Don't Waste This Precious Birth

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This Satsang was given on June 12, 1994 in Silly-Tillard, France, and was published in the September 1998 issue of Sant Bani Magazine.

Salutations unto the Feet of Lords Sawan and Kirpal, Who, showering limitless grace upon us, have given us this opportunity of singing Their glories.

A hymn of Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj is presented to you in which He describes the glory of the Naam. He talks about the condition of those people who have the Naam, and also of those who do not have the Naam. He says that in this world there is no peace in any wealth; there is no peace in any other worldly material. If there is anything from which we can get peace, that is Naam.

Ravidas Ji Maharaj says, "He who meditates upon the Naam, if he has any sufferings they also get changed into happiness."

Those who do not do the devotion of God Almighty, those who do not do the meditation of Shabd Naam, even their happiness changes into unhappiness.

All the religions, all the religious books, call aloud, saying that liberation is in the Naam; peace is in the Naam.

But never with a cool heart have we thought about (or wondered about) the Naam -- whether it is a Word of any particular language; all the Vedas, Shastras, (after all,) all the religious books, are written in one or another language. But Naam is such a thing - it is the Unwritten Law and Unspoken Language.

Saints call that Power as Naam Who is the cause of this whole creation, Who has created this creation, becoming the Form of the Naam. He is present in all parts of the creation, and He is maintaining and running this creation.

We cannot obtain that Naam from any book or scripture. Those books and scriptures only glorify the Naam; they only talk about the Naam. God Almighty sends His beloved Sons, Saints and Mahatmas, into this world after making Them the owner of the store of Naam.

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj said, "All the Smritis, Vedas, Puranas, they all talk about the Naam. Without Naam everything else is useless."

That Naam is the owner of all the riches, all the treasures, and His glory is limitless. His glory cannot be described. Guru Sahib says, "The limitless wealth of the Naam resides within the heart of the devotees of the Lord."

In the shabd you read that "Either the Naam knows the importance and the glory of the Naam, or One Who has meditated upon and has become the Form of Naam, or Who has become one with Naam, knows the glory of Naam."

Ravidas Ji Maharaj says, "Those who after getting the human body have not gotten the Naam, they are the living dead bodies." He says that the condition of the one who does not have the Naam is like the condition of a bird without wings or a fish without water.

Guru Sahib means to say that no matter what path we follow other than the Path of the Naam, in the end we will have to repent. Because in the end we all will repent if we have not made the (best) use of the human body. And if we have not done the meditation of the Naam, we are wasting our precious human birth in exchange for the pleasures and the useless things. Only in the end do we realize, and then we repent.

The mind gets content when one gets Naam. Curse on the life without Naam.

In order to obtain the Naam, Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj served His Master very much, and in order to receive the Naam and manifest that Naam within Him, Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj struggled with His mind very much. That is why He says here, "There is no peace in anything except the Naam. If we have not gotten the Naam, our coming into this world was useless and we cannot fulfill the purpose for which we have been given this body."

Guru Ravidas Maharaj says, "O Lord, Your Naam is my aarti; Your Naam is my sandalwood; and Your Naam is my piece of stone on which I rub the sandalwood to make the paste which I put on my forehead. Your Naam is my pilgrimage." If we connect ourselves with Naam, the fruit which we (hope to) get by going on all the pilgrimages - we get that just by connecting ourselves with Naam.

The jiva who does not have the Naam is like a donkey who doesn't know about anything except to fill his stomach.

May I meet with a Gurumukh dear one, who would tell me the qualities of the Lord.

Now Guru Ramdas lovingly says that if Naam was just a few words, then why would He work so hard and suffer so many hardships?

Paltu Sahib says, "Everyone talks about the Naam, but no one has obtained the Naam (by talking). No one has obtained the Naam, because the glory of Naam is unique. Go and meet only Him Who has manifested that Naam within."

That is why lovingly He says that no doubt every religion talks about the Naam and they all agree that there is no liberation without the Naam, but they do not understand the glory and the importance of the Naam.

