Are We ready For His Grace?

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This underground room talk was given April 5, 1986, at Sant bani Ashram, Village 16PS, Rajasthan

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

I have often said that we always go on calling and pleading to the Master for His grace. We say, "Shower grace on us; have mercy on us." We are calling to Him for His grace, but we are not preparing ourselves for that grace. Regarding showering grace, the Power who has come into this world only to shower grace on us and only to have mercy on us - as far as He is concerned, there is no lack of the grace from Him. But the question is how much are we subject to His grace, and how have we made our vessel ready for His grace.

I have often said that when I met Beloved Master Kirpal, at that time I asked this question to myself: "Is my vessel ready to accept the thing which He is trying to give to me?" For 25 years, Lord Kirpal said, "There is no problem with the Giver; all the problems are with the receivers."

That Great Soul came into this world to shower grace, and with both His Hands, He went on distributing that grace. The question is: "How many were ready to receive His grace?" Those who were receptive, those who were ready to receive His grace, they got the grace from Him.

Mastana Ji of Baluchisthan was a true lover of Sawan Singh. (Baluchisthan is now in Pakistan.) Like this underground room, Master Sawan Singh had made an underground cave for Mastana to meditate in. And He had told him, "Don't even come to my cremation; just keep doing your meditation." Mastana Ji, even though he was given the duty for a very limited area, but still, in that area, he distributed the riches; he gave out money with both his hands. People used to say that he was using his supernatural powers. But he used to say, "No, this is not supernatural power; this is the grace of Sawan."

The government of India itself was very confused. Many times, they conducted raids and searched the place of Mastana Ji. Many times, they put handcuffs on him. But still, they could not find anything; they could not find any machine which could print currency. They could not find anything there. He used to say, "What can I tell the cobblers about how this Will is coming into existence, how this is happening?" He used to say, "Those who have not risen above the nine openings of the body, and those who have become attached to the skin of the body, they are cobblers. What can I explain to them?" He used to say that the Will of Sawan Shah, or the grace of Sawan Shah is such that it is like a machine for making jewels.

Master Sawan had given the duty to Mastana Ji of Baluchisthan for a very limited period and for a very limited area. This area in which we are living now is called "The Area of Bagar." Master Sawan Singh had made him the emperor of this area which is called Bagar. And that is why he had given the maya, he had given out the riches to the poor and the needy ones. He left His body in 1960.

In the same way, in South India, Master Sawan Singh gave the duty to Baba Somanath to preach the Naam. Master Sawan Singh gave the duty of the whole world to Master Kirpal Singh, saying, "You should sprinkle the water of Naam everywhere in <r>the world." Now this is the secret of the Masters or the Saints, and only the Saints know the secrets of the Saints.

I did not make this house because of my own desire. In fact, this house was made by the orders, the instructions, of Master Kirpal Singh. In fact, He Himself made this house. And it was He Himself who closed my eyes by putting His hands on my eyes, and He told me to go inside and do the meditation. He told me, "Dear Son, you do not have to come out. You have to sit there and meditate."

The person who has shot the arrow knows how deep the wound is. In the same way, He Who made me sit in His remembrance knew how much yearning was there for Him. And He had promised that, whenever He would find it appropriate, He Himself would come here.

So, because of the promise He made to me, many times in His lifetime, He used to come to see me.

This place is never kept open for anyone who wants to come and sit here. Even when I was in 77RB, the purity of this place was maintained. And it is per the orders of Master Kirpal that only one who comes <r>here to do the meditation for ten days should be allowed to see this place.

If someone becomes poor, He is the benefactor to the poor ones; if someone becomes humble, He is ready to shower grace on them.

I have often told people, "Be it a little room in your house, but you should have a small room separate for meditation. Don't sleep in that room; don't have any bad thoughts in that room, and then see that, when you go in that room to meditate, how much easier you find it to concentrate.

I hope that you will take the inspiration from this place, and that you will be able to do the meditation as much as possible, and make your life pure.