The Strings of the Puppet

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This question & answer talk was given March 19, 1996, at the S.K.A. Retreat, near Sampla, India.

BELOVED, I would like for you to explain to me how to keep the diary by removing the faults I have committed. When I do it, I see the same faults every day, and I can't get rid of them. What can I do in order to keep the diary as it should be done?

SALUTATIONS unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers Lord Almighty Sawan and Kirpal, Who have given us the opportunity to sing Their praises. The Satsang which we had yesterday, based on Swami Ji Maharaj's hymn, I think we should listen to this Satsang on the tape again and again, and when it will be published in the magazine, it should also be read again and again, and I am sure that when they will read it, the dear ones will benefit from it.

Many dear ones keep the diaries, and they do fill them, but they do not understand the importance of keeping the diary. The importance of keeping the diary is to see whether we remember all the faults we have committed during the day by the end of that day, or not. If we remember at the end of the day all the faults we have committed, and if we note all those faults down in the diary, that means that we have got the realization that we have made those faults, and once you realize that you have committed the sin, you have committed the faults, you should not do them again. If you are not giving up the faults you have committed and noted down in the diary, it is like you are playing a joke on the Master.

In India there is a saying that someone had a drain which was not according to plan, so the authorities of the town came and asked that person to remove that drain from there. He said okay, but after the authorities left he did not do anything, and the drain remained where it was. If there is a thief who steals something, and he goes to the police officer and asks for forgiveness; if he goes on doing that again and again, he is not going to be forgiven; he will be punished. In the Path of the Masters there is no punishment. As Master Kirpal Singh Ji used to say, in the domain or in the kingdom of the Negative Power there is justice, and in the domain or the kingdom of the Positive Power _ the Master Power _ there is grace. So Masters don't punish, because They have come to shower Their grace and They always forgive, but it is not good for us to go on com- mitting the same faults again and again.

Sant Mat, or the Path of the Masters, is not a religion. It is the path of self-improvement. In the Path of the Masters, it is not the mission of the Masters to enroll many disciples; Their mission or Their purpose is only to prepare the souls for doing the devotion of God Almighty and take them back to their Real Home. From within the satsangi, the fragrance of love should come out, and not the foul smell of the dirt. When a satsangi meets another person, at once that person should feel that the satsangi goes to some perfect Master.

Master used to say that the master is blamed if the dog is bad. So if the disciple of the Master is committing the faults, if he is doing the bad deeds, then he gets cursed, he gets rebuked, but also the Master gets blamed for the bad deeds of the disciple. People say that the Master does not improve him.

This is an incident from my life. About thirty years ago, one person received the Initiation from Agra, and [later] after receiving the Initiation he started drinking. One night, just a few yards away from where I was living, he was drinking wine with many of his other friends. People used to call him "Swami Ji," so his friends were saying, "You should drink from the hands of Swami Ji," and they were making fun of him. After all of them were drunk they started fighting with each other, and that person got a lot of beating from the other people in the group, and finally they threw him at my door, saying, "You take care of your Swami Ji." Even though I was not an initiate of Agra, but at least people knew that this is a branch of that Path which was started in Agra by Swami Ji Maharaj. So just imagine what those people who drank wine with him would have felt and what they would have thought of Swami Ji and the Path.

Dear ones, just one mistake in your life can make the rest of your life dry. Master used to say, "If a person who has risen above, and who has gone very far in the within, if he commits a mistake, even one mistake can bring him down." So we should be very careful before committing the faults, before making the mistakes. We should think about its consequences, we should think about how much dirt it will bring on our soul.

Diaries are for the introspection of our life. Graciously Lord Kirpal has given us this diary, which is an opportunity to improve our life.

SANT JI, forgive my ignorance, but could You tell us, from Your point of view, what is the function of an ashram?

REGARDING the ashrams, Master Kirpal Singh has written and said a lot, so I hope that you will get that material and will read it and convince yourself about the ashram. The ashram is the place where you live.

