To Awaken the Power of Spirituality

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This satsang was given July 31, 1996 at Terni, Italy.

Salutations unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers, Almighty Lords Sawan and Kirpal Who, showering Their grace upon the poor souls, have given the opportunities to sing Their glory.

A brief hymn of Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj is presented to you and it is worth listening to with much attention. In this hymn Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj says that if there is any obstacle between us and God Almighty, it is the obstacle of the mind. He tells us how we can take our mind back to Trikuti, his home, and after taking him there, how we can be friends with our mind, and how, after rising above the mind, we can go to our Real Home and do the true devotion of God Almighty with the grace of the Master.

Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj makes a prayer in front of Lord Almighty. He says, "0 Lord, kindly make us meet with the Master Who will give us the Naam, so that we may do Your true devotion." Lovingly He says that mind is the only obstacle between us and God Almighty. Whatever we do in this world - we make the relations - our mind is the only designer of all these things, and we do them according to his instructions.

Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj put all His sangat, both His sons and both His sons-in-law, to the test. Outwardly He told them to make platforms. It was a very small thing on the outer level, but the reason behind it was that Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj wanted to see which heart was the one in which He could manifest His power. Since He had to prepare the One Who was going to guide the sangat after Him, He had to find out within whom He could place His glory.

I have told this story before, and once again I will tell you this story about a king who wanted to get his daughter married. He made an announcement in his kingdom that whoever would find him by the end of the day could marry his daughter and also become the king after him. You know that when such an announcement is made everyone wants to marry the princess and also later on become the king. So all the young people set out to look for the king on that particular day.

In order to test all the people the king set up different kinds of attractions on the way. Somewhere he put out meat and wine. At another place he had spread out some money. Somewhere he had put some dancers. The plan was that at every step, at every corner, there was one or another attraction.

So even though everybody started looking for the king, because of the various attractions on the way, some people got stopped when they came to the place where the meat was and they got involved in eating meat; some people got involved in drinking the wine. Some people who were a little wiser started collecting the money and so forth. In this way all the people who had set out to look for the king got lost in attachment to one or another attraction put there by the king.

But there was one very strong-hearted person and he thought, "I can have all these things anytime I want. I can enjoy them after I have found the king." So he did not get stopped by any of the attractions placed on the road; he went on and on, looking for the king.

The king had disguised himself as a gardener and he was working in one of the gardens. So that person with the strong heart rejected all the attractions and before the sun set, he went to the garden and he was able to recognize the king. No matter how much you change your form, still the person who can recognize you will recognize you, no matter what you have changed. So that person went there to the king and said, "Your Highness, now reveal your true form to me." The king became very happy and he gave his daughter to that person and he also gave him his kingdom.

This is just a story. The reality is that God Almighty is that king and the devotion of God is the daughter of God Almighty. Like everyone in the story who set out to look for the king, we also set out to look for God Almighty and get the devotion. But there are so many attractions while we are searching for God Almighty that we get stopped and deluded by the attractions and the traps which the Negative Power has laid down for us. But some strong-hearted person, who does not care for all these things, becomes successful. He finds God Almighty and also gets the devotion.

I have often said that the devotion of God Almighty is the priceless substance; it is the precious thing. It removes lust, anger, greed, attachment, and egoism. It gives true happiness and peace. But we cannot get this preclous material of the devotion of God Almighty with any money, we cannot obtain it using any force or power. No thief can ever rob us of the wealth of devotion; no thug can ever cheat us out of this wealth. We can obtain this precious wealth of the devotion of God Almighty only by going to the feet of some beloved of God, and only with humility can we obtain this thing.

Saints are not God; They are His beloved children. They have done the devotion of God Almighty and they have loved Him so much that God Almighty became pleased with them. You know that a beloved child who has pleased his father can make his father do anything he wants.

Such Masters do not curse anyone after coming into this world. They understand the whole world as Their home, They understand the whole world as Their own community.