He lovingly says that Naam is the Form of the Saint and the Saint is the Form of Naam. They come from the Naam and meditating upon the Naam They have become the Form of Naam, and Naam always protects Them.

Such Saints and Mahatmas always sing the glory of the Naam whether They are sitting or standing, sleeping or awake. They always talk about the glory of the Naam, and They connect Their followers, Their Initiates, Their disciples, with the Light and the Sound of that Naam.

Paltu Sahib lovingly says, "If anyone is desiring Naam, he should know that Naam is nameless. It doesn't have any form, it doesn't have any outline. It cannot be written in any words. O Paltu, only the Saints are able to look at that Naam with Their divine vision."

When we keep our attention at the Eye Center, lovingly and with full faith in the Master, and repeat the Five Holy Names which our Master has given to us, our consciousness which is spread all over, and also outside of our body, all of that consciousness starts getting concentrated, and then our attention gets connected with the Naam within and we attune ourselves to the Sound of the Lord within. Then the inner path gets opened to us like an open book and no illusion remains.

The reality is that we can see things more clearly in our within than in the outside world.

Our mind is the essence of Brahm and he is the resident of the second spiritual plane. So when we are able to take our mind to his origin and we leave him there, we may even say that the knot binding the mind and the soul is released and we are able to free our soul from the bond of the mind, and are able to take our soul beyond Brahm into the Par Brahm.

This is what the Masters call the opening of the experience, or opening of the vision, or lifting of the veil, or reaching the Tenth Door, or inverting within. Saints (also) call the same process the status of samadhi, or dying while living.

So Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj says that we can get this secret of Naam only under the guidance of a perfect Master. Maharaj Sawan Singh Ji used to say that there are a couple of things of the present time which work. As the living teacher is the only one who can educate our children, in the same way only the judge or the magistrate of the present time can settle our disputes. And also, only a living doctor can give us the medicine to remove our illnesses. In the same way, only a living Master, or the Master of the present time, can give us the Naam Initiation and connect us with the Naam within.

Saints do not criticize any Saint or Mahatma who has come into this world in the past, Those Who did the preaching of the Naam and Who have gone back into the Naam. In fact, They have much love, appreciation and respect for all the Saints Who have come in this world.

Swami Ji Maharaj says, "I bow down to everyone and with much respect I greet Them, but I do not understand anyone as equal to my Master."

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj also says, "All the Gurus and the Pirs are my Master."

Swami Ji Maharaj says, "Give up relying on the past Masters; I say this for your benefit. Go and search for the living Master; I say this for your benefit."

All the Saints and Mahatmas have said this. So Guru Ramdas Ji also says, "May I meet with some Gurumukh, some Beloved of God, some perfect Master, Who may connect me with the Naam within and Who may tell me about the benefit of doing the meditation of Naam, and Who may make me aware of the loss if I don't meditate on the Naam." We come to know about the quality of a tree by eating the fruit which it bears.

I sacrifice myself completely unto Him Who illuminates me with Naam.

He says, "He Who keeps that Light within me, Who manifests that Naam within me, for Him I am ready to cut my body into four pieces and sacrifice my body to Him."

By reading the writings of the perfect Masters we come to know how much faith They had in Their Master, how much love They had for Their Master, and how much They had pleased Their Master.

Lord Kirpal used to talk about the love which His beloved Master Baba Sawan Singh had for His Master, Baba Jaimal Singh. He used to say that once Baba Sawan Singh went to visit the village Ghuman, where Baba Jaimal Singh had spent His childhood. As He entered the boundary of the village, He got down on the ground and He bowed down to that place and paid a lot of respect to that place, and when He started doing the Satsang He started crying. So Lord Kirpal, who was present there, said, "O Beloved Lord, if this is Your condition, were do we people stand?" Baba Sawan Singh then replied, "If Baba Jaimal Singh were to come and stand here in His physical form today, I would be willing to leave everything, I would be willing to sacrifice everything for Him."

