Understand the Importance of Simran

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This Satsang was given January 12, 1991, in Bombay, India.

Sant JiA brief hymn of Swami Ji Maharaj is presented to you. No doubt before the Saints and Mahatmas come into this world, before They arrive on this plane, They are already Perfect, They are already the Saints and Masters, but whatever tradition, whatever limitations God Almighty has made, They always remain in those limitations and follow that tradition. Outwardly we see Them becoming perfect: first of all They search for the perfect Master, and after They receive the contact with the perfect Master, They receive the Holy Initiation, They work very hard and make many sacrifices. So outwardly They show us, and it seems to us, that They are being prepared or They are becoming perfect, but the reality is that before coming into this world They were already the perfect Ones, They were the prepared Ones. But since we are living in this world where all the traditions should be maintained, where all the limitations made by the Masters Themselves should be maintained, that is why They do all these things.

You know how when the Saints and Masters come into this world They teach us, They tell us that without the Master there is no liberation. It doesn?t matter whether They came in the form of Rama or Krishna, all the Masters or Saints Who came into this world have always gone to the perfect Master. They bowed down Their heads in front of the perfect Masters, and only after receiving the Initiation and only after working hard in meditation did They succeed in this Path and become the perfect One. Guru Nanak Sahib says, "God Almighty Himself has kept the perfect Master as the person who is in between the disciple and God Almighty." He says, "Satguru was appointed by God Almighty Himself, and only through the Satguru can we get the Initiation. Only through the Satguru can we realize God Almighty."

Masters have never condemned or criticized the worldly education, the worldly reading and writing. They say that it is a good thing to study and to gain worldly education and knowledge. It is good for making a good career, but as far as achieving inner peace is concerned, all this outer education, outer reading and writing, does not help us to go within and get inner peace.

In the times when Guru Nanak Sahib, Kabir, Mahatma Ravidas, and all those great Masters came into this world there were not many universities; education was not easily available to the people. In those days the only good colleges and universities were in the city of Benares. And there also the pundits were the ones who would give the education to the people, and they used to give education to only one particular segment of the community, so education was not available to all the people.

The holy scriptures, the teachings which those great Masters gave in those times when education was not easily available to everybody, are so unique that there is no comparison to them. The way They connected the lost souls to God Almighty, the way They gave them so much love of God has no parallel; there is no comparison. Even though They did not get worldly knowledge by going to all the universities, but still the amount of love They had for the souls, the way They did Their work, and the way They wrote all these holy scriptures which are now guiding us -- they are very unique and there is no comparison to these holy scriptures.

Prophet Mohammed was born into an Arab [family], and similarly, Lord Christ came into this world [in a Jewish family]. And when They came They gave so much love to humanity, to the people [of Their society]. Christ said, "You should love everyone alike. You should love your neighbor in the same way as you would want him to love you."

Guru Gobind Singh Ji said, "I tell you the Truth, that only one who has loved has realized God."

Supreme Father Kirpal used to say: "How can a person who does not love another person -- who hates the other person with whom he sits, whom he sees -- how can such a person claim to be a lover of God?" It is not possible. Because if we cannot love our fellow beings, if we cannot love those people whom we see and with whom we sit, with whom we can communicate, how can we claim that we love God, such a God whom we have never seen?

Love is such a thing which cannot be had from any university. In the universities you can only get the worldly knowledge. You cannot obtain love from there. It cannot be gotten from any field or any farm. From the farms you can only grow the crops; love does not grow there. In the same way, in the marketplace you cannot do the trading of love. Only the worldly merchandise can be bought and sold there, but not love. In the same way, we cannot obtain love by using any force or any of our power or wealth.

Kabir Sahib says, "The poor person should not think that only the rich people can get love, that since he is poor he will not get love." He says that it is not like that. The poor person does not have any reason to become sad, because love is something which is within us; it is something which we can achieve only after going within.

