To Become the Child of the Master

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This question & answer talk was given December 13, 1995, at the S.K.A. Retreat, near Sampla, India.

SALUTATIONS unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers, Lords Almighty Sawan and Kirpal, Who have given us the gift of Their devotion and have also blessed us with the opportunities to do Their devotion. Kabir Sahib said that whoever keeps the Master on his head and who always obeys the commandments of the Master, such a disciple