In the same way, we have been fortunate to see beloved Lord Kirpal. There are many dear ones sitting here who have had this good fortune of seeing our beloved Lord Kirpal in this world. And you may remember how when Baba Sawan Singh would be mentioned, how our beloved Lord's voice would get choked and how the tears would flow down from His eyes.

O my Beloved, I live by meditating on Naam.

Now He lovingly says, "My life is good only when I am connected with the Naam, and all the time, whether I am asleep or awake, I am connected with the Naam."

We imitate Those who have reached the Court of the Lord, but what is our condition really? We people give up doing the Simran for many, many months. For many, many years we forget that we are supposed to do the devotion. We don't have any faith in the Master; we don't love Him and we keep forgetting the Simran for many, many years. And if sometime we sit in the meditation, then we have thousands of complaints, we have thousands of doubts. Someone says that he has a problem in his head, someone says that he has a problem in his leg, in his knee, and so on. We complain about how many difficulties we have to face. But at the same time we try to imitate Those who have reached the Court of the Lord. If we also had the same kind of love and faith that the beloved Masters had for Their Masters then we would not have any complaints, we would not feel any difficulties. Then we would meditate; we would not forget Him even for a moment. And then we would realize that the meditation of Naam is the only thing which can be called the cup of Nectar.

Without Naam life doesn't exist: My Satguru has made me determined in Naam.

This is the saying of all the Saints: that it is the Master who loves the jiva. Day and night through the Satsangs They tell us to meditate on Naam.

Guru Nanak Sahib says, "He Himself loves us, and He Himself creates the love within us for Him." Either He Himself encourages us to have love for Him, or He uses someone else through whom He creates the feeling of love within us for Him.

Lord Sawan always used to say that those whose inner veil has not been lifted up, only they say that they went and got the Initiation. But when the inner veil gets lifted, then they realize and they say, "No, it was not we who went to get the Initiation. It was the Master who gave us the Initiation."

In the same way, those whose inner vision is not yet open say that they meditate. But those who start to go within even a little bit realize that it is not they who are doing the meditation, it is the Master Who is making them do the meditation. In the same way, we people may say that we go to the Satsang, but when we start to go within then we realize that we are not going to the Satsang, it is the Master Who is bringing us to the Satsang.

Naam is the priceless jewel that the perfect Satguru has.

Dharam Das was a very wealthy merchant and he was also a very good person, a very religious-minded person. Within his heart he had the desire to do the devotion of God and he would always yearn to meet God Almighty. That is why he always used to do the rites and rituals and whatever practices he could do. He was worshipping idols and one day while he was worshipping Kabir Sahib appeared there. He asked him, "Dharam Das, these big idols are like the pounds. Are the small ones like the ounces? Are they going to liberate you?"

When Kabir Sahib said that, Bibi Amin, Dharam Das' wife, got upset with Kabir and said, "Why do you criticize my husband?" Kabir Sahib said, "If you are trying to cross this ocean of life by getting into a boat made of stone, you will never succeed." Saying that He disappeared.

After He disappeared Dharam Das realized that what Kabir Sahib had said was true.

Dharam Das used to wash his firewood before burning it to perform a religious rite, and I myself used to do that when I was involved in the rites and rituals. After some time he was once again doing his worship. So when he was doing that, again Kabir Sahib appeared there and said, "Dharam Das, why are you sinning so much? You are a great sinner."

Bibi Amin didn't like that again and she said, "How dare you call my husband a sinner. You are a sinner; he is not a sinner." Kabir Sahib said, "Okay, but before you burn the wood at least cut the wood and see what you are doing." And then, after saying that, He once again disappeared.

When Dharam Das cut the wood he saw thousands of creatures there. He was going to burn them alive and in that way he was going to do a great sin. Then Dharam Das realized that the sadhu who had been appearing was a true Sadhu, so he got upset with Bibi Amin and he said, "You always come in the middle. If you had not taunted Him, if you had not said anything to that Sadhu, I would have asked Him to give me some knowledge of God and He would have taught me to do the real devotion of Lord. But you always say something that makes that Sadhu disappear."