They only ask for one thing from God Almighty: "0 Lord, seeking Your support and relying upon Your Naam, we have made all the souls sit in the boat of Naam. Now it is up to You whether You make them meditate on the Naam or whether You take them across." Whatever They want to get done, They make Him do that. Once you go to the perfect Master, you don't have to come back into this world again.

When such Masters come into this world, They follow Their Master's teachings and obey Their instructions very strictly. When They obey the commandments of the Master, the Master becomes pleased with them and He sits within them, bringing all the riches and prosperity of the world.

Often I have said that it was not because of my efforts that beloved Lord Kirpal came to me. It was all His grace that He Himself chose to drive five hundred kilometers and come to my home Himself. I did not make any efforts to bring Him to me. It was all His grace.

Moment after moment the mind runs into the illusions.
He doesn't stay at home even for a moment.

Now Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj very lovingly says, "What is the power which attaches us to this world, and what is the power which keeps us involved in the pleasures and the passions of this world" He says, "It is our own mind who is keeping us attached to the things of this world."

We all have one Father, and God Almighty is our Father. But still, you know how, because of the mind, one country is ready to eliminate another country; how one religion hates the other religion, and how one man is ready to cut the head off his brother. Just as you chop the vegetables, in the same way, the brothers are killing each other.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj says, "If you conquer the mind, you have conquered the world." He also says that if you have lost [against] the mind, you have lost the whole world, and if you have conquered your mind, then you have conquered everyone in this world and you have even conquered the one who has created this world.

Mind is the essence of Brahm and he is a resident of Trikuti, whereas our soul is the essence of God Almighty, and she is a resident of the Eternal Home. Right now our mind and soul are tied together. So when we take our mind to Trikuti, his true abode, and when we leave him there, we can say that we have untied that knot, or we can say that we have left the mind in his place, and in that way the soul becomes free from the clutches of the mind and goes back to her Real Home.

We do thousands of practices to control our mind. We do a lot of reading; we go to the places of pilgrimage; we leave our homes and families behind and hide ourselves in the forests and jungles. We go on top of the mountains and under the sea, but even after doing all these practices we cannot control the mind. We think that by doing all these outer rites and rituals that the mind has come under our control.

To control the mind forcibly is just like catching a poisonous cobra and forcibly putting him in a basket. We cannot reduce the effect of the cobra's poison just by putting him in the basket, and whenever he will get an opportunity to come out, he will bite us. But if we are clever, if we are able to remove that bag of poison which is in the body of the cobra, then the cobra becomes harmless. You might have seen snake charmers wearing very big poisonous cobras around their necks in the marketplaces. If we know the technique of removing the poison from the neck of the cobra, then we can control the cobra all the time and we won't worry about the poison.

To control the mind forcibly is like burying a burning fire under ashes. When the wind blows away the ashes, again the fire bums.

To control the mind forcibly is like bringing an uncivilized person and putting him in an enclosed room. If you try to control him like that, he will become even wilder. He may even throw away all the things which are in the room. But if you were to put some good things in the room for him, some food for instance, he would start eating those things and he would get attached to them and finally you can teach him in any way you want. So what changed that uncivilized person? After eating which things did he became happy and peaceful? It was the sweets or the good things which were put in the room. When he ate those things, his mind became quiet and he became good.

By doing the hatha karmas and maintaining the disciplines, by reading the scriptures and going to the places of worship, and by doing all the outer rites and rituals - if we think that we have disciplined ourselves and have made the connection with God Almighty, that is not true, because our mind does not become disciplined and we do not get connected to God Almighty [by doing those things]; and when those good karmas lose their effect we come back into this world. And when we come back to this world without getting connected to God Almighty, our condition becomes even worse than before.

Now what is our condition? At present our mind does not remain still at the Eye Center (between and behind the two eyebrows) even for a moment. He goes all over: he takes us to the reading; he takes us to the name and fame of the world, he takes us to the worldly pleasures and passions. He does not stay at the Eye Center even for a moment.