MASTER, at the bhajan-singing session, you mentioned the importance of guiding the life of our children. I have a seven-year-old boy, initiated into the Sound. He lives with me from Monday to Thursday, and from Friday to Sunday he lives with his father, who is not a satsangi, and who feeds him meat, since he considers it is good for him. In this case, what can I do to guide my son according to Your advice? Whatever he learns when he is with me is questioned when he is with his father.

WELL, it is much better for the dear ones who have such personal questions to ask me when they come to see me in the darshans.

SANT JI, how can the satsangi know when the strings of the puppet are being moved by God Almighty, or by Kal?

EVERY satsangi should listen to this with much attention and they should think about it. Often I have answered this question, and many times it has been in the magazine also. Once again I will answer this question, I will respond to this in detail.

The strings of all the souls are hidden by the Negative Power in the higher planes. That is why the Masters lay a great emphasis on going to the perfect Master, because a perfect Master is the only One Who takes the strings of the souls from the Negative Power, and connects those strings with Sach Khand.

Kal is not just a word; He is not a demon; He is a power. You may read in the Anurag Sagar [The Ocean of Love] that Kal is also one of the powers created by God Almighty. He did the devotion of God Almighty and in return he got the souls. If a mahatma is not perfect, he cannot take the strings of the souls which are in the control of the Negative Power. Because Kal has hidden the strings of the souls in the inner planes, and only a Master Who has access to those inner planes can get the strings of those souls and attach [them] to Sach Khand.

Up to a certain extent, Kal also gives the heavens and paradises to those souls who maintain discipline and do things according to His law in this physical plane. Also, in order to punish the souls, those who do not do things according to His wishes, He has created the plane of hell to punish those souls.

When Kal moves our string, then our attention becomes extroverted, it goes toward the outward form of doing the devotion. Or our attention goes toward indulgences and passions.

When bad thoughts arise within you, thoughts of lust, of anger, the thoughts of indulging in passions, of stealing and other things, at that time a satsangi should be very careful, and he should know that now it is Kal who is moving his string. And, if he will follow Him, he will have to commit acts, he will have to do things, to fulfill the desires which are being created within him by Kal.

When the wave of lust arises within you, when the wave of anger is erupting within you, at that time, sit in meditation and pray to the Master. When your mind is quiet and you are having good thoughts coming in your within, take advantage of that time, and realize that it is the Master Who is encouraging you. So, at that time, take advantage of that time and sit in meditation.

A satsangi has to be very careful and he has to keep a very strong vigil, a very strong guard, against the Negative Power. In the beginning it is very difficult to figure out what is coming from Kal and what is coming from the Master. You should know that the Master will always protect you from doing the bad deeds. He will always keep you away from them, and He will always encourage you to do the good deeds and the meditation. We should not spend all our life just talking about these things; we should also do the meditation along with this because, when we do the meditation, then our direction changes.

Dear ones, right now we do not consider the bad things which we are doing as the evil or bad things, and we are not ready to abandon them. Even though we know that they are bad and we get nothing but suffering from them. We get the treatment, we eat the medicine, but still we don't want to give up the diseases. But if you start remaining at the Eye Center, even for a little bit, then you will realize how much you have gained, and how much help you have received in giving up those bad deeds, those evils. Now you are finding enjoyments, and it is very pleasing to you to indulge in all those evils and bad deeds, but once you start putting your attention and concentration at the Eye Center _ even for a little bit of time _ then you will see that you will enjoy even more giving up the evils and bad deeds.

MASTER, could you talk about the events in the life of an initiate regarding free will, the disciple's will, and God's, karmic laws, and those which shape our destiny. How does Kal fit in all this? How does this affect our choices, the simple ones and the more complicated ones?

[Sant Ji makes a brief, questioning comment; laughter erupts from the group. There is a light-hearted exchange between Sant Ji and Pappu, with much laughter throughout and following.]