So Kabir Sahib says, "Love does not grow in the farms. Love cannot be sold in the shops. Whether one is a king or a pauper, anyone who sacrifices his head can get love."

What does it mean to sacrifice one's head? The Masters have lovingly told us how we have to rise above our body consciousness, how we have to withdraw from all the outer things and bring our attention to the Eye Center where that flow of Love, that great loving Sound of God is always coming. After withdrawing from all the outer things and rising above the body, when we come to the Eye Center and connect ourselves with that flow of Love, that flow of Sound -- that is what is called achieving or obtaining that Love. The true Love gets manifested within us only when we come to the Eye Center.

So Swami Ji Maharaj here lovingly says, "What should you do? You should come behind your eyes." When you will come to your Eye Center behind the eyes and when all your consciousness, all your attention is concentrated at the Eye Center, then what will happen? You will start listening to that limitless Sound which is coming in your within. That Sound is limitless, it is always there. From our birth until we leave the body that Sound is present within us; that Sound is the only thing which has created this whole Creation.

Dear Ones, this is what it is to die while living, this is what it means when we say "to cut one's own head and present it to the Master." Masters do not need your physical head, They are not looking for that. But when we have sacrificed ourselves to the Master, when we have surrendered ourselves to the Master, then we do not go to different places looking for love. We do not go to different places and bow down our heads there, because when we understand that this head, this whole being, belongs to the Master then we only do the thing which the Master has told us to do.

Kabir Sahib says, "Receive the Naam from the Master and give up your head to Him." A greedy person cannot do that. He can only talk about love, he cannot really surrender himself to the Master.

About two years ago a gentleman came to see me in Rajasthan. He had heard from other people about this phrase, "to die while living." So he went to different people and he asked them, "How does one die while living?" And when he was not satisfied with their answer he was told that he should come to me and ask that question. So he came when I was going to give an Initiation and then he asked me, "Master, please tell me: how does one die while living?" I told him, "I am very happy that you have asked me such a high question. It is a very good thought of yours. But let me tell you that I am going to teach people how one can do that. Why don?t you also come and get the Initiation?" Then he said, "Well, maybe some other time I will come and then I will learn from You." So I mean to say that everybody talks about love, everyone talks about giving up one?s head and sacrificing. But when it comes to doing that, then the greedy person cannot do that. He can only talk about it, he is not ready to do that -because I have not seen that person again in these last two years.

The meditation which we do is the practice of the Sehaj Yoga, or the easy yoga, in which we do not have to give too much pain to our body. It is a practice which we can do very easily, since this is the Path of love and it is not a path in which you give pain to your body.

Masters lovingly explain to us that in this Path you can easily do your devotion by doing the Simran, by bringing your attention to the Eye Center. As far as doing the Simran is concerned, we can easily do it all the time, even when we are walking, talking to people, going here and there, and doing all our works. When we do the Simran during the day while we are not meditating, then we have done enough Simran so that when we sit for the meditation we do not have to give too much pain to our legs, we do not have to struggle too hard to do the Simran over there and to get concentrated at the Eye Center. Because if we have done enough Simran during the day, if our mind is already settled by doing the Simran, then whenever we sit in the meditation we just need to do Simran a little bit and our attention will go right up to our Eye Center, and then we will not have to struggle to gain concentration.

Master Kirpal Singh Ji used to give the example of a silk cloth which has been thrown onto a thorny bush -- if we use force to remove it all at once we will not get it: it will tear apart. But if you do it lovingly and gradually, then you can easily remove that piece of silk from the thorny bush. In the same way, if we do the meditation easily and gradually, then we do not have to suffer so much pain in our body. But what happens? Usually we people do not do the Simran during the day or at other times when we could be doing it very easily. We only try to do the Simran when we sit in meditation; we do not do it at other times. So since we do not do the Simran at other times that is why we do not have that habit of doing the Simran all the time. And that is why whenever we are in these kinds of programs, when we see other people doing the meditation we try to imitate them, and then [without practicing] we try to put in so much time and we give so much pain to our body, that it does not work, and then we feel frustrated. So dear ones, this is not the path in which you have to stress yourself. This is the Path of love. This is the Sehaj Yoga, and this is something which one has to do every day, lovingly and gradually.