She said, "Well, don't worry. As the flies come to where there is something sweet, in the same way if you perform a yajna and invite all the sadhus, they will come there expecting food and clothes and things like they [usually] do." Since he was a very wealthy merchant, Dharam Das performed many yajnas, many rites and rituals, in the town of Mathura and in many different places in search of that Sadhu. But Kabir Sahib did not come to any of the feasts, any of the yajnas, which Dharam Das had organized.

All those yajnas were very expensive; at each of the yajnas many sadhus would come and get food and clothes and donations of money, so gradually all the money that Dharam Das had started to run out. And finally, after performing the last yajna, when all his money was spent, Dharam Das thought, "What is the use of my living? - because I neither got the Sadhu for whom I was searching, nor do I have my money now. So it is better for me just to leave this world."

So he went to the bank of the river Ganges in Kashi. When he went there he saw that Sadhu, Who was Kabir Sahib. He went to Kabir Sahib and said, "You see, I have spent all the money I had in search for You, but I did not find You. If I had met You earlier when I had the money I would have given You all that and I would have served You."

Kabir Sahib said, "Dharam Das, this was the appropriate time; this is in accordance with the Will of Lord. God Almighty wanted you to meet me at this time when you did not have any money. Also, you know that Saints cannot be bought with money; They do not expect and They do not accept anything from Their disciples. If anyone is accepting any worldly riches from his disciple, he is not a perfect Saint - because the Masters always earn Their own livelihood. They do not accept anything from Their disciples. If anyone is accepting, he is not a true Sadhu. So this was the appropriate time and this is in the Will of Lord that you have met me at this time."

Then Kabir Sahib initiated both Dharam Das and Bibi Amin. They did their meditation, and after Kabir Sahib left, Dharam Das was authorized to give the Naam Initiation.

In order to make the wealth of the dear ones (pure), Sant Satgurus allow them to spend for the cause, and in order to make them detached from the worldly riches, They let their disciples use them for the cause. You know that over here for many months, for a long time, dear ones have been doing the seva with their mind and body and wealth, and only because of their seva we all have been able to sit here and do our devotion.

Naam is the priceless jewel that the perfect Satguru has.

Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj says that God Almighty sends His beloved children into this world with the priceless wealth of Naam and They come into this world bringing the wealth of Naam.

Masters talk about four different kinds of seva: the seva with the mind, the seva with the body, the seva with the wealth, and the other seva is of the meditation. So whenever we get any opportunity of doing any seva we should at once grab it and we should make use of it; we should take advantage of it. We should never think that this seva is less significant or less important than another one.

By doing the physical seva - like if we are carrying dirt on our head, or if we are helping in making a road, or something like that with our body - our body becomes holy, our body becomes successful. In the same way, by doing the Simran all day and night our mind becomes pure and holy. And by doing the seva of the Surat Shabd, by doing the meditation, the dirt which is engulfing our soul gets removed and our soul becomes pure and holy. And if we do seva with our wealth, our money becomes worthy and successful. Kabir Sahib says that by donating for the cause of the Master, by donating for the cause of the Sangat, we do not lose any wealth. In fact, it goes on increasing and increasing. That is why He says that if you have a lot of wealth coming in your home, or if you have a lot of water coming into your boat, the wisest thing to do is to throw it away with both your hands for the holy cause.

By devoting oneself to the seva of Satguru, He takes out and gives (us) that jewel and illuminates one's within.
Blessed are the fortunate ones who come to meet the Master.

Now He lovingly says, "Who are the most fortunate ones in this world? Only those who after getting the human body get the perfect Saint or the perfect Master."

It is very easy to be called a Saint, but it is very difficult to become a Saint. One has to struggle with his mind all his life long. One has to stay awake. One has to sleep very little. One has to eat very little and struggle with his mind. Only after struggling with the mind and only after doing so many practices can we become a Sadhu or a Saint. So it is very easy to be called a Saint, but it is very difficult to become a Saint.