When we make our mind stand still at the Eye Center by doing the Simran, we rise above the physical consciousness, we rise above the physical plane, and we go into the astral plane. From there also, when we continue doing our devotion, our meditation, then we rise above the astral plane, and we go to Brahm, the causal plane. And when the mind gets to go to his real home, over there he gets the taste of the Naam. And when he gets the taste of the Naam, then all the attractions of this world seem tasteless to him, and then he does not care for them anymore. Once he has had the taste of the Naam, then he doesn't care for any taste of this world.

Using the goad of the Master and applying the medicine of Shabda,
Mind is made to reside in the home.

Saints and Mahatmas do not write Their books from hearsay. Whatever They have done in Their own life, They note down only those things. Whatever we read in the writings of the Masters is Their personal experience.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj says, "I did the reading and I pondered over the Vedas. I did many other yogic practices, but I did not get any peace of mind. I could not make myself free from these five dacoits and I wandered everywhere."

So Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj says, "I have read the four Vedas, the eighteen Puranas and the six Shastras, and whatever other scriptures I got, I read those also. I even did the pranayam practices of the yogis and I also did the practice of the kundalini. I even went to the city of Kashi and took the vow of [poverty], I gave up using vessels and I began eating everything using only my hands. I even became a muni. (A mum is one who does not speak.) I gave up my clothes; I even gave up wearing my shoes."

So Guru Arjan Dev J1 Maharaj says, "0 Dear Ones, this is not the way through which you can meet with God Almighty. Instead, by doing all these practices you get nothing but egoism. You feel proud of yourself. You say that you have done so much reading, that you have done so many yogic practices, that you have awakened the kundalini, and that you have gone to so many different places of pilgrimage. But by doing all these things you cannot meet with God Almighty."

So here He says, "After doing all these outer rites and rituals, all these outer practices, now I am tired. I am exhausted and finally I have fallen at the feet of my beloved Master, Guru Amar Das Ji Maharaj. I am requesting Him that He should give me the true knowledge." What is the true knowledge? The true knowledge is the knowledge of discriminating between the true and the false. What is the Truth? The Truth is God Almighty.

So here He lovingly says that the elephant is a very powerful animal, but the mahouts who control the animal use a pointed iron rod, and through that they keep it under their control. The animal cannot go here and there: he will go wherever his master wants because he is being controlled by that iron rod. Mind is the elephant, and what medicine does the Master give us to control the mind? The Shabd or the Naam of the Master works like a goad, that iron rod, with which you control the elephant.

0 Lord, make me meet the Sat Sangat (the company of the True Ones),
So that I may meditate upon God.

Now Guru Ramdas makes a prayer to Almighty God. He says, "0 Lord, the Naam of the Master is so powerful that it can bring our mind under control. Kindly shower Your grace upon us, make us meet with such a Master Who can give us that Naam, so that after getting the Shabd Naam from the Master we also may do the devotion and finally bring our mind under control."

Kabir Sahib says, "0 Kabir, without doing the devotion of God Almighty, even a woman becomes like a bitch. She goes and wanders from door to door, from lane to lane, and nobody offers any food to her."

Kabir Sahib says, "0 Kabir, without doing the devotion of God Almighty, even a king becomes a donkey. He carries the dirt of the potter. Nobody gives him any grass to eat."

The great people get a lot of name and fame and glory, but within every single cell of their body there is a lot of egoism. Without the Shabd, the Naam of the Master, and without doing the devotion of the Master, they are nothing but cobblers.

Kabir Sahib says, "You can even go and ask the Vedas and Puranas and they will also say the same thing - that those who move the rosary, those who give alms and donations, and those who do other practices without the guidance of the Master, all their practices, all their deeds are of no use."

The disease of egoism is gone.
I have got the happiness and I have been able to attain the Sehaj.

Now Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj tells us about one more obstacle that is also very powerful. It stands between us and God Almighty, and that obstacle is egoism, it is our pride. What is egoism? Egoism is what we think all day long. Day and night we go on thinking, "I am the most learned one," and "My position is higher than anybody else's." All these thoughts are egoism.

The disease of egoism is within us and the remedy to remove that disease is also within us. Guru Sahib lovingly says, "No doubt egoism is an incurable disease, but the remedy for it also lies within us. If the Master showers His grace upon us, with His grace we can easily remove this egoism." By doing the meditation of Naam, we can easily remove this egoism from our within.

