Now You Should Change

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This farewell talk was given March 23, 1996, at the S.K.A. Retreat, near Sampla, India.

SALUTATIONS unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers Lords Almighty Sawan and Kirpal Who showering Their limitless grace upon us have given us the opportunity to sing Their praises. This program of eight days which God Kirpal has graciously given to us for doing His devotion has now come to an end. I hope that the dear ones who have progressed in their meditation will maintain their progress. And they can do that only if they will continue doing their meditations and if they will attend the Satsang after going back to their country.

When I went on the First Tour, upon the requests made by the dear ones, this system of bringing the groups here to India was formed. At that time I had said that nobody should borrow money to go in the groups. The other thing is _ before coming in the group you should do the preparations. Because whoever comes with a prepared vessal, whoever comes with a clean heart, the Masters never disappoint them. And they don't go empty handed.

In every group I have said that not every person who comes in the group comes and talks to me about the worldly concerns or the worldly problems he has. Since the Masters don't have any give or take, They do not have any relation with the worldly things, we ourselves have to sort out our worldly problems; we ourselves have to deal with the worldly things. Usually most of the people who come to me tell me about their condition before coming here and how much they have progressed after coming here. And hearing about their meditation and their progress I become very happy.

Dear ones, in the last group a dear one from the sangat, a beloved of Lord Almighty Kirpal, dear John [Pianowski] came here; now he has left the body. He left his body after returning to his home. If you were to hear the tape which was recorded in his interview, you would know how happy he was, how much progress he had made, and how much he had liked coming over here. You would hear how much help he had received from the Master and how much pleased and intoxicated he was.

So when I got the news of his leaving the body, it was not a matter of sorrow that he left the body, because one day we all have to leave this world and go back to our home. Kabir Sahib has said, "You should mourn the death of a worldly person, but do not mourn the death of a Satsangi, of a beloved of God, because he is returning to his home. It is not a good thing to mourn the departure of a satsangi dear one. Dear John had made many trips to India before this, but never had he told me of his progress. But this time he told me about his progress. Master Kirpal used to say that whatever you desire you can achieve that provided you continue doing it.

Dear Ones, in the Satsang you know that I lay a lot of emphasis on purity. So you should maintain the purity in your life. This is the time that now you should realize and you should change and improve yourselves. You have got a very good opportunity to give up the faults when you come in the groups. So take advantage of these precious opportunities, which you get to come over here, by improving yourselves.

In India there is a custom that when any elderly person in the family dies, they take the ashes of that person to the holy places. When the people go there, they make a vow that from now onwards we will not eat this thing or we will not do this thing. So each time they go to visit a holy place, they make a vow and they give up one other thing which they consider as a bad thing. Some people give up eating the eggplant; some people give up eating garlic, or a particular kind of lentil and things like that.

I had a friend who also did the same thing. Once when he went to the holy city of Hardwar, he had made a vow to give up eating eggplant. So the second time he was going there he asked my advice; he said, "Last time I made the vow of not eating eggplant anymore. What should I do now? Should I give up eating bananas?" He had a shop, he was a trader. So I told him, "Those things, the eggplants or bananas, all these things are just vegetables. They have not done anything wrong to you. It doesn't make any difference if you eat them or not." And since he was a shop keeper and he had a habit of cheating his customers by weighing less, I told him, "Why don't you give up the bad habit of weighing less?" Then he said. "I cannot do that."

So Dear Ones, the things which we must give up, the things which we must leave off, we should always give those faults up, we should always give up those things. But what do we do? We come to the satsang; we come to the group programs and we do not give up any of the bad qualities which we have. It's not that I don't appreciate your coming in the Satsang or in the groups. I do appreciate that; but you should take advantage of these precious opportunities. You should give up your bad qualities and you should improve yourself.

Dear Ones, over here you should give up your laziness. You will be able to do your worldly responsibilities, all the things which you have to attend to in your home or in your worldly life; you will be able to do that in a very good manner and also you will progress a lot in your meditation.

But if you will not do your meditation, then what will happen? Laziness will come and surround you. Sleep will bother you. And lust will make you sway in his stream. Then you will have fights and difficulties in your home. And in your home anger will prevail.

So Dear Ones, appreciate the time. Otherwise there will come a time when you realize, when you remember that there was an old man (I am sorry that Sukphal & Sukhbir are sitting here and they don't allow me to call myself an old man) but I have now become old. I have become weak, so that time will come when you will remember, you will realize, that there was an old man who used to explain Spirituality in very simple words. No one will explain the Spirituality in such simple words. So appreciate the time and take advantage of this time.

Dear Ones, Kabir Sahib has said, "If you will not run now, when will you run? You will not be able to run when your endtime comes." Beloved Master Kirpal has graciously given us the diary. By maintaining the diary we can easily weed out our faults and we can make our life.

Dear Children, the relationship of the Master with the disciple is very pure and holy. It is not a relationship of two years or four years or ten years or twenty years. It is a relationship forever. And no one can break that relationship, even if the disciple were to say that he wants to break the relationship. Still he cannot break it. It is an undistructable relationship.

I wish all of you a very safe journey without any obstacles, without any interruptions. The disciples are always written on the heart of the Masters; They never forget the disciples after giving them the Initiation. There are only two powers which do not forget, they don't forget anything. Everyone else in this world forgets except for the Master and the Creator.