The Fruit of Simran

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This question and answer session took place September 30, 1981,
at Village 77RB, Rajasthan, India.

[A question was asked about meditation.]

We can even meditate without closing our eyes, but if we will do our practice like that, it will be very difficult for us to look [inwardly]. That is why in the beginning, until we develop the habit of seeing the inner things, we should close our eyes and do meditation with our eyes closed. You can use a blindfold, and whenever you become aware that your eyes are open you should at once close them and meditate like that.

When we perfect ourselves in doing meditation, when the inner veil is lifted, and when we reach Almighty God, after that this problem is solved by itself. Then it does not make any difference whether our eyes are closed or open.

Kabir Sahib said, "I neither close my eyes, nor do I close my ears. I don?t give any pain to my body, because happily I can see the beautiful Form of my Master with open eyes."

Master, is it all right to use ear plugs or things to muffle outward sounds if you're doing Simran, say at an airport or a busy place? And also, is it all right to use them when you're doing Bhajan?

You can happily use all these things, but I will tell you one thing, and this is the reality -- that when by doing Simran our mind becomes still, then it makes no difference whether we are in a crowded place or in a lonely place. The dear one who has stilled his mind finds peace even when he is in a crowded place.

You know that in this world everybody is doing his or her own work without paying any attention to what other people are doing. You know that when we are flying in a plane, the pilot is engaged in his work and he does not pay any attention to the sounds and the noises which are happening in the aircraft. At the same time, the stewards and the other people working in the aircraft are doing their work and they are not bothered by the sounds over there. So if you also just go on doing your work of Simran without paying any attention to the sounds happening there, you can also do as they are doing.

Guru Nanak Sahib says, "Those whose hearts are still feel loneliness or seclusion everywhere." If our mind is not getting the fruit of Simran, if we have not given him the taste of the Sound Current, then even if we are sitting in a dark cave, even if we are sitting underground, still our mind will remain restless; he will be spread all over the world and he will go everywhere. But if we are giving him the fruit of Simran and if he is getting the taste of the Sound Current, then even if you are in a crowded place your mind will remain peaceful.

After rising above the mind and the organs of senses, when we listen to the Sound Current, then it seems to us that this Sound can be heard even by people who are living twenty or thirty miles away; but that is not the case. The Sound Current is so loud that we feel that it can be heard by many other people, but the reality is that only the person who is hearing the Sound Current is able to hear it, and not the other people.

Many dear ones who have manifested the Shabd or the Sound Current within write me letters, and they even tell me in their private interviews that they cannot bear the loudness of the Sound Current and it should please be reduced.

Even the Sounds of the lower planes are very loud. When I was initiated by Baba Bishan Das into the first Two Words, He gave me the knowledge of how to reach up to the second plane, and when I used to do that meditation I used to hear the Sounds from there. Once in the month of June, which is a very hot month -- especially in Rajasthan because the sand is heated up very quickly -- I was sitting for meditation, listening to the Sound Current, and it so happened that suddenly the Sound Current came very loudly and it was so melodious that my heart was attracted to it and my mind was also fascinated by it, and I liked that very much. But at that time I felt that some musicians had come and were playing their musical instruments near my house, and I felt like coming out from meditation to see them. After some time, when I couldn't stop myself, I came out and for an hour or so I went on searching for them. The sand was very hot, but I was not aware of it because I was still hearing the Sound Current. There were some noises over there [also], but I was not aware of them because the Sound Current was very loud, and it was so melodious that I wanted to meet those musicians. I thought that somebody was playing musical instruments there.

For one hour I searched for them. There was a farm there and I went into the field, but I couldn't find anybody. When Sunder Das, an initiate of Baba Sawan Singh who used to live with me, came to know that I was out of my cave and was searching for somebody and that there were blisters all over my feet because the sun was very hot, he [found me] and he asked me what I was doing over there. At that time I came back to my consciousness and I became aware that I was out of my meditation place, and then I told him that I was looking for those people who were playing musical instruments. He told me that nobody had come there and nobody was playing any instruments.

So this was an incident of my life. When I met Master Kirpal I told Him about that and He said, "Yes, that is true." The sound of the Shabd is so loud and so melodious that when the dear ones start listening to it, they cannot stop themselves, and many times dear ones come out of their meditations, thinking that somebody is playing instruments outside. But that never happens; nobody ever comes there to play instruments. It comes from the within, but because the Sound is very loud, the dear ones feel that somebody is playing musical instruments [outside].

I mean to say that when your mind is stilled by doing Simran and you start hearing the Sound Current by Itself, then even if you are in a very crowded place where there are so many noises and disturbances, still you will not be disturbed by those outer sounds, because the sound of the Shabd is so loud that it will cover all other sounds, and you will be able to do your meditation, even in the crowded places.

