Don't Go Alone on This Path

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This Satsang was given March 20, 1997, at the S.K.A. Retreat, near Sampla, India.

Salutations unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers, Almighty Lords Sawan and Kirpal, Who mercifully and graciously have given us the opportunities to sing Their glory.

Baba Bishan Das, who laid the foundation of this poor one's soul and to whom I am always indebted, used to tell this story. In fact this is not a story; it is based on reality. He used to say that once there was a very wonderful place, a city or a country, in which the people who lived there were very happy and comfortable. In that place all the subjects, all the people, obeyed their king wholeheartedly. The system over there was such that once a year the people would elect their king and he could remain as king for one year. After the period of one year was finished they would take the king to the nearby forest and leave him.

They would obey him wholeheartedly for one year, and they would do all that he asked, and in that way everything went on fine. But when his year was over he would be sent into the forest where there were many deadly beasts who would eat him up, and only the bones of that king would remain.

So this went on happening for a very long time. One after another, many people were elected as the king and they would rule the kingdom for one year, and after the period of one year was over they would have to go to the forest where they would be killed and eaten up by the animals and only their bones would remain there in the jungle.

So once a very wise person was elected as a king and he knew what the people did after the term of the king was over. So he thought, "What should be done?" so that he would not have to go through the same difficulty as the other kings of the past. So he took some of his people with him and he went to look at the jungle where he was supposed to go after his term finished. He saw that it was a very dense forest and there were many wild animals and he saw the bones of the earlier kings. He ordered his people to clear that forest. Since he was the king and people were used to obeying him, in few days they cleared the forest, and in that forest he built a beautiful palace, a very comfortable palace. He also sent many valuable things over there and much food and other things which would last him for the rest of his life, and he put all that in the care of a trustworthy subject of his.

After his term was over, the people came to him and they did the same thing to him as they had done with the other kings; but he was not scared because he had already made arrangements for his remaining life. He went into the forest and met that trustworthy person who was taking care of the palace, and that king lived the rest of his life comfortably in that palace.

This is a story but the reality is that our body is like that place or that country and our mind is that king. The organs of senses are the subjects who obey the king, who obey the mind. Whatever the mind tells the organs of senses, they are ready to do that; they carry out the orders of the mind. But when the term of our mind is finished, then what happens? They take us to the true city, they take us to the cremation ground, and leave us there. The organs of the senses do not obey our mind any more, and when we are taken to the cremation ground, or to the graveyard, we are reduced to just the bones. But if our mind, if the king, is wise, just like that wise person who was elected as the king, then what does he do? When he comes to the city of the body then he thinks about his future. He thinks, "What will happen to me after I have to leave this place?" Just like that wise king who sent all the comforts and many comfortable things - he built a palace and he sent all the things for the rest of his life into the jungle and left it in the care of a trustworthy person - in the same way, if we are wise, then we think about that capital, we think about that [wealth], which we can send, and we find someone who is trustworthy, who will give all those things back to us when we will need them.

What are the things which we can send over there? What are the things which we can earn over here and send over there, which will help us when we are thrown out of this city? The wealth of the Naam and the earnings of meditation on the Shabd Naam are the only things which we can send over there. So sitting in this body, while we are still obeyed by the organs of senses, using our faculties [of seeing and hearing] we can do the meditation of the Shabd Naam; we can collect the wealth of the Shabd Naam and we can give it over to our trustworthy Satguru Who takes care of it. And when we need it He gives all that to us.

So if we are wise, and if we have collected the wealth of Naam and if we have given it to our beloved Satguru, then after our term is finished and after we are thrown out of this body, then we do not have to worry about anything, because the Palace of Sach Khand is open to us; and we can live there enjoying the wealth of the Naam and finish the rest of our life over there.

If we do not do that, just like the other people's bodies are reduced to ashes and to bones, in the same way, our body will also be reduced to bones. Either the ants will eat the flesh up, or it will be consumed in the fire.

O traveler, you be careful.
The deceivers have laid the trap.