No doubt there are many other practices to come to the Eye Center, but the Simran which our Masters have given to us is the best and the easiest practice of all, because we can do the Simran while attending to our worldly responsibilities also. If we do the Simran while walking, talking, and doing other things, then we do not have to struggle very hard. It is a very easy way of bringing our attention to the Eye Center. If we have done it during the day, then when we sit in the meditation, since our mind is already settled -- our mind is already quiet and peaceful by doing the Simran during the day -- then keeping our attention at the Eye Center, at once we start hearing the Sound at the Eye Center. Then our soul is taken up right away, and we do not have to struggle for hours to come to the Eye Center -- this happens when we have done the Simran earlier, when we have completed the course of Simran before we sit in the meditation. This is what the Masters mean when They say that you have to die while living.

This is what Guru Nanak Sahib also says, that Gurumukhs are the ones who come and go very easily -- because when you have already achieved peace, when your mind is already quiet by doing the Simran during the day, then you do not have to struggle. Whenever you want, you can close your eyes, bring your attention to the Eye Center and your soul goes right up.

A dear, loving soul feels as if he is in a lonely place even in a very busy marketplace. He is doing the Simran and his mind is centered, so he is not distracted by the other happenings at that place; he is always doing the Simran and he is always connected. Guru Nanak Sahib says that only that place is a place of seclusion where your heart, where your mind, is in tune with the Simran.

O Mind, listen to the Limitless Melody.
With your eyes see the Eternal Home in your within.
Accept the teachings through the Words of the Master.
Enter within by drinking the Nectar.

Lovingly He says, "That Shabd is not something which we can sing or which can be played on musical instruments. There is no need to go outside searching for that Shabd. That Shabd is within us, and in order to hear that Shabd we have to go within our body." Masters say that our human body is a pool of Nectar, but unfortunately, deluded by the illusions and Maya, the souls are wandering here and there and they are not able to take advantage of the Nectar which is within them.

Guru Nanak Sahib says, "This body is a pool of Nectar, but the unfortunate souls go outside. They are wandering here and there because they are deluded by Maya." A deer has musk in his navel but he thinks that the fragrance of the musk is coming from the bushes, from outside, and he searches for it outside; he does not realize that it is in his own body. In the same way, we do not realize that the Shabd is within us; we are looking for it outside, and we are always in the illusion.

At present, this Nectar is being drunk by our organs of senses, and our mind and soul are dry because they are not getting any Nectar. But when we concentrate our attention at the Eye Center, when we reach the Eye Center, then our soul starts to drink that Nectar.

(By coming to the Eye Center) finish the cycle (of eighty-four lakhs births),
Then the Sound of the Shabd will open up.

The cycle of eighty-four lakhs of births and deaths in which we are involved gets broken when we come to the Eye Center, and our wandering comes to an end. When we come to the Eye Center that Light gets manifested within us.

Satguru makes us understand by saying this:
"Without the Naam one does not get the liberation."

Now the question arises: when it is written in the writings of the perfect Masters that everything is within us -- the pool of Nectar is within us and we can go within, and only after going within can we drink that Nectar and finish our cycle of births and deaths -- so when everything is within us, then why do we need to go to the perfect Masters? Can we just simply go within, by ourselves, and drink that Nectar and finish the cycle of births and deaths?

Dear Ones, it does not work like that, because those perfect Masters who have written that everything is within us, have also written that unless we go to someone Who is a Living Being, unless we go to someone Who is perfect and Who is connected with and Who has manifested the Shabd within Himself and get the knowledge from Him, we cannot go within ourselves, we cannot drink that Nectar of Naam. So that is why it is very important for us to go to the perfect Master Who is an Awakened Being, Who has awakened Himself. Only He Who has awakened can wake us up. Only He Who is connected with the Shabd can connect us to the Shabd. Only One within Whom that Shabd is manifested can make the Shabd manifest within us.