What happens is that when the dear ones get the Initiation, they do not put as much emphasis on doing Simran as they put on listening to the Sound Current. That is why they always lack in Simran. No doubt they hear the Sound Current, but because they have not yet perfected their Simran, and because Simran [is necessary for] rising above, or withdrawing from, the nine openings of the body, as they have not brought the soul to the Eye Center, the place where the Shabd is coming, that is why the Sound which they hear does not give them any interest. Sometimes they like to hear the Sound Current, but the Sound Current is not as effective as it should be and it does not pull the soul up because the dear ones have not done enough Simran.

If we have done a lot of Simran and if we have brought our soul to the Eye Center, then our soul gets on the Shabd or the Sound which is coming there, which we hear there, and we are able to reach our Real Home. If we hear the Sound Current after perfecting our Simran and after reaching the Eye Center, that Sound Current or that Shabd will definitely pull us up, and we will like that very much.

Nowadays, what do people do? Whenever they have done a little bit of Simran during the day, and when their mind is a little bit quiet and still, then the Sound Current which they hear is very melodious and they like it, and sometimes they feel a little bit of withdrawal. Other times, when their mind is not quiet and they have not done enough Simran, then no doubt they hear the Sound Current, but still the Sound Current is not able to pull them up.

In the early ages the Masters used to give Initiation in two parts. First They would give the Simran, then after the disciples had perfected their Simran and completed the course of Simran, they were given the Sound Current. But in that system there was one difficulty for the disciple, that many times the Masters would leave the body before the disciples could perfect their Simran, and then they were not protected, because you know that the Sound Current is the only thing which protects and takes care of the soul. That is why in this Iron Age Kabir Sahib started this practice of giving the complete Initiation at one time, giving the Simran and the Sound Current at one time, so that the disciples would not have to face this difficulty of not being taken care of by the Master.

But we people do not understand this and we do not take full advantage of the grace of the Master. What do we do' We do not do enough Simran. We are supposed to do Simran all the time -- when we are walking, talking, sitting, standing, or doing anything with our hands and feet, when our mind is not engaged in any type of calculation. If we do Simran all the time, the amount of Simran which we are supposed to do can be done very easily, and after that when we sit for meditation -- since before we sit we would have done our Simran -- at once our soul will withdraw from the body and we will start hearing the Sound Current by itself. But because we do not place enough emphasis on Simran, that is why when we sit for meditation all our time is spent in just collecting our thoughts, and because we lack in Simran that is why we hardly withdraw our soul from our body.

You know that most Army men are very jolly people and they like to drink and dance and make merry. When I was in the Army, every night my colleagues, those who used to work with me, would drink wine and then they would start dancing and they would play many types of jokes and things, just to feel good. At that time, because from the very beginning I had this longing for God in my within, I had this habit of closing my eyes and sitting as if I was doing meditation. At that time I had not even met Baba Bishan Das, so I did not know what to do, but still I was in the habit of sitting with my eyes closed and I was trying to look inside myself. Of course, I was not able to see anything inside at that time, but still I was in the habit of sitting that way, and even though I was not seeing anything I was able to get absorbed in doing that. Later when I had developed this habit it helped me a lot. But what did those other Army men do' They would be drinking and dancing and they would come near my bed and try to disturb me, but I was never aware of their disturbance or of the noises they would make, and they were also very surprised by that.

[Another question about meditation]

Yes, in the condition of sickness you can lie down and meditate, because when you are sick you might have pain in your body, and even if you lie down you will not fall asleep. But if you are lying down while you are healthy, then [it is very likely] that you will sleep and not meditate, and you will miss the time of meditation.

What is the extent of the Master's control over the disciple's life, and to what extent is the disciple able to act apart from the Master's guidance ?

The fact is that the Master is responsible for a disciple's present life, as well as for the life beyond. Only He knows, and it is only in His hands, to keep the disciple in this world as long as He wants; and even after the disciple leaves this world it is in the hands of the Master whether or not to give him a new birth or in what body he should be sent. It is all in the hands of the Master.

Master's hands have a very long reach. They even cover the Brahmand and the other divisions of the Creation. If you see that any disciple is not obeying the commandments of the Master, don't think that Master is not aware of him and that Master is not paying any attention to that. It is because of the graciousness of the Master that He has given a chance, He has given time to the disciple to improve himself. But we should know that the rope of the disciple is always in the hands of the Master, and whenever He wants He can bring him back. But He gives him some time because Master is very patient and He thinks, "Let me give him some time and a chance to improve his life by himself." If he is not able to do that, sooner or later Master definitely brings him back.

