Always Be Happy in His Will

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

Salutations unto the feet of Supreme Fathers, Almighty Lords Sawan and Kirpal Who, showering Their limitless grace upon us, have given us the donation, the gift of Their devotion, and have allowed us the opportunities to sing Their glory.

The glory of the Master and the happiness upon meeting the Master could not be described and sung, not even by the Vedas. Nor did Brahma and Vishnu and the other deities know about the importance and the glory of the Master. In the Guru Granth Sahib, which is the holy book in which the writings of all the Ten Sikh Gurus are included, there is a lot written about the glory and the importance of the perfect Master. Even though all the Masters have described the glory and the importance of the perfect Master, but even after saying so much about the importance and the glory of the Master, They have said, “You are the limitless One. We may call You our friend and the beloved, but You are the limitless One; we cannot sing Your praises enough.”

The Guru Granth Sahib is such a holy scripture, that in that book, only the access of the perfect Masters [how far within They had gone] is considered and counted, regardless of the caste and the religion of those Masters, without considering in which country, in which city, or in which area They were born. Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj compiled the writings of all the perfect Masters available at that time.

In that holy book it is written, “How can we praise the Master with our mouth, because the Master is Omnipotent; He is capable of doing everything.” He who has eaten the fruit knows the quality of the tree which has borne that fruit. He who has not yet tasted that fruit, how can he know about the quality of that tree? In the same way, those who have gone within, those who have lived up to the teachings of the Masters, and those who have manifested Him within them, only they know about the quality and the importance and the glory of the Master. They know how the Master is Omnipotent, how He is capable of doing everything.

I am a very small jiva, a very poor, humble jiva. How can I sing the glory and importance of Beloved Lord Kirpal? If I were to say that I am not even like His shoes, I won’t be sinning, because He inherited all the wealth of Sach Khand and came down into this world, and living in this world, assuming the body which is full of dirt and the diseases and sufferings, in a very short time, He showered so much grace upon us.

In search of happiness and peace we cross the oceans, we climb the mountains. We go all around the world; we collect all the riches and the wealth of this world. We even acquire the power; we become the rulers. We create the children, and we do so many things in this world to achieve peace and happiness. Even if we become the owners of all the mountains, even if we collect all the riches of this world, still we won’t get any peace and happiness. Instead of getting peace and happiness from all these worldly things, we may become restless and go far away from the peace.

This is my personal experience, that one gets the happiness, and that true peace comes to him only twice in his lifetime. Once is when we meet the physical form of the Master — because if we are yearning for the Master, if we have that great yearning for Him and that love for Him — so the day when we are able to meet Him on the physical level, on that day our mind which is wandering here and there stops wandering and we get the real peace and contentment. And the second time when we receive peace and contentment, real happiness in our within, is the day when we are able to withdraw from all the nine openings of the body: when by doing the Simran we are able to rise above our body consciousness, come behind the eyes, and are able to see the Radiant Form of the Master.

So those are the two days or opportunities when we get real happiness.

When a thirsty person gets the water, he drinks it with much appreciation. He does not care of which caste that person is who has given him the water. He doesn’t have any doubts or any questions, like “Will this water quench my thirst or not?” or “Should I drink it or not?” Since he knows that his life is in the water, that is why as soon as he sees the water, as soon as he gets the water, he drinks it with much appreciation and quenches his thirst. In the same way, when we have developed so much yearning for the Master, the moment we come across Him, the moment we are able to look into His eyes, He attracts our soul. He pulls our soul, like the magnet pulls the iron toward it. If we have developed such a yearning for the Master, the moment we see Him, we don’t ask Him questions like: “Who are you?” “Will you be able to do anything for me or not?” The moment we see Him, we are pulled by Him.

You may call it having the visions or having the personal experiences, because Masters never say anything from hearsay. They tell us only those things which They have Themselves experienced in Their own lives. The dear ones who have faith in the words of the Master, and those who follow the Path according to the instructions of the Master, they also go within like the Masters, and are able to have the experiences like the Masters have had.

I am talking about that moment when Supreme Father Almighty Lord Kirpal showered His grace, and He made it possible for me to see Him. The Shabd or the hymn which was sung at that time, the moment I was able to meet Him, the same Shabd or the same hymn is presented to you now. In this it says who Master Kirpal was and how He is present in everyone. He is present everywhere; He is present within the human beings as well as in all the other creatures, even the smallest creatures like the ants.