So that is why it is very important for us to go to the perfect Masters. You know that even in this world we need somebody to help us if we want to travel from one place to another. If we do not know the roads we go here and there and sometimes we get lost. But if we get help from somebody and if we know the way then we do not have to hesitate. We keep driving our car and finally we reach our destination. But in the beginning we do need somebody?s help, we do need somebody?s guidance. We need somebody who can tell us where the road goes and how we can get to the place we want to go.

In the same way, the Naam is like a highway, and only if we have been put on this highway, on the Path of the Naam, can we continue our journey and go to our Real Home. If we do not have the Naam, if we do not have the guidance of the Master, then there is no way we can get to our destination, to our Real Home. So that is why only He Who has reached the Real Home and Who has the knowledge of that, only He is the One Who can give us that knowledge, only He is the One Who can bring us back to the Real Home.

In the beginning, when we had to go to America for the first time there were many doubts, many questions in mind, about how we were going to get to America, how the journey would be, and what everything would be like. So we inquired about many things from Russell Perkins. We asked him how many oceans we had to cross and how we had to get there. And since he lived there and he had been back and forth many times, he gave us all the information -- how we had to get on the plane, how we had to cross all the oceans to get to America, and things like that. So that answered most of the questions.

When I was talking to any Indian about America he would tell me certain things, but those things were not so convincing, because if I asked him, "Dear one, have you ever been to America yourself?" -- he would reply, "No, but I have heard about all these things." So you see that if you are going with someone who has been to that place then you feel very comfortable -- because in our case it was Kent Bicknell who first came, and we did the journey with him for the first time. And if you are talking with a person who has made the journey, it is very convincing: whatever he tells you you believe in that and you take advantage of that. But if you talk to someone who has not done that thing himself, then it is not convincing; you are not convinced and you do not believe in what he is saying.

In the same way, if we talk to someone who has been to our Real Home and who has gone there himself, then it is convincing and we believe in that, and then it becomes easier for us, as it was in our case when we went to America for the first time.

One dear one suggested that I should read a guidebook about America so that I could learn all about America. I told him, "Dear One, when I was studying for a certain degree (which is called Gyani), I read the history of America. Now it has been many years since I read about how many states there are, about the presidents, and all that. And even though I have read about America, I have not been there personally, so that is why I am having all these worries and all these anxieties about it." But with the grace of Lord Kirpal, when I came in contact with the Americans, when they came here, and now when I am traveling with them, I feel very comfortable, because I know that I am going with someone who knows about that place and who has been to that place.

What I mean to tell you by giving all these examples is that if, instead of going there personally, we just go on reading the books and the holy scriptures and rely on them -- no doubt they also help us, they give us some information about the inner things -- but they do not help us to go within and they do not help us to get the connection with the Naam. They do tell us some things about the inner world and they help us, they give us information. But only reading the holy scriptures cannot take us within. Until we go to someone who has gone there Himself and unless we go in His company, we cannot become successful. Just reading books cannot make us successful. Kabir Sahib said that we should take someone with us who knows about that place and who has been to that place. We can go in the within only by doing the devotion, and only by going in the company of the Master.

Do the Satsang.
Come to the Master and fall at His refuge (feet).

He says that Satsang can help us in becoming successful in this Path. In order to know about our faults, in order to know how we can remove these faults, Satsang can help us. So here He says that you should go to the Satsang so that your faults can be removed, so that yearning can be created within you and so that you may become successful in this Path. Only by going to the Satsang of the perfect Master can you achieve success in this Path.

