There is One Hope

Baba Sawan Singh Ji

July 17, 1916

Dear Son,

Your letter full of love to hand.

I am glad to learn that you have imparted instructions to Mrs. __. Now you should occasionally try to assist her with further information and increase her love and faith for the Master, removing any doubt which she feels, as this kind of service is particularly acceptable by the Master.

In the teachings of the Saints that person is fortunate and worthy of all honors who himself practices and makes others do the same. To feed the hungry, help the needy with wealth is praiseworthy. To nurse the sick with your body is also a great thing. It is a brave soul which keeps the mind under the control of Master's command and free from the enjoyment of senses, but to help an astray soul to join the fold of the Master and to assist it without the hope of any recompense or reward is the greatest and the Master accepts this service. Therefore, it behooves you to perform your devotion everyday without fail and do not engage in discussion with others. Go on pursuing the Path while doing the daily business of life with peace and precaution. The Master is ever ready to help. There is no doubt that we are weak, neither have we faith nor love, but there is one hope: that we have taken refuge with Him and are called His children "deservedly" or "undeservedly" and therefore He will take pity on us and forgive us.

I am very glad that you and your wife are working together on this path, helping each other on and are passing onward to the region of Lord with mutual love. It is my wish that you may travel toward your goal with still greater zeal and perseverance. With love and hearty Radhasoami.

Yours affectionately,

Sawan Singh