Saints and Mahatmas, the Beloveds of God, do not come into this world as per Their own will. They are sent into this world. They are free of the prison of the karmas. They do not come into this world to pay off the karmas. They are not involved in the karmas. They come into this world only to help us, only to release us, and to help us get out of the karmas.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji has written this: "I did not like coming into this world, but I could not refuse the order of God Almighty. Even though I am here, still my surat, my attention, is attached to the Feet of the Almighty." He said, "I didn't feel like coming into this world, but when God Almighty ordered me I could not say no to Him, and even though I have come here, but still my attention is always there." When the Masters come into this world, even though They live in this world, but still Their attention is always at the Feet of Their Master.

You may read the history of any Param Sant, any perfect Master, and you will see that until that time comes when Their inner veil has to be removed, They always remain in search of the Masters, in search of the Saints Who are connected with God Almighty. It is because of Their attention always being attached to the Feet of God Almighty, that is why, unless that temporary veil is lifted up, They do not find any peace in this world. They do not feel any interest in doing anything of this world; and from the very beginning, from Their very childhood, Their sleep has gone away. They don't feel like sleeping and They never find any peace until They meet with Their Master.

When such pure souls come into this world neither poverty nor affluence has any effect on Them. They do not get drenched in the dirt of the passions and the pleasures. They do not drink the water of the pleasures. In fact They always look for and They drink the nectar of Naam.

They understand this world as a play. The people who are watching a play, they do not think that the play is their home. Even though they are sitting there watching the play but still their attention, their remembrance, is always towards their home.

When such pure souls, the Saints and Mahatmas, come into this world, They do not make us give up the comforts and the conveniences or the riches which we have received according to the karmas of our past, the rewards which we have been given by God Almighty. They do not come into this world to make us give them up. They tell us, "All these things which God Almighty has given to you, while using them or while taking care of them, you should understand their reality."

They come into this world to awaken us, the ones who are sleeping in the sleep of attachment. Swami Ji Maharaj said that the Satguru comes into this world to wake us up. He says, "Wake up, O Dear Ones! Wake up!"

It is like if someone is about to go to the country of the deceivers. The other person who knows about that country tells that person who is about to go to that country, "Dear One, be very careful when you are going there, because all the people there are deceivers and they will deceive you. They will pick your pocket and they will steal all the things you have, so be very careful when you are going there."

In the same way, Saints and Masters lovingly tell us, "You have come into such a place, you have come to such a country, where everyone is a deceiver. They all come close to you because they want to fulfill their own interest."

So Saints and Mahatmas come into this world bringing our own [portion of the riches of] Shabd Naam which belongs to us, and in order to give that to us either They Themselves come to us or They bring us to Them. Even though it is hard for Them and even if They have to suffer great hardships, but still until They give us the [portion] of Shabd Naam which belongs to us They do not rest, They do not feel any contentment.

In America Alehandro told us, "Now when you are going to Bogota, you should be very careful, because over there they will take your things away. So you should be very careful and you should watch your things." So we took care of those things and we were very careful, but some of our dear American brothers, those who did not pay any attention to that [warning], their cameras and some other things were stolen. So like that the Masters tell us, "Now when you have come to the country of the deceivers you have to be very careful in dealing with them."

Who are the deceivers and how do they deceive us? Lust deceives us. Anger deceives us. Greed, attachment, and egoism, and all the other people who are in this world, they all deceive us.

Those who understand and obey the words of the Master, they live in this world without losing anything. Otherwise those who do not follow His words, those who do not obey Him, they lose everything, because the deceivers take all their things away. Saints say, "You are the travelers and you have come here among the deceivers and only with a trick and only with being careful can you go out from here."

It is the experience of every person that when you have some wealth, some money with you, or if you have a good position, then everyone becomes yours; even if they are not related to you, they will say that they are related to you. But if, because of the karmas, you lose all that you have and if you don't have that position any more, then even your very own relatives do not come near you, they even go away and say that you don't belong to them.

Kabir Sahib has called this Creation, or this plane, as a room which is filled with lamp black, filled with soot. He says, "We are in the room which is full of lamp black and we are blind. Great is that person, and I sacrifice myself on him, who comes out of this room without getting any stain on him."

Somewhere the lust is ready to put the stain on us. Somewhere the anger is ready to put the stain on us. Somewhere the greed is ready to put the stain on us. Dear Ones, we indulge in all these passions while we are awake, but even in the state of sleep we are indulging and we are polluting ourselves with the dirt of these passions.

So Swami Ji Maharaj cautions us. He alerts us, "O Travelers, O Dear Ones, you have come here as the travelers and the deceivers* have spread out their net. They want to trap you. The deceivers are here to catch you, so you should be very careful."