You have read in the bhajan of Brahmanand Ji: "O Sadhu, the true essence of this world is the sat sangat. No matter if you go to Kashi, Mathura, or Hardwar and bathe in the holy waters there, your mind will not improve just by bathing in those holy waters. Unless you go to the Satsang of the perfect Master you cannot clean your mind and you cannot become successful." *

Further He says that even if you go to the temples and keep right conduct, if you are not appreciating the Sadhus, the Beloveds of God, your mind will not improve and you will not get liberation.

Know the pleasures of the world as diseases.
Understand the desires for wealth and worldly materials as pains.

Lovingly He says that all that we see, the pleasures of the world, happiness, the comforts of maya, all those things are useless. No matter how much you indulge in them you do not get any happiness. The reality is that from the pleasures, diseases and sufferings are created. And the more you enjoy the pleasures, the more you indulge in the things of maya, the more sufferings you get.

Supreme Father Kirpal used to say that the indulgent people think that they are enjoying the pleasures, but the reality is that the pleasures are enjoying them. Because the more you indulge in the pleasures, the more you become hollow from your within. Just like a sitar, from outside it looks like a very big instrument, but from inside it is hollow. In the same way, the indulgent ones become hollow in their within.

Kabir Sahib says that lust is not only of one kind. There are ten different kinds of lust. He says that everyone talks about lust, lust, lust, but no one knows what lust really is. All the fantasies of the mind are also a form of lust.

The width of the Ocean of Life is limitless.
All are drowned in its current.

Swami Ji Maharaj says that many are drowned in this ocean of pleasures and passions and no one has ever swum across it. If there is anyone who has gone across this ocean of pleasures and passions, he is the one who is the beloved of God. Only some Sadhu or some devotee has crossed this ocean.

No one has gone across without the Master.
Without Naam patience does not come.

Swami Ji Maharaj says that there is no peace without Naam and there is no satisfaction. Up until now no one has ever crossed this ocean of pleasures and passions without the Master, and in the future also no one will be able to cross this ocean without the help of the Master.

God is pure, He is holy, He is stainless, and within that human form where God Almighty is manifested, that human pole, that Master also becomes pure and holy. If we have the remembrance of that Being, if we contemplate on the form of that Master who is pure and holy, then that holiness, that purity comes within us also.

Now when you have got the Shabd in your hand, come to your senses.
(Up until now) you were deluded by the mind, senses and the body.

Swami Ji Maharaj lovingly says that whatever bad things or whatever passions or pleasures you were involved with in your earlier life, now when you have got the Master, when you have got the Naam Initiation, and when you have come to the Satsang, you should stop doing all those things which you did in your earlier life. The way you ruined your life earlier, you should stop doing that. Whatever Master tells you to do, now do that.

There are only two ways or two paths. One is the Path of the Naam or the Master, and the other is the path of our mind. Our Master never wants us to do anything bad, and He always keeps encouraging us to do the devotion.

So whenever good thoughts come to us, whenever such encouraging thoughts come to us, we should take advantage of them, because those are the gracious waves of the Master and He wants us to take advantage of that. So whenever such good thoughts come, we should take advantage of those good thoughts: we should sit in meditation and do our devotion.

The bad thoughts which we have are coming from the mind. In those times also, when our mind bothers us with bad thoughts, we should take advantage of that time, understanding that it is the attack of the mind and that we should sit in meditation. Because whenever we have disturbing thoughts, whenever we have negative thoughts, they are coming from the mind.

(Up until now) you have spent your life in egoism.
You never became aware of the Creator.
Now think about this in your mind.
Hold your mind within your body.
Radhaswami says this, explaining:
Only then will the Soul reach the True Home.

In this brief hymn Swami Ji Maharaj lovingly explained to us how by going within we have to listen to that Sound Current, how this world is a jungle of pleasures and passions, and how we have to get away from this. Now it becomes our responsibility to do the Simran. We should understand the importance of the Simran and we should do the Simran.

* This song, “Sat Sangat Jag Sar Sadho” is in the bhajan book, Songs of the Masters, on page 178, although the translation is a little bit different.