In one of the bhajans which you people sing, I have written, "No one's inner veil gets opened while enjoying the pleasures of the world. One has to do the meditation. One has to sacrifice in order to open the inner veil." So no one should remain in any kind of misunderstanding that they will be able to open the inner veil while enjoying the world - that while eating, drinking and doing all the things of the world - just while sleeping, their inner veil will be opened. It doesn't work like that. One has to sacrifice so many things if one wants to open his inner veil.

That is why Master Kirpal always went on praying to His Master, "O Lord, may I not meet any imperfect master."

Those who have not met with a Satguru are the unfortunate ones and are controlled by the Negative Power.

Now He lovingly says that those who, after coming into the human body, do not get the Naam, they have to face the Negative Power; because God Almighty gives those souls to the Negative Power who do not do the meditation of the Naam. Then it is up to the Negative Power to send them into any body He may wish to. He may make them any animal, any creature: He may make that soul a horse, a reptile, a worm, or anything. There are so many different bodies in this creation of eighty-four lakhs (hundred thousand) species. So he goes into the cycle of eighty-four lakhs births and deaths; he does not get the human body again until he finishes that cycle of eight-four lakhs of births and deaths.

Now that we have gotten the human body we do not appreciate it and we waste it in the pleasures, the indulgences of this world. We do not do the thing for which it has been given to us. But once we lose this without doing the meditation of the Naam, we go into the cycle of eighty-four lakhs births and deaths, and then we realize that we should have done the meditation.

Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj even says this: with much strictness He says that if we do not do the meditation of Naam we even have to become the creatures of the dirt.

Again and again they wander in the bodies; in the dirt they become dreadful worms.
Touch them not again who have the monster of anger within them.
Satguru is a pool of Nectar; fortunate souls bathe in Him.

The heart and the body within whom these five dacoits have pitched their tents - these five dacoits are the five passions: lust, anger, greed, attachment and egoism - Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj says, "Do not go near those within whom these five passions are present. Go to the Real Pool of Nectar and bathe yourself there." Where is this Real Pool of Nectar? This Pool of Nectar is the Pool of Naam which is within us, and when we rise above the three bodily vestures and go into the Par Brahm this Pool of Nectar is there.So Guru Ramdas Ji says, "Go and bathe yourself in that Pool of Nectar. Only after reaching there does one become a true disciple, or a true sadhu."

Guru Nanak Dev Ji says, "He who is called a sikh or disciple of the Master should get up early in the morning and meditate on the Naam. He should work hard and make the effort to reach the Pool of Nectar and every day he should bathe over there."

The dirt of all their births is washed away;
They meditate on the holy Naam.

The sins which we have done birth after birth, the dirt which our soul has accumulated from birth after birth, that is removed and then our soul comes to realize that she is of the same essence as that of God.

Nanak says, I have achieved the best status by attuning to the Satguru.

Guru Ramdas Ji started the hymn by saying that if there is any peace it is in the Naam, and Naam is a priceless wealth which we get only from the perfect Masters. God Almighty sends His beloved children with the wealth of Naam and we can get it only from Them by going in Their company. They do not charge any fees for giving us the wealth of Naam; They give it freely. Only because of Them and only because of Their grace can we do the meditation of Naam.

So coming to the end, Guru Ramdas Ji Maharaj says, "With the grace of our beloved Master we were able to get the Naam and do the meditation of Shabd Naam. And now finally we have got to Sach Khand, which is our Real Abode. At this place there is no birth, no death; there is no jealousy, there is no enmity; everywhere there is peace."

We people were writhing in pain in the mortal world. We did not know what to do. It was all due to the glory of the Naam and it was all due to the grace of our beloved Masters that we were given the Naam. And with Their help and with Their grace we were able to do the meditation of Naam, and now we have finally reached Sach Khand, which is our True Home. So this is all the glory and the grace of our beloved Master.