Remember This Place Always

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This Underground Room talk was given December 2, 1983, at Sant Bani Ashram, Village 16PS, Rajasthan, India.

Most of the dear ones have already had the darshan of this holy place. Any place where God Almighty sends His Beloved, where He Himself goes in the human form and becomes the blessed One, is considered a holy place and it becomes a holy place. And thousands of years after that human form has left the body, that place is still considered as holy and people worship it. But we have not seen the Mahatmas connected with those ancient places that people visit; we have not had any connection with Them, and as a result They have not taken responsibility for us on Themselves. And also, those places are made by Their followers after They have left the body. So we are not even sure that that is the place where that Mahatma did the meditation. We don't even know whether that was the place or whether He was meditating ten feet away or a mile away from that place.

But this is the place where that moving, living God put His blessed feet and showered His mercy and grace on this poor soul. Supreme Father Kirpal was great, and we cannot describe His glory. His glory can be described only when we rise above the mind. And going back to His Real Home, when we gain His pleasure, only then can we sing His glory.

After making this place, I pleaded to Him, "O Lord, I have made this place and I have fallen at Your feet. Save my honor, because I am going in this cave only to please You." That Almighty God showered grace on this poor soul of Ajaib, and He manifested that Naam in me.

The sanctity of this place is being maintained by the orders of Supreme Father Kirpal. Not everyone who comes here is allowed to go down to this room and pay homage to the platform on which I meditated. Even when I was in 77RB, this place was kept locked and nobody was allowed to visit this place. These were His words, that only those who come here to meditate and those who have done the meditation for ten days should be allowed to go inside and bow down in front of that platform.

Nothing has been changed here. No sheet or cloth has been taken away from the platform, and nothing has been put on it. It is still exactly like it was when I used to meditate on it. Even this house has been kept as it was when I used to live here. So I hope that you will get the inspiration by visiting this place, and remembering this place always when you go back to your home, I hope that you will do your Bhajan and Simran regularly.

Kabir Sahib said that no matter how many trips like this we make in our lifetime, they are never enough. He also said that whenever you come across a Saint, always follow His Path, because whenever you see Him you remember God, and by following Him you practice the Path.

Again, Kabir Sahib has praised the simplicity of the houses of the Saints. He says that blessed are those shabby, temporary huts of the Saints where They do the meditation of Naam. They are much better than the palaces of the kings, because the palaces of

the kings may be burned in the fire, but the huts of the Saints, where They have done the meditation, remain always.