In the search for God Almighty, I went into the forests. I went to the mosques. I even went to the churches and the temples. I did so many practices which were very prevalent at that time in India. Nowadays they are not prevalent because they are very difficult to perform, like doing the austerities and standing under the cold water stream. Nowadays you don’t find people performing those things because it is really very difficult, but I did all that because I was searching for Him. Even though I traveled so much, still I did not get Beloved Lord in the form of Kirpal by doing all those things. Finally when I got exhausted, when I got tired of doing all those things and still I did not get Him, then Lord Kirpal showered His Grace upon me, and He Himself came to see me or to meet me.

I am very sorry to say that the dear ones from the West do not understand the importance of maintaining their marriages. Even though Master Kirpal Singh Ji used to say that it is a sacred union, and that the people in this union should separate from each other only when death separates them, still people don’t understand the importance of maintaining this sacred union. In India, marriage used to be considered as a very sacred bond, a sacred union, but nowadays here also we see the effect of the West.

Baba Bishan Das Ji used to very lovingly make me understand, giving so many different examples. He used to say that suppose there is a wife who is separated from her husband; she has lost her way in the jungle, in the forest. She doesn’t know where to go because she is not with her husband anymore. She comes across a person who claims that he knows the way and will help her in all the difficulties and hardships, and she blindly follows him. She believes in that guide, in that person, that he will always stand by her in all the difficulties. She has a blanket, and she makes it fourfold and puts it on her head. She goes on following that guide, believing in him, and it starts raining. The blanket becomes heavier. The guide does not know his way when it rains. He is also confused. He does not know where to go, so how can he take that woman safely to her destination? She was already suffering when she got separated from her husband, and now following this blind guide who does not know the way out, she suffers even more. And the blanket which she is carrying on her head has become heavier because of the rain.

So Baba Ji used to very lovingly explain all this, saying that God Almighty is our Husband, and our soul is like the wife of God Almighty, and we are separated from Him. We are carrying the blanket of the sins and virtues on our head. All these pundits, the mullahs, the priests, all the so-called religious people, we take them as our guide. They claim that they will take us back to our Home, and we believe in them, we follow them. The blanket of the sins and virtues, which we are carrying on our head, gets heavier and heavier, and we are following these people without reaching anywhere.

Today is the auspicious day and it has come with good fortune,
For we had the darshan of our beloved Satguru.

In India there is a custom, and even now in the villages they maintain this custom, this tradition: when during the wedding the groom enters the home, or if we have bought some new thing, when we bring that new thing into our home, before that thing enters the door, we pour some oil on the gate, and it is considered to be an auspicious occasion that we have got something new.

The thing which gives us the happiness is considered to be the auspicious one. Guru Nanak Sahib also says that the moment or the day when we meet our Beloved Master, only that moment is counted and considered to be auspicious in our life. So the moment when you are able to meet your Master is the most auspicious day, the most auspicious moment.

Nanak says, “Fortunate is that jiva, that person, who is able to bow down his head at the feet of the Master.”

One who is entangled in this world; one who is always forgetful in this world;
One who has gone many times up and down; and one who is stopped in this world; one who is caught in the superstition and blind faith of the world —
He has been taught the teachings of Satguru and Satguru has put him on the Path.

Ever since we were separated from God Almighty, we have lost our way, and we are wandering here and there in the wilderness. Because God Almighty is residing within our body, and instead of going within our body, we are going outside into the forest. We go to the temples, to the mosques; many times we even go on top of the mountains. We go under the waters, and we go out in so many different places to search for Him.

If we get more enthusiasm to search for God we go through the books, and we become the worms of the books. But the books also tell us, “Go to the Masters.” The book says [to those] that open it, “Why don’t you go to the Master, because the thing for which you are searching, you cannot get from me. The key to what you are searching for is with the Master.”

If I tell you about the superstitions which the people have — there are so many superstitions in which people are involved — it will form many books, many great scriptures. People think that if, after going to a church, they repeat the name of Rama, then Rama will get upset, because that is not the right place for a person to go and remember Rama. In the same way, if someone goes to a mosque and repeats the name of God, he may think that God will get upset, that He will not be pleased because he is not remembering Him in a church, he is remembering Him in the mosque. Similarly, if a person goes to a temple, and remembers God in the name of Allah, then he thinks that maybe Allah will not be pleased, that He will get upset. People are stuck in so many superstitions like this, even though in the temples, in the mosques, and also in the churches, the same God is talked about.