When this Creation was created -- when the islands, the earth, the world below, the sky, and everything was created -- at that time the Negative Power pleased Sat Purush and asked Him for four boons. He said that when the Saints come to liberate the souls They should not perform any miracles. In other words, They should not do any extraordinary works to attract the people. The second boon which He asked for was that the Saints should make the disciples meditate and only then They should give them the liberation: again, the Saints should not perform miracles to liberate the souls. The third thing He asked for was that the souls should not know about their past lives, and they should not know for which karma they are suffering and for which karma they are enjoying. And the fourth boon was that wherever He gave birth to the souls they should be content in that body.

That is why when the Saints come in this world to liberate the souls They live like ordinary people, and that is why They never perform any miracle. Moreover, They never force the Initiation on anybody.

If They performed miracles, just imagine -- They can do this without any problem, because God has sent Them into this world and They can do anything They want. But if They were to perform miracles everybody in this world would start following Them.

To give an eye to a blind person is not a very big thing for the Master. To heal people is not a very big thing for the Master. In the same way, to bless people with sons and with whatever they want is not a very difficult thing for the Master. They can do these things without any big effort because everything is in Their hands. But They do not do these things, because if They were allowed to do that everybody in this world would start following Them.

If you want to know about the miracles the Masters can perform and which the Masters do perform, you can talk to any initiate who is doing the meditation and ask him: he will tell you how the Master is protecting him in the inner planes.

The other thing about disciples obeying the Master: I would say that he is the true disciple who surrenders his life to the Master and becomes worriless and does whatever his Master wants him to do.

Isn't the ability to surrender also a gift given to the disciple by the Master ?

This gift is given to the disciple by the Master, because They have come into this world only to give that gift. But the disciples are sleeping in respect to the Master. That is why they are not receptive to that gift. A few disciples do get this gift and they solve their purpose [for coming into this world].

Once a dear one came to Master Sawan Singh and tried to touch His feet. Master Sawan Singh became very upset with him and then the disciple requested, "Master, please shower grace on me." Again Master got upset and He said, "I go to everybody in the morning at three o'clock, carrying the basket of grace and the gifts, but all the people are sleeping in deep sleep. They are intoxicated by sleep and there is nobody awake to receive my grace."

When I went on the world tour, at many places where we had the meditation sittings I used to tell people that they should not worry: I will make them leave off and then I will go. But still many people would start doing the meditation and after some time they would fall asleep and then, feeling that everyone else had left, they would open their eyes to see whether everybody was still sitting or not. I mean to say that when people can sleep in meditation even when the Master is sitting in front of them, when they are not able to receive the grace and gift of the Master even when He is sitting physically in front of them, what to talk about their receiving the grace when the Master is far away from them physically and when it is the night time!

Here also it happens that some people start meditating and later on they go and sit in the back, or sometimes people come from the back and sit in the front. Sometimes people open their eyes to make sure that everybody else is still here.

Even the worldly parents care for their children, and you know that the Saints are much more loving and compassionate than millions of worldly parents. They are ready to do every possible thing for the disciple.

Forgive me for asking this, but it was very nice for Sat Purush to give the boons to Kal, but why as a result does Kal have to make it so difficult for the souls ?

[Sant Ji laughs.] It was not difficult for the souls, but the Negative Power has created mind, our enemy, and when our soul is not ready to give up the companionship of the mind only then it becomes difficult.

Dear Ones, this is not that difficult; we have made it difficult.

Master Sawan Singh Ji used to say that if you cannot do anything, at least you can have true love for the Master. When you will have strong and true love for the Master, where will you go ? You will go to the place from where the Master comes.

You see that when the Sant Satgurus come into this world, They do not tell us to do any japas [repetitions], They do not tell us to perform any austerities, They do not tell us to go and visit the places of pilgrimage, and They do not tell us to do any hard practices. They tell us, "Do this meditation and if you will do this I am ready to help you; I am here to take you back Home." Their meditation is very easy, but still we are not ready to obey Them.

Sometimes when I hear the Sound, I'm not sure whether it comes from the left or the right. [How can we know if we are listening to the correct sound ?]

At that time the Sound is coming from above the head; it is coming from the Eye Center. At the time of Initiation it is said that you should not pay any attention to the sounds coming from the left; you should only listen to the Sounds coming from the right. If a satsangi has to face this situation, if he is not able to distinguish from which side the sound is coming, at that time he should simply go on focusing his attention at the Eye Center and then gradually this problem will be solved and he will know from which side the sound is coming.

How much importance do you put on doing physical and financial seva ?

Yesterday in the Satsang I made it very clear. You should listen to that tape again.

This morning during meditation it was very intense for me. I wonder if the pain I feel is from my own attachments and lack of cleanliness, or if it's just supposed to be that way.