Do not go alone on this Path.
Without the Master, you will not succeed.

Usually we think, we say, "What is the need of a Master? We can tread this Path ourselves." Many religions, many communities, all say that they don't need to go to any Master, they don't need any Master. But as we know, many great people came into this world. Even people like Lord Rama and Krishna came into this world, and even they maintained, even they followed, this tradition; even they had to go and take someone as a Master.

When, on the physical plane, we can not get away from the physical passions, then how will we save ourselves when we go into the astral plane, because over there the astral passions are even more attractive?

So Swami Ji Maharaj says, "Do not go alone on this Path." If you will try to go alone on this Path you will be plundered on the way by all these passions.

They will snatch away your collected (wealth).
They will make you their slave.

He says that if we will go alone on this Path then whatever capital you have collected, they will plunder that and they will make you their slave.

Dear Ones, go within and see that the astral world is more beautiful; it is much more attractive than this physical world. And furthermore the radiant plane, the plane higher than the astral plane, is much more beautiful and much more attractive than the astral plane.

On the physical plane we get attracted by the men and the women and we do many karmas; we indulge with each other. We think that we have been made only to do this work. Dear Ones, we are not made just to indulge with each other. This is an opportunity which God Almighty has given to us to do His devotion. Whether one is a man or a woman, the opportunities are for everyone.

In the Path of the Masters, Guru Nanak Sahib has laid down this ideology of only one male and the rest of us are females. The idea behind that is that we have to abstain from adultery and from indulging with other people, because in the astral plane there are many much more attractive men and women. If we are not able to maintain our relationship with one companion on this physical plane, what will we do when we go to the astral plane?

Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj said that the unchaste person, whether he is a man or a woman, he always seeks someone to indulge with. Later he repents. He is scared and later on he dries up his body and he suffers a lot. Controlled by the lust, we go and seek someone else, and when we indulge with that other person, at that time, we are scared that maybe somebody else is watching us. And after indulging in that act then we repent, thinking, "Why did we do that?"

The deceivers have controlled the whole world.
Without the Master, everyone has been attacked.

Swami Ji Maharaj said, "Who should I mention - which religion, which community, or which individual should I mention - who is not affected by or not deceived by these deceivers, because in this world everyone is being deceived by one or the other deceiver?" Some are being plundered by the lust, some by the anger, and some by the other passions and the other things. Everyone is deceiving the other people to fulfill his own interest. Swami Ji Maharaj says that this does not mean that up until now no one has been saved from these deceivers. Those who have got a perfect Master and those who have obeyed the perfect Master have been saved from these deceivers. The deception of the deceivers works only on those people, those who do not have, or those who do not obey, the perfect Master after going to Him. Dear Ones, what can the Master do if the disciples do not follow Him, if the disciples do not obey Him?

These passions punish those who become prey to them, but those who obey their Master, to them they bow down. Dear Ones, you may read the Shabd of Kabir Sahib which says, "Lust and anger have been imprisoned, and greed is also under His control." [Guru Saman Nahi Data] So the Masters imprison lust, anger, and the other passions, and They tell Their disciples also that they should not get involved in them.

O Friend, obey my advice:
Give up their company and reach the shore.

Swami Ji Maharaj says, "My Dear Friends, obey me; what have you gained from all the indulgence in the pleasures which you have done so far in your life?"

Often I have told you about the great Rishis and Munis, those who did many austerities, who did a lot of practices for many years. You may try doing an austerity, say even for an hour, and you will see that it is not an easy thing. It is very difficult to stand on the support of your toe for 60,000 years and [other deeds] like that, which the Rishis and Munis did. So they lived very long lives and they suffered great hardships. They suffered hunger and thirst and they did very difficult practices, but still they did not get anywhere. They were just reduced to a handful of bones and ashes.

Why didn't they get to God Almighty? Because they did not find a perfect Master Who cautioned them about the deceivers. That is why even though they did so many deeds, so many rites and rituals, and austerities, for so many years, but still they lost everything, because they did not have a perfect Master working over their head. But you people are very fortunate ones because you have a perfect Master over your head Who, day and night, all the time goes on cautioning you and telling you about the deceivers of this world.

