of God Almighty, we have fallen in the illusions created by the maya. We think that the maya will give us the peace and happiness, but the more you indulge, the more you use the maya, the more unhappy you become.

Master Sawan Singh Ji used to talk about one wealthy person and some street singers who were neighbors of that wealthy person. The wealthy person, even though he had a lot of wealth, still he was very unhappy because he could not sleep very comfortably in the night. In the nighttime, if he would hear any noise, he would think that somebody had come to steal his wealth and he would wake up. Whereas his neighbors, those poor street singers, did not have to worry about any thief coming to their home, because they didn't have anything, so they would sleep very comfortably until very late in the morning.

The wife of the wealthy person saw that, and she was very impressed, so once she asked her husband, "Dear one, tell me what is the reason why they are so happy, why they sleep so late in the morning, and they don't have to worry about anything? Why is it so?" The wealthy person thought that his wife did not have a very good thought, so he threw ninety-nine rupees into the home of those poor street singers. So now when the street singer's wife got ninety-nine rupees, she thought of completing it to one hundred. Because the street singer had the habit of using drugs, she fought with him and said, "If you had not used that one rupee for drugs, I would have completed my hundred." So they started fighting with each other, and it went on and on. Every morning they would wake up fighting for that hundredth rupee, and every night they would also fight, and in this way they became very unhappy. The wealthy person's wife saw that now they were also unhappy, they didn't sleep very well, they always fought, so she asked her husband what was the reason. He replied, "Now they are also like us in the cycle of completing the hundred."

Do not be proud of wealth and youth,
Like the paper, you will dissolve.

Kabir Sahib gives us a very strong warning. He says, "Don't be proud of your wealth." Because many times it is seen that people who were once very wealthy, who used to have so many servants at their disposal, are now begging on the streets and doing very petty jobs to make ends meet. So that is why He says, "Don't be proud of your wealth, because you don't know when you will lose it." Also He says, "Don't be proud of your youth." Because we all grow old; have we not seen the condition of the old people? We lose our strength; we cannot do anything we used to do when we were young. So this youth is also not going to stay with us. One day we all have to grow old. So Kabir Sahib says that, giving up the pride of wealth and youth, do the devotion of God Almighty. If you do not do the devotion of God Almighty, you will be dissolved just as paper gets dissolved in the water. Kabir Sahib says that this body is just like a piece of paper. Just like the water dissolves the paper, in the same way this body will be dissolved. Kabir says that if you do not have the Naam, you will have to repent in the end.

When Yama comes and, holding you by your hair,
Throws you on the ground, that day you won't have anything.

Kabir Sahib says that all your life you did not do the meditation of Naam. You indulged in the worldly pleasures. In the end, when the Angel of Death comes and holds you by your hair, do you have any answer?

If you did not do the Simran and Bhajan and had no mercy,
You will be beaten on your face.

Kabir Sahib says that all your life, if you have not done your Simran, and if you have not had mercy on anyone, then at the end you will have to face the Angels of Death and accept the beating on your face, and you will have to go in the cycle of eighty-four lakhs of births and deaths.

It is very important to understand the element of grace or mercy. To have mercy or to shower grace on others, first of all he who does the meditation is the one who has mercy on his own self. Swami Ji Maharaj says, "Have mercy on your own jiva. Save it from the cycle of eighty-four." Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj says that to have mercy on one's own soul is much more precious than going to the sixty-eight places of pilgrimage.

How will you face the Lord of Judgment,
When He will ask for the accounts?

Lovingly He says that those who are going to ask you about the account of your every single breath are with you. God Almighty has appointed the Lord of Judgment to keep account of your every single breath. What will you tell Him when He asks you to settle the accounts with Him?

Saints have not written this bani to frighten us. In fact, They have written this bani because They are gracious on us and because They want to have mercy on us. They have seen all this with Their own Eyes. They have seen how everybody is asked to settle the account, and how the souls are punished for doing the bad deeds. Those who have not maintained their good character, those who have not done the meditation of Shabd Naam are asked to go through all these punishments.

Kabir Sahib says that you do the sins and hide them. But they manifest when the Lord of Judgment asks you about them.

Says Kabir, "Listen, brother sadhus --
You will be liberated in the company of sadhus."

