Instead of Worrying, Always Be Grateful

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This question and answer session was given November 30, 1978,
at Village 77RB, Rajasthan, India.

Sant JiSant Ji, "seclusion accounts for half our meditation. " Is that right? Could You expand on that?

Yes, that is right. But if in seclusion we are thinking about the world, that means that we are wasting our time. But if we are doing Simran in seclusion, then it means that we are doing the devotion.

Once a Master asked His disciple, "What is the thing you love the most? Whom do you love the most?" That disciple replied, "I love my buffalo very much." The Master told him, "Okay, you go in seclusion and you always go on remembering your buffalo." After a few days the Mahatma came back and called the disciple to come out of his room, but that dear one replied, "I cannot come out of the room because I'm afraid that my horns will get stuck in the door." The Master replied, "No, you are not a buffalo. You are a man like me. Come out here. Your horns will not get stuck in the door." That dear one replied, "No, I am sure that I have horns and that I am a buffalo. How can I come out?" The Mahatma went into the room and said, "If in seclusion you had remembered God, and if you had done the remembrance of God, then you would have felt right now that you are also God."

Whenever in seclusion we remember the one whom we love the most, we also become his form. Only to be in seclusion is not enough; if we want to take full advantage of seclusion, we should meditate and do Simran so that we can become very receptive to the Master.

Could You please give us some hints as to what the Master is doing for us inside, whether we are meditating or not?

When we are meditating and when we are not meditating, Master is always thinking about our betterment and He is always working in the direction of purifying us.

Master, I am very much worried because even though I make a lot of effort during meditation I fall asleep. And I'm also considering that when we came here You told us that we should take advantage of our time, and if we do not take advantage of it, it would be to our disadvantage.

In the beginning I said that you should give up all the worries of the mind. Your work is to meditate only. Without thinking of anything else, you should always devote yourself to meditation.

When the mind is bringing the worries in you and when the mind is telling you that you are not taking advantage of this trip, you should tell him, "If you want me to take advantage of this trip, you should not bring sleep and things like that to me."

Kabir Sahib says, "Following the mind you went into the forest, and obeying the mind you again went back into the town. And working according to the advice of the mind, you are going back into the cycle of eighty-four lakhs births and deaths." He says that in the beginning the mind creates yearning within us and he inspires us to go into the forest to do the devotion of the Lord. And when we get there and meditate a little bit, after a while he advises us to go back into the town. The mind says, "What is here in the forest? You can meditate even while living at your home." And when one comes back to his home there are many other attachments ready for him, which are all created by the mind, and when one gets involved in all those attachments, the hells and the cycle of eighty-four lakhs births and deaths are ready for him.

It is the duty of all the satsangis to always keep themselves in meditation and leave the other things in the care of the Master. We should not worry about anything when we are completely devoted to the meditation. And regarding the reward for this, Master knows everything and He will give us whatever we deserve. Master Sawan Singh Ji used to say, "If a man is working for any worldly master, then also that worldly master doesn't keep his servant unpaid." Then He used to say, "What do you think? that God doesn't have justice in His Home? He is very just and He will give us the fruit of our devotion; He will give us the fruit of the labor which we are doing in His remembrance. If we are sitting in His remembrance and doing His work, definitely He will pay us for that."

Many times I have told the story of two mahatmas who were doing their meditations in the forest. Both of them were told by their Master that if they would meditate continuously for twelve years they would have the darshan of God. Each of them sat under different trees and meditated for twelve years continuously. But neither of them had the darshan of God. But still they kept meditating and in that way two or three more months passed.

Then Narada, who was a very good meditator and who was always in communication with God, visited them. Because they knew that Narada frequently communicated with God, they requested him to bring some message back for them from God.

One meditator said, "My Master told me that if I would meditate continuously for twelve years I would have the darshan of God, but up until now, even though two or three more months have passed, God has not yet given me His darshan." He requested Narada to go and ask God whether he would get His darshan or not, and how much longer he would have to meditate to get His darshan. He was very worried about having the darshan of God because the time given by his Master had passed by.

The other meditator said, "Whatever instructions my Master gave me, I am working according to those instructions. I have many faults in me, but still I am meditating according to His instructions." He told Narada, "My Master told me that I would have the darshan of God if I meditated for twelve years, but up until now I have not had the good fortune of having the darshan of God. So will you please ask Him whether or not I will have His darshan?"

When Narada took his soul up and started talking with God, God asked him about the mortal world, about what was happening there. Narada told God what he had observed in the mortal world, and then he relayed the questions from the two meditators. God told Narada, "You should go and tell the first meditator who was impatient to have the darshan that he should meditate for one more year if he wants to have the darshan. If he will patiently meditate for one more year, I will give him my darshan."

And for the other meditator, God told Narada that he should go and tell him to count the leaves of the tree under which he was sitting and he should meditate that many more years in order to get the darshan.

When Narada came out from his samadhi, he went to both the meditators, because it was his work to give the message of God to them. Since the first meditator was impatient and he was always counting the extra months which he had meditated, he was eagerly waiting for Narada to come back and give him the message. He even forgot to welcome Narada and respect him, because he was not very happy doing his meditation. So he asked Narada, "Tell me, what has God told you about me?" Narada said, "He has told you to

meditate for one more year and after that you can have His darshan." That meditator became very upset with Narada and he started chasing him, saying, "Your God is a deceiver and you are also a deceiver - because first I was told that I had to meditate for twelve years and now He is telling me to meditate for one more year! Who knows if after one year He will tell me to meditate for another year?"

Narada got away from that meditator, but he was very afraid to give the message to the second meditator since the message for the second meditator was very hard - because he had to meditate for many more years - counting the leaves of the tree. But because Narada was the messenger of God he had to give His message to the dear one no matter what, so he went to the other meditator. Since Narada was afraid that this dear one would also chase him, that is why he was very prepared to run, as he was giving the message. But this meditator was very humble and he had much respect for Narada when he came to him. He bowed down to Narada and he gave him his own seat to sit down. And then humbly he asked Narada, "Tell me, what is the order of God for me?" Narada replied, "God has told me to tell you that you have to meditate for many years. You should count the leaves of this tree and according to the number of leaves on it you have to meditate for that many years. And only then will you have the darshan of God."

So that dear one was very happy to hear that he would have the darshan of God. He said, "Are you sure that God told you to tell me that He will give me His darshan?" Narada said, "Yes, you will have the darshan of God, but only after meditating for this many years." That dear one became very grateful and he said, "It's all right. At least in the end I will get the darshan of God."

He was not worried about the length of time which he was told to meditate, but he was very happy that at least he would get the darshan of God some day. He became very happy, and in that happiness his constant Simran was going on, so he got connected within with God. At once his inner vision was opened and at that very moment he started to have the darshan of God.

Because that dear one was trying and not worrying, because he was very happy that at least he would have the darshan of God some day, that is why he got the fruit of his labor at that very moment.

That is why we should never worry about our failures. We should always go on trying harder and harder. Instead of worrying, we should always feel grateful to Master and we should always be happy that God has given us this opportunity to do His devotion. Even if we fail we should always go on trying harder; we should always become happy that God is giving us the opportunity to do His devotion.