WELL, I am very sorry that many dear ones write the questions, but they don't read it again after they have written their question. [Laughter.] Because a question has to be answered, and they don't consider whether the question, when the question is being asked, whether the other people who will hear that question will laugh at me or what.

I often quote Master Sawan Singh's words; He used to say, "There are six things which we have brought with us, written in our destiny. They are: pains and happiness, richness and poverty, good health and sickness. These things are written for our life, even before our body is created."

Tulsi Das said, "First of all our Pralabdh, or destiny, was decided, and then our body was created. Tulsi says, this is a very amazing game, but the mind does not understand."

Well, giving an example, I will make you understand how our Pralabdh, or destiny, is made, and how it works, because it is easier to understand with an example. Just as when we are in school and we have the class periods, we make a schedule for school, showing at what time or in which period each subject will be taught, and according to that schedule the teacher goes on changing the classes and the subjects; in the same way is our Pralabdh. These six things _ pains, happiness, richness, poverty, good health, bad health _ these are written in our fate, and according to that period which goes on changing, we go on having different things in our life. Just as every subject has its purpose, but the student does not know what [it is], he finds out that only after he has learned that subject, only after he has gone through that thing.

In the same way, these six things: pains, happiness, richness, poverty, good health and bad health are like periods which change in our life. They each have their purpose. But the jiva does not know this, because he has not yet reached the place from where these karmas are functioning.

Now what happens is that if we meet with an accident or if somebody is hurt or somebody has died, then we cry, we weep; and if we have had some good moments in our family, like if we have gained something in business, or if there has been some other good event in our life, we become very happy and we give all the credit to our own self.

As far as the interference of Kal is concerned, you know that we have come to the kingdom of Kal. Here we do the karmas, and here also we suffer the consequences of the karmas we have done. In the kingdom of Kal is the birth and death; in the kingdom of Kal is the pain and happiness. Also in the kingdom of the Negative Power is richness, poverty, good health, and sickness.

Dear children, in the kingdom of Dayal, the Positive Power _ the Master Power _ there is no pain or happiness, there is no birth or death; over there it is only peace. Pain and happiness, whatever we feel, has no connection with our soul. It doesn't affect our soul because it has a connection only with our mind, and only our mind gets affected by pains and happiness.

Even if a piece of iron doesn't melt completely when it is thrown in a fire, at least in the fire it gets heat and becomes the form of the fire.

The body which we get because of our sins and virtues, the body which is a bag of sicknesses and diseases, our soul is living in this body, in this bag, and even though she is not affected by pains and unhappiness and happiness, but still, she is living in this body.

When, by doing the Simran, we are able to concentrate our soul at the Eye Center the physical cover for our soul is removed. When we go further, the astral and causal covers are also removed from our soul, and after that we come to realize all the reasons, we come to know why each event has happened in our life.

Dear Ones, the Mahatmas Who have reached that place never find any fault in God Almighty. They don't blame God, and They don't find faults in God if They are in pain. They give all the credit to God Almighty; They say that everything is done by Him alone, and nothing is in the hands of the man.

The Mahatma Who has gone to Sach Khand understands this world as a play. He doesn't understand this world as His home. It is just like when we go to see a play, we don't feel that it is our home; we understand that this is just a play, and when the play is over we go back to our home.

So Dear Ones, we should always do our Bhajan and Simran wholeheartedly, so that we may get released from this prison of the Negative Power, because Saints come into this world only to set us free from the prison of the Negative Power, and of the karmas.

Master Kirpal used to say, "When a satsangi gets the Naam Initiation, he should draw a line. He should say, 'I have been forgiven all my faults which I have done up until now, and now my Master has shown me the way. ' " He used to say that if you will go astray from the Path which we have been shown by the Master, if we go off the Path on which we have been put by the Master, it will take us longer to reach our goal.