After saying this brief hymn, Kabir Sahib in the end tells about the means of liberation. He says that going in the company of a perfect Sadhu is the only way through which we can be liberated from this ocean of world.

Kabir Sahib says, "The beating of Yama is very bad, it is unbearable. But I met with the Sadhu who saved me from the beating of Yama."

Sadhus and Mahatmas have endured great pains. They have suffered great hunger and thirst to avoid going to the Lord of Judgment and to get the grace of God Almighty. That is why They lovingly advise us that there is only one way to save yourself from the Lord of Judgment. There is only one way to get the liberation from this ocean of life. And that is, if you get to the perfect Master, and taking the Naam from Him, if you do the devotion, only then can you cross over this ocean of life and be liberated.

Kabir Sahib says, "Listen, O Sadhus, by going in the company of a Sadhu you will be liberated." Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj says that if you throw a very small needle in the water it drowns. But if we have tons of iron accompanied by the wood, it floats over the surface of the water. In the same way, no matter how many bad deeds, how many sins, we have done, if we go in the company of the perfect Masters, and if we just stand where we are, if we do not repeat the sins again, just as that iron accompanied by the wood floats on the surface of the water, we also get liberation if we always remain in the company of the perfect Master. Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj says that this is the only way of getting liberation from this world.

O Unfortunate One, you did not know the Naam.

In the beginning Kabir Sahib had asked who are the most fortunate ones? Only those who receive the Naam Initiation from a perfect Master and who do the meditation of It are the most fortunate ones. Masters never forget after giving us the Naam Initiation.

Now Kabir Sahib says, who are the unfortunate ones? Those who, after receiving the human body, did not get the Naam and did not do the devotion of Naam are the unfortunate ones. Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj says that those who give up the Path of the Naam and follow the other path, in the end they repent.

Just as an elephant doesn't look good and beautiful if it doesn't have a trunk, the face of the human being doesn't look beautiful if it doesn't have the nose attached to it. The orchard without trees laden with fruit doesn't look good. In the same way, a Sadhu without the Naam doesn't look good. Guru Nanak Sahib says that he who does not have the Naam is like a person without the nose.

All the religions believe that there is no liberation without the Naam. But no one cares to know whether that Naam which can give us the liberation is the Naam which can be read or which can be written. Saints and Mahatmas lovingly tell us that neither our eyes can see that Naam, nor our hands and feet can take us to the place where that Naam exists. Unless we vacate the nine openings and die while living, we cannot reach where the Naam is.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj says that the Masters come into this world to give us, the crippled ones, those feet through which we climb the mountain of Spirituality. Even though we have the eyes, but still we are the blind ones. So the Masters come into this world to give us, the blind ones, the real eyes through which we can see Him. Lovingly He said that by meeting with the Master one becomes holy, and even the cripples climb the mountain and the blind ones are able to see the things of the three worlds.

Listen, O my friends, to the glory of meeting with the Master. One removes all the dirt and becomes the purest one.

Making the promise you came from there.
Here you have forgotten it in the illusion.

Kabir Sahib very lovingly tells us about that time when we were in the womb of the mother. He cautions us and reminds us of that terrible time. You know that in the womb of the mother the child is hanging upside down. It is a very narrow place, a very dirty place, and the soul is suffering a lot over there. Over there he prays to God Almighty by saying, "O Lord, take me out from this place. Remove this pain of mine and I will do Your devotion. I will devote every single moment in Your devotion." The soul says, "I will never forget You once You take me out of this place." Over there the soul is always linked with, and her attention is always towards God Almighty, because she is suffering very much in that place. But once the soul comes out, once the jiva comes out of the womb of the mother, the link with God Almighty is broken. When he opens his eyes in this world and when he sees all the people, those who are caressing him, loving him, and holding him, he thinks that they are his very own and that they will always be with him. But you already know that when their interest is fulfilled, then nobody cares for anyone.

First, in the womb of the mother, we promised to devote at least one tenth for God. It is seen that when people get their salary, or when they harvest their crop, or when they get money from their business, they devote one tenth of their earnings for a good cause. But no one cares for devoting one tenth of their time for the cause of God. We made the promise in the womb of the mother, and also when we came to the Master, we promised that we would devote one tenth of our time for meditation, but we don't do it. We always have the excuses. We always say that we are sick, we cannot sit, and so on, and we do not keep the promise which we made, first in the womb of the mother and then when we came to the Master.

