New Year's Message for 1977

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji


"Hail! Hail! Satguru! We are under Your protection."

My Satguru Kirpal's Beloveds, Dear Brothers and Sisters: I am sending you greetings and best wishes for the New Year 1977. All brothers and sisters already know what our purpose is in coming into this world, and what our goal is.

God showered much grace on us and came in the body of our Beloved Kirpal. He showed us the way back to our Real Home. Now it is our duty to reach our Beloved Kirpal's Home, our Real Home, Sach Khand. To reach there is not an easy task. We have to make sacrifices in order to achieve Him. If it were easy to realize Him, the fifty-two lakhs sadhus would not be wandering here and there on pilgrimages. The Fakirs who have realized Him have done so by suffering pain and weeping all night to have His Darshan. Kabir says, "If God was achieved with ease and comfort, then what was the use of suffering pain?"

Fakirs spend their lives sitting on pebbles and not on comfortable cushions. Guru Nanak Sahib spent twelve years on a seat of pebbles. He said to His mother, "Mother, to meditate on True Naam is not easy." Guru Amardas tied His hair to a nail in order to avoid sleep. They punished Their minds with the stick of Simran. There is no other medicine that will destroy the dictates of your mind. Go on doing Simran and destroy the palace of the five dacoits (lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego) from within. To free yourself from the five dacoits is meditation. To fight the mind is meditation. The more you fight the mind, the more you are doing meditation. If you fight your mind, you will be dyed in the color of Naam. Do not understand Satguru to be outside. He is within you. Do not seek Him outside. Go within and see how He is working there.

Be attached to Naam. Make the best use of your nights. If you feel sleepy in the night, pray to Him: "O Master, we are orphans without You. We are empty without You." Do more and more Bhajan and Simran. Satguru is with you. Work wholeheartedly. Without effort, grace will not come. The Naam of God is the real treasure; all other things are useless.

If you want to criticize, criticize your enemy: mind. If you want to praise, praise Master Kirpal.

Try to be in seclusion whenever possible. To be in seclusion is half of devotion: it reaps half the fruit of meditation.

Do Simran always in this way: that you should not even know whether you are you or you are Simran. Be one with Simran. Simran is the mightiest weapon.

Tulsi Sahib says, "O Tulsi, to fight in a battlefield is the work of a day or two; But in Sant Mat one has to fight daily without a sword."

Fight, Fight, Fight Your Mind

Meet, Meet, Meet Satguru Within

With all His Love,


Reprinted from the February 1977 issue of Sant Bani Magazine.