Many times we feel pain when we are not interested in doing the meditation. Sometimes when we are not in the habit of meditating regularly, and if for some period we start doing meditation more than we are used to, then also we feel pain.

But gradually this pain will go away. The satsangi should not become worried about this, and he should definitely and regularly devote the hours for meditation, and in that way he should develop the habit of meditating regularly. Sometimes the Negative Power even bothers the disciple, and he sends this feeling of pain so that the disciple may come out of meditation.

When that happens, is it from the Guru ? [the rest of the question was cut off]

Whenever the satsangis sit for meditation they should forget everything. They should forget the world and just do their meditations. If you will get a taste of the Sound Current and if you will get interested in that, and if you will not be aware of the world outside and the other things, then you will not remain aware of the Simran or anything else which is happening.

You can do only one thing at a time. That is why when you sit for Simran do only Simran, and when you sit for Sound Current you should only listen to the Sound Current.

[A question about "trouble with meditation"]

Yes, Swami Ji Maharaj said that those who are the thieves of meditation, those who do not want to meditate, they are bothered by lust, laziness and sleep. They get kicked and knocked, and they get drowned in the river of greed.

Christ was a Master. You talk about the Masters not performing miracles. [Yet] it was written that Christ performed many miracles. Why was that ?

[Sant Ji laughs.] Often after the Masters leave the body Their disciples write such stories to glorify Them.

A couple of months ago, a high commissioner [an embassy official] left India. He was posted in Bogota, Colombia. When he went there he met some satsangis and he was very pleased to see them. They told him about the Path and about the Ashram which they have in Bogota. When he went to visit Sant Bani Ashram in Bogota, he was surprised to see the devotion of the people for an Indian, because he did not know what a Saint is. When he further inquired about the Path and the Masters, he was still more surprised, because the dear ones told him many stories of miraculous events. So when he came home on leave, he especially came to meet me at Pappu's house. He told me about the devotion of the people and how he was compelled to come and see me, because those people told him about the miracles and other stories. And he even told me how much they were loving me and that in a way they had surrendered themselves to me.

I told him, "Brother, I did not show any miracles to them. It is all the grace of the Master. And as far as their surrendering to me is concerned, you know that when the disciple surrenders to the Master, only then he gets the full attention and attraction of the Master. As they say that they have surrendered themselves to me, only they know how much I have surrendered myself to them. That is why they are seeing me and feeling my presence whenever they have any pain or problem. They say that it is a miracle, but this is the truth, it is not a miracle, it is just simply a matter of the grace of the Master."

So when the disciples come across any incident in which they see the hand of the Master working for them, they call that incident a miracle, and in order to glorify the name of the Master they tell people that Master has performed a miracle.

If I went on telling you the miracles which my Master Kirpal performed it could fill many books. Most people will be surprised and many people will not even believe how these things can happen, but the dear ones who have seen this and with whom these things have happened, they know that it is true.

There was a person who used to take care of this garden -- one of his legs was paralyzed and the other was also very weak. He was not able to walk with those legs and he had given up all hope in his life and he did not want to continue living. But when Master Kirpal went to Kunichuk Ashram, Sardar Ratan Singh, who used to own this place, told the gardener to go and have the darshan of Master Kirpal Singh.

When that man was brought to that ashram, they told me about his sickness and I requested Master, "Master, please shower grace on him." Master told me, "Why don't you give him a leg ? Why don't you heal him ?" I said, "Master, You are the Owner of all Creation. Why do You make Your dog hunt? Why don't You shower grace on him directly ? " Then Master graciously showered His grace on him and told him to massage his leg with a special type of oil.

After a few days both his legs became all right, and he still has the use of his legs and he is perfectly all right. But at that time when he came to my ashram he was so desperate, he was so sad that he said, "Now I don't want to go back to my home. I will spend all my time here in the ashram." But when his legs became all right he left the ashram, he left everything, and he even left the job of taking care of this garden.

In India if any woman gives birth to a daughter it is considered a very bad thing, because in India everybody wants to have sons and they don't want to have daughters. So like that, there was one satsangi lady who had six daughters and no sons, and when she came to Master she requested Him to bless her with a son. At that time I was also sitting with Master and Master smiled and told her, "Why don't you go and ask him ? He knows a lot about medicine and he might be able to help you." [Sant Ji chuckles] I knew what Master meant and I said, "Master, why don't You tell her that she will get a son ?" But Master didn't say anything; He just smiled. And after ten months the same lady came back with a son, a very healthy baby boy, and she said, "Master, this is because of Your grace that I have got this son." Master replied, "No, I didn't do anything."

I mean to say that this was just nothing, but we can call it a miracle also. After the Masters leave the body the disciples write such stories and they call these things miracles, but in fact they are not miracles.