You have forgotten the Sat Naam and are engulfed in the attachment and maya.

You have given up the support of that Naam. You have forgotten that Naam and you have become involved in the materials of maya.

Mother, father, sons, brothers, family, and a lot of treasure,
Everything becomes the property of others when Yama takes you away by the hand.

Now Kabir Sahib warns us very lovingly. He says that the mother says that he is my son; the son says that she is my mother. The wife says that he is my husband, and the husband says that she is my wife. But when the time comes and when the Angel of Death comes, nobody can rescue anyone. Neither the mother can rescue the son, nor can the son be of any help to the mother. They all may be sitting there, but nobody can help anyone.

Seeing the red flower, the parrot embraces it.
He repents when he doesn't get the fruit.

Giving us a very beautiful example, Kabir Sahib is making us understand. He says that the beak of the swan is very strong, and it can easily take out the milk from the coconut. Once a parrot went near a coconut tree, and somehow he was able to taste some drops of the coconut milk. He liked it very much, and he thought I also have a beak like the swan so I can also try opening the coconut and drinking that milk. But you know that the beak of the parrot is not so strong as that of the swan. So when he put his beak in coconut, he could not get to the milk, but his beak got stuck in the coconut and he could not remove it from the coconut. He could neither enjoy the milk nor could he leave it. The same is our condition. We look at the pleasures of the world and get involved in them. And once the bad smell of the worldly pleasures, the sensual pleasures, goes into our brain we can never leave them. We neither get any enjoyment from them nor can we leave them. Unless we die we cannot get liberated from that. Swami Ji Maharaj says that once you get the foul smell of the worldly pleasures neither can you enjoy them nor you can leave them. Unless you die you cannot get rid of that suffering.

Why are you proud of the human body?
You are nothing more than a bubble in the water, in a moment you will be finished.

Kabir says "Why are you so proud after getting this human body? It is like the bubbles in the water. The bubbles are formed, and then they are destroyed in just a moment." This is what our life is like.

Death is the naked truth which we don't want to accept. When someone dies we say that the oxygen cylinder did not come in time, or the doctor did not come in time, or the doctor gave the wrong medicine, or he suffered the heart attack. But no one wants to believe and accept this fact that our life is nothing but just a bubble.

This is a story from the Mahabharata. Yakhsha asked Udhisthra, "What is the most surprising thing in this world?" Udhisthra replied, "Death is the most surprising thing. Because we see people dying, we carry them on our own shoulders to the graveyards, but still we don't want to believe that one day we will also die like they have died." We think that death is only for those who have died, and for us are all the worldly pleasures, the wine, and all the enjoyments of this world.

Kabir says, "Listen, Brother Sadhus, look at the crazy world.
You will not come back again if you will take the true document now."

Kabir Sahib says that everyone is running around like a crazy person. They know nothing about themselves. They don't know what is going to happen in the beyond. And just as a crazy person goes on running here and there, in the same way, we are running. Kabir Sahib lovingly says that this is the opportunity which you have been given: take the permission, take the Naam _ you may call it Naam, or permission, or Initiation from the perfect Master _ and make your human body successful. Because you do not know if, once you lose this, whether you will get it back or not.

In both these hymns Kabir Sahib lovingly asked us, "Who are the most fortunate ones?" Those who do the meditation of Shabd Naam are the most fortunate ones. He also told us who are the most unfortunate ones. Those who do not utilize their human birth, those who do not take the Naam Initiation, and those who do not do the meditation on the Naam, they are the most unfortunate ones. They indulge in the sensual pleasures, in the worldly pleasures, and they waste their time here. So Kabir Sahib lovingly explained to us, "This is a precious opportunity which God Almighty has given to you. Take advantage of it, because you do not get this human body again and again. You do not know if once you lose it, whether you will get it back or not." So this time is the precious opportunity that God Almighty has given to you. Take advantage of it. Go to a perfect Saint and receive the Initiation from Him. Meditate on the Naam and take your boat across this ocean of life.