There was a Muslim fakir called Phati, and Baba Bishan Das was born in a Sikh family — and they both had their deras, their places, very close to each other. There was only one road which was separating both those deras. Baba Bishan Das had the Initiation of Two Words, and Phati also had the knowledge up to that level. They used to say that it doesn’t matter if you come here or go there. The main thing is, the main purpose is, to remember God.

[All the Masters] try to take us out, we the ones who are stuck in all the superstitions and misunderstandings of this world. They give us the evidences and the proofs of the past Masters. They tell us, “Didn’t the past Masters also say the same things which we are telling you?” All the Masters Who have come into this world have taken us out from the superstitions of this world. You may call it the Naam; you may call it the visa to return to your Home. All the Masters have said that following the Path which the Masters have set for you, and doing the meditation of the Naam, you can return to your Home.

Sant Satgurus graciously take out or liberate the souls who are stuck, who are involved in the passions and the pleasures. Sant Satgurus liberate those souls who are involved in the karmas, in the rites and rituals and the other things of this world. And graciously They put those souls back on the Path which goes straight to their Real Home.

Today He speaks some of Light, some far and near;
And other matters are coming on His lips like waves in the ocean.
He has awakened our within by saying some incidents of past days, some of the present days, some of the coming days,
He has told us many good things. Thus He has awakened our within.

When the meeting with Lord Kirpal happened, [He spoke] about that Light which I had already witnessed in my earlier life when I used to go to Baba Sawan Singh. I had seen Him in all His Glory, in all His Light, and I had heard Him talking about that Light. So when I met with Beloved Lord Kirpal, He talked about the same Glory, He talked about the same Light. He asked me what I had done, how far I was going in the meditation. As I have often said, the Light, the Glory, which I saw when I used to see Baba Sawan Singh, I could not forget that ever in my life. So upon meeting with Lord Kirpal, He also talked about the same Light. And He asked me about my meditation, even though He knew everything. But Master Sawan Singh used to say that the Masters, even though They know everything, still They are very pleased when the disciple himself tells the Master what he is having.

Very lovingly, He explained to me how I had to leave that place and how I had to go to 16 PS. He told me that I was not to take anything from that place, not even the cattle. [He said] I should give the cattle away to people’s daughters. So it was like this time, late in the evening, when He told me to leave [my ashram in Kunichuk].

Master Sawan Singh Ji used to say, “I touch my ears. God forbid, may the Master not put anyone to test.” Because it is not the work of just anyone to pass the test if the Master puts him to the test — even though Master Himself puts His supportive hand in the pot which He is hitting or beating from outside, and even though He Himself, after putting the disciples to the test, makes them pass the test.

Master Sawan Singh Ji used to say that the Master does not take anything from the disciple, but at the same time He does not leave anything with the disciple. Just imagine, if you have not known any person, and upon your first meeting with him, he tells you to leave your home immediately and go to some other village. “Do not take anything from here, not even the turban off your head; you go with whatever piece of cloth you have on your head.” Such a sacrifice a man cannot do. Only he who is made to do this sacrifice can do that, because it is not in the hands of any man to do such a sacrifice.

He who is the Beloved and worthy of worship in this mortal world, He is free from all the temptations.
He is the star of this dark world

This world is going to be finished; it is not going to be here forever. Not even the body in which we are living is going to be here forever; it is like a rented house. All the relatives, all the people with whom we relate in this world, they are also going to leave us some day. Our parents and ancestors who created all this did not take anything along with them when they left. How can we have any hope of taking anything from this world with us?

Masters are not the greedy ones. If anyone is called as the Master, and if he is a greedy one, that means he is a star without a light. Neither Master Sawan Singh took away the wealth, nor did He make me give the wealth to His family. Nor did Master Kirpal Singh make me leave the wealth to His family; He neither took it for Himself, nor did He make me give it to His family. They made me give away the burden which I was carrying on my head.

For the people, it may be a matter of a joke, but the lovers really do it.

When I left everything and went to 16 PS, my elder brother came there to have sympathy on me. He said, “You have gone crazy; let me take you to Amritsar and get you the electric shocks.”

Very lovingly he explained to me, “Kirpal Singh has done some magic on your head.” I said, “Of course, He has; He has done the magic on me, and it is the same magic which is now at its height.”
He has removed the sins from the world — from me and you.
And He has cleared up the differences between the liar and the truthful one — between the low and the high.

Just as a goldsmith checks and tests the purity of the gold by rubbing it on some kind of stone or some kind of instrument, in the same way, the Masters also check the purity of the person within whom They are going to manifest the Naam. They want to know whether that person is greedy, whether he is able to sacrifice all this or not.

