Solve the Riddle of the Universe

Baba Sawan Singh Ji

December 31, 1931

Dear daughter and dear son,

The last letter that has reached me from you is dated November 5. I am glad to learn that Mrs. Brock's health is improving steadily and she feels much strength, so much so that you may be able to go South to initiate the newcomers there if everything goes on well. Dr. Johnson writes that it is impossible for some of them to go North. I have four names from that locality: Mrs. M-, Mrs. E-, Mrs. S-, and Mr. K-. I am writing to them that they will be initiated by you when you will go South and meanwhile they can study further. It is understood that your going South is conditional - subject to Mrs. Brock's complete recovery. In case of the loss of my letters, I wrote to you that as desired by you I will be permitting Dr. Johnson to give the Instructions to persons in his neighborhood. I have written to him that the sooner he creates confidence in himself, the better for all concerned. For it is very difficult for the Brocks to come South frequently and some of the persons, perhaps the majority, have not the time and money to go North. I will be writing to him in my next letter that the Brocks may come South if Mrs. Brock can undertake the journey without putting any strain on her health, and initiate the new "members." This will give him an opportunity to meet you personally and derive benefit from your company.

I quite see the force of your point that for the Americans it is very hard to isolate the spiritual Truth from the admixture of Theosophy and Christian Science and "healing the sick" and "curing the blind." The incomplete grasp of Evolution as developed by the present day science is another stumbling block. The man is a mixture of matter, mind, spirit, and the Truth. This eye sees the matter only through it when it is aided by the telescope or the microscope. The Eye that sees the mind and the spirit is different from this eye. This eye depends on the extraneous source of light for illumination. The other Eye is self-luminous. Guru Nanak says, "The Eyes that see the Lord are different from these eyes." When the attention is reversed and is held at the Eye Focus that Eye becomes active and begins to function, and sees the cause instead of the effects and the higher the reversed attention rises, the more luminous and the more penetrating this Inner Eye becomes. Finally, it sees the Primal Cause.

As members of this world, we assume certain duties pertaining to the sphere of our activity. We should perform them as best as we can, without losing ourselves in their performance. All the philosophers and the mystics agree on the par excellence of man in creation. His superiority lies in that as Man he can solve the riddle of the Universe and isolate the cause from the effect. And if he did not solve this riddle, he came in vain. Therefore, repeatedly I draw your attention to this important duty of man. You are on the high road of the Current and with love and faith and forced marches travel on this road and reach the place of eternal peace and bliss.

Mind is the disturbing element. It connects the spirit with the matter by coming in between as a connecting link. When the tendency of the mind is outward, it is attached with the matter and people and when it looks inward it gets detached from the matter and tries to follow the spirit which naturally has an inward tendency. In proportion to the loosening of the union of mind with matter, the union of mind with soul strengthens. Carefully therefore examine the tendencies of the mind and study its weaknesses and try to overcome them. So long as there is dirt in the mind, it cannot stay within. Its attachments draw it out. Whichever pan of the balance is loaded that pan goes downwards. Mind is our enemy and like an enemy its movements should be watched. The whole world — man, animal, bird, or insect — dances to the tune of the mind. Every creature is being tossed up and down by it. The only place where the mind cannot dance is when it is brought before the Current. Only then it becomes helpless. It cannot be controlled by the study of scriptures nor by the performance of austerities; neither the soldier nor the warrior nor the conqueror nor the moralist has succeeded against it. He who ever succeeded against it, did so by catching the Sound Current.

Remember me to all the Satsangis. We are having our annual gathering these Xmas days. Greetings from Sasmus and others. I hope you have received the books.

With blessings from the Father,

Yours affectionately,