Kabir Sahib said that it is not only the physical lust that you have to abstain from. You should also abstain from the fantasies, from the thoughts of lust which we have day and night. Having the fantasies and thinking of lust is also lust.

No one is the Protector except the Master.
I tell you this again and again.

Swami Ji Maharaj lovingly says, "Dear Ones, again and again, giving you many examples, I am telling you that you do not have anyone else other than the Master as your protector. There is no one who loves you so selflessly as the Master does, and there is no one who will save you from all these deceivers except for the Master."

Dear Ones, suppose you are in the jungle and you meet with someone who is ready to plunder your wealth or even kill you. If at that time your friend appears, and he saves you from that killer, and if he gives you good advice and tells you that if you will do this thing this way then you can be saved from this killer, from this person, just imagine how much happiness you will receive at that time. If someone offers a helping hand to you at that time when no one else can help and if he saves you, just imagine how much happiness you would feel.

I often give you the example of the rock candy. That rock candy is very sweet, but if you give that to someone who is sick with fever he will say, "No, take it away, because it tastes bitter to me." It is because the taste of his tongue, because of his sickness, has become bitter. That is why even rock candy does not taste sweet to him and he does not want to eat it. In the same way, our taste has been spoiled. We have spoiled our taste because of lust, anger, and the other passions. So when the Masters offer to give us the sweet nectar of Naam to drink, we tell Them, "Take this away, because we don't like it, it is not sweet." The nectar of Naam is very sweet but we don't find it sweet because the taste of our tongue has been spoiled by the dirt of the pleasures. No matter how much the taste of our tongue is spoiled, if somehow we drink that nectar of the Naam which the Masters give us to drink, and even if it does not taste very sweet in the beginning, but if we go on drinking it, definitely it will have the effect and it will remove all the sicknesses which are within us.

It's just like when you are sick and you are given medicine, you find it bitter; but if you take it, it definitely removes the sickness which is bothering you.

You will cross over to your destination.
Love the Master with firm determination.

Maharaj Kirpal used to say, "If you close all the openings or holes in a pipe and just leave one outlet the water will come out with full force." In the same way, Swami Ji Maharaj said, "If you withdraw your love from all the outer things - if you withdraw your love from the lust, the anger, the pleasures, from the sons, the daughters, and everything of this world - and put all your love towards the Master, then you can easily reach your destination."

This is the essence: catch the Feet of the Master,
And forget the pleasures of the organs of senses.

Swami Ji Maharaj says, "Forget the pleasures of the organs of senses." Master Kirpal Singh used to say, "Whatever you have done in the past, that is the thing of the past. Now draw a line and do not cross it." Do the Simran given to you by the Master and by doing the Simran, rise above the body consciousness, vacate the nine openings, come behind your eyes, and rise above the stars, sun, and moon, and reach the Radiant Form of the Master. Reach the Feet of the Master.

Dear Ones, you know that when the light is lit then the moths are attracted to the light and they burn themselves in that light. So if you take your attention into that Light, if you become absorbed in that Light, then these moths of the lust, anger and the other passions, even if they come near you, they will be burned by that Light and you will remain protected at the Feet of the Master.

Radha Soami tells you that these deceivers are deceiving you.

In these few lines Swami Ji Maharaj lovingly explained to us that we have come into this world as a traveler, and this world is like a travelers inn. You know that in the travelers inn many people come and go and nobody makes that inn as his permanent abode or permanent home. Lovingly He said that if you remain careful in this travelers inn, then you will be able to take your wealth safely with you. Otherwise you know that in the inns, in the travelers inn, many different kinds of people come. Many pickpockets, and many thieves and robbers come [there]. So if you will not be careful, if you will not protect your wealth, then it is possible that you may be plundered by them.

Also Swami Ji Maharaj said that you should not go alone on this Path; you should always take your Master along with you. You have already been deceived so much by these deceivers. Now the time has come that you should awake; you should realize that they are the deceivers and you should be very careful in dealing with them. So we should follow the advice, the teachings of Swami Ji Maharaj and we should wake up and deal with these deceivers in a careful way.

Come in my refuge. I will protect you.
Be with the Naam and you will be liberated.



* The word which Sant Ji uses is thug (pronounced "tug"), from which we get the English word "thug." The dictionary defines thug as a cutthroat, robber, and cheat, hence the serious warning.