When Guru Gobind Singh Ji wanted to test His disciples, there was a congregation, there were about five thousand people there, and out of those five thousand people, only five people passed the test.

Guru Gobind Singh Ji announced, “I need some heads.” So one person came up and he said, “Yes, I have given my head to You since that very day when I came to You and You gave me the Initiation, so it is all Yours.” On the backside of the stage, there was a tent set up. So when that person went up to give his head to Guru Gobind Singh, Guru Gobind Singh grabbed Him like the tiger grabs his prey, and He took him behind the stage into the tent, and people heard a noise as if his head was cut with a sword. Guru Gobind Singh Ji came back to the stage with the sword in his hand, which was all smeared with blood. One after another only five people came forward to give their head, and Guru Gobind Singh Ji did the same thing with everyone. There was a pin drop silence over there in the sangat; many people even fled because they were worried. Some men ran off wearing the clothes of the women, and they went to Guru Gobind Singh’s mother and told her, “Up until now the Masters were like the fathers of the sangat, but now Guru Gobind Singh has become a killer; He is killing the people.”

Some people even suggested to Guru Gobind Singh’s mother, “Now His brain or mind is not in the center. You should appoint Guru Gobind Singh’s eldest son, Ajit Singh, to the throne, to the gaddi, of Guru Gobind Singh.”

When Guru Gobind Singh gave His full attention to those five people who had come forward to sacrifice their heads for Him, He made them His own Form, and He opened their inner vision. When He brought them back on the dais, everyone was surprised, and then they started saying, “If Guru Gobind Singh orders us once again like that, we will be ready to do that.” Everyone started saying, “Now I will go! I will go!” So when the Masters put the disciples to the test, fortunate are the ones, only the few rare ones, the chosen ones, are able to pass that test.

One who is to get hell, gets heaven if he comes to His Path.
This is in one’s own hands.

He who follows the Path of the Masters, he who does the meditation day and night, he who remains in the remembrance and the meditation of the Master, no matter how many bad karmas he has, still the Master opens His door for such a soul, and the Master accepts him in His court.

Master Kirpal used to say that the washerman accepts the clothes of everyone: he accepts the clothes of the people who do not make their clothes very dirty, and also he accepts the clothes of people like bakers and people who do dirty work, whose clothes are very dirty. He accepts them because he knows that he is competent enough to clean the clothes, and he will be able to remove the dirt from those clothes. Who sends the clean clothes to the washerman? We send only the used, the dirty clothes to the washerman. In the same way, no matter how many bad karmas we have done, when we go to the Master, He also cleans us like the washerman cleans the clothes.

The same thing is said here in this bhajan. It says, “He who comes on this way, he who follows this way, even if he was going to go to the hell, but if he comes to this Path and follows this Path, he deserves going to the heavens.” But the condition is that no matter what you may be doing before you come to the Master, when you come to the Master, that should be it; you should not go back to your bad habits again.

One who does this meditation, whether today or tomorrow, will never die out of the hunger of Naam,
Because coming to this Path, many sinners have turned into devotees.

The meditation of Shabd Naam is like doing the farming, like when we are sowing seeds in the ground. Sooner or later that [crop] definitely comes up, sprouts out and gives us fruit. We harvest what we sow. So the meditation of the Shabd Naam is also like that. The seed which we sow never goes useless, never is wasted. Then He says that following this Path, even the sinners have become the great devotees — many great sinners like Sadhna the butcher, when he came to the path, he did the devotion, he became a devotee.

Kabir Sahib said, “O Kabir, the earnings which you have done will never go wasted. Even if the seven oceans come in your way, still you will get the fruit of the earnings.”

God is not achieved by going in the mosque, nor is He in the temple.
He is not in the wilderness, but He is within everybody.
When we close our outer eyes and walk on the Path shown by Master,
And when we do the Simran of Master’s teaching —
Master Himself unites us with God after bringing us to the Path.
From the shadow of the clouds, and from behind the drops of rain,
From the cold of winter and the fire of summer,
Master’s teachings, Master’s grace, and Master’s sayings,
Have liberated millions of sinners who have remembered His Naam only for once.
This is the determination of Ajaib: always be attached to Kirpal.
Always be happy in His Will — whatever He gives, always be contented with that.
This is your Path. If you go away from the Path, you will go astray; you will suffer.
Because those who have forgotten their Satguru have not been happy.