Guru Nanak Sahib says, "0 Nanak, the disease of egoism is very bad. Wherever I look I see everyone suffering from this disease. This disease can be cured only if the Master showers His grace and [connects us with] the Shabd."

Lovingly He says that the obstacle of egoism is removed only when, by doing the Simran, we are able to bring our attention to the Eye Center. When we remove the three covers from our soul, and when we rise above the qualities of rajogun, tamogun and satogun,* then this obstacle of egoism is removed.

Our home is filled with many jewels, rubies, diamonds.
But being under the illusion of mind, they are not found.

Now He lovingly says that God Almighty is within our body. Up until now no one has realized Him from outside, and all those who have realized Him have done so from within. But the mind keeps us under his influence, he keeps us under the illusion, and he keeps taking us outside. Mind makes us wander outside, searching for God outside. But He is not outside; He is within us.

As the water douser finds the hidden well, the Satguru makes us find God.

In disasters and natural calamities the old habitations are covered over and there is no trace of anything. There is a particular community, which are called Singhes [in Hindi and Odhas in Punjabi], they are the water dousers or water finders. They have such a quality that they can easily smell where the water is. Because when the big towns and the habitations are buried, the wells are also buried. But there is still water in those wells, so the people belonging to this particular community can tell you where the well is. After removing all the dirt, you can easily uncover the well and get the water. Those people have not made those wells, nor have they buried them. It is only because of their competence and their knowledge that they are able to tell us, "This is where you will find water." And taking advantage of their experience and their knowledge, we can dig out the water and quench our thirst.

Dear Ones, the faculty of learning is within the brain of the child. But the key to open that, or the key to manifest that, is with the teacher.

The schoolteacher does not make a [potion] and make the student drink that [potion] to manifest that intelligence or that learning. He does not make the student carry the burden of knowledge. The child who goes in the company of the schoolteacher is able to manifest that power of learning within him, he is able to manifest that intelligence within him. The other children who do not go to the school, those who are not in the company of the teachers, they also have that faculty within them, but they are not able to manifest it. In them that intelligence continues sleeping, and they leave with the same intelligence, without being able to use it.

In the schools the teachers are from different religions: there are Christians, there are Sikhs, there are Hindus. They may be from different countries, but we never have any objection, because we don't go there to make any relationship with them. We go there only to get the knowledge from them.

When I went to the school for the signals** course in Poona, over there we had some teachers who were Christian. My teacher was Lali Khan, a Muslim, and there were some Hindu teachers, also. And nobody minded that; even now we have great appreciation and respect for those teachers in our heart.

So that is why all the Saints including Kabir Sahib have said this, "We don't have to look at the caste and creed and religion of the Saint. We should not even pay attention to which country He belongs, because we have to get only the knowledge from Him."

Kabir Sahib says, "Don't ask about the caste of the Master; ask for the knowledge He has. Value the sword, don't pay attention to the case." This body is the case and the Power of Spirituality, the Naam manifested within the body of that Mahatma [is the sword]; we have to obtain that from Him.

Curse on the life of one who did not meet with such a Satguru Sadhu.

Just as those water dousers, tell us from their experience, "Here there is water" - in the same way, the Mahatmas also tell us from Their experience. They don't have to make us drink anything; They just have to awaken that sleeping Power of Spirituality within us.

Master Kirpal Singh Ji used to say, "What a man has done, a man can do." It is not true that you cannot awaken that Power of Spirituality within you. It is not true that you cannot manifest that Power of Spirituality within you, as the Master has done. What He has done, you can also do.

Master Sawan Singh Ji used to say, "We bring the medicine from the doctor, but we don't abstain from the things which he has asked us to. The medicine is lying on the shelf, the patient is lying in the bed. He does not take the medicine and he curses the doctor. What is the fault of the doctor?"

In the same way, we do not use the medicine of Shabd Naam which the Masters have given to us. We do not meditate upon that Shabd Naam. Also, we do not abstain from the pleasures and the passions which the Masters ask us to do.

Human birth is a reward for many virtues,
But it goes to waste in exchange for shells.

Now Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj says, "Why did they come into this world? Their assuming the human birth was useless if, after coming into this world, they did not find the Satguru Who is the Form of the Naam. If they did not take the Naam from such a Satguru, curse on their life, and it was useless for them to come into this world."

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj says, "We are the dust of the feet of the Masters and we are in the refuge of the Masters. We are always with Them. We are always with the Saints, and the Saints are our ornaments."

Guru Ramdas J1 Maharaj is saying the same thing. He says, "Those who did not get such a Master after coming into this world and getting the human birth, curse on their coming into this world."

0 Lord, shower grace.
Showering grace, make me meet the Master.

When many of our virtues or good deeds are collected, God Almighty gives us the reward for those. And what is the reward? He gives us the human birth, which is the last step. When we get the human birth, if we go to the Master and get the Naam from Him, that means that we have justified our receiving the human birth, and our coming into the human form is successful. But if we do not get the Naam from the perfect Master, and if we do not do the meditation of the Naam, it is like we have wasted our human birth. We just go on collecting the shells and the rubbish of the pleasures and the passions of this world.

Nanak says, I have got the status of complete liberation.

We forgetful souls say, "What is the use of going to a Master? It is just a waste of time." But those Mahatmas Whose inner eyes have opened, and those Who have seen the Reality, They always request God Almighty, "0 Lord, kindly make me meet the perfect Master. Always keep me in His company."

Kabir Sahib says, "The beating of Yama, the Angel of Death, is very hard; it is unbearable. But I have met with one Sadhu Who has saved me from that beating."

Kabir Sahib also says, "Satguru is the One Who makes us free, Who saves us when weare being churned in the mill. It is because of the past connections that He showered His grace upon us and He saved us from that beating."

Meeting with the Sadhu, I sing the praise of God.

Now Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj says, "What happened after we met with the perfect Master and did His devotion? By doing the devotion of God Almighty we got the status of Nirvana." What is the status of Nirvana? It is when we reach the plane where all our desires, anxieties, worries, and all our thoughts become numb; they all come to an end and we reach the plane of the Saints. All the Saints are on that plane. It doesn't matter if the Saint came into this world four ages ago; all the Saints reside there. Guru Nanak Sahib also says, "That plane is the plane of the Saints and all the Saints live there."

On this plane there is the darkness of the ignorance, and there is birth and death. But on the plane of the Saints there is no darkness of the ignorance; there is no birth and death over there. There is nothing but peace.

Kabir Sahib says, "My country is such that only he who is a knower of the country can know what my country is like. The one who has come from there, only he can tell us how that country, how that plane is. There is no unhappiness, there is no sadness there. It is all happiness and peace."

Saint Ravidas also says, "Over there there is an unconstructed temple. Rains are showered there without clouds. Sounds are created without instruments. This is the secret of that plane and one can realize that secret only after reaching there."

So we should also lovingly understand and follow what Guru Sahib has explained to us in this brief hymn. He told us that the mind and egoism is the only obstacle in our way to meet with God Almighty, and He told us how to remove that. He also told us about the unsuccessful practices through which people try to remove this obstacle. And He also told us how, by going to the perfect Master, we can remove this obstacle of egoism and the mind. He also told us about the value of our human birth and how we can take advantage of it by doing the meditation of Shabd Naam. He also made a prayer to God Almighty, "0 Lord, kindly make me meet such a Master Who will give me Initiation into the Naam so I may also do Your devotion and meet You."

In the end Guru Sahib says, "Now, finally I am in the deep samadhi and I have reached that plane where there is no darkness of ignorance, where there is no pain of birth and death, where there is all happiness and peace." So He says, "Finally I have reached that plane."

So as Guru Sahib has lovingly explained to us all the different things, we should understand and we should follow the teachings of the Master and do our devotion and make our human birth successful.

* The three covers are the physical, astral and causal bodies; the qualities are activity, inertia, and purity.

* * Sant Ji was a signalman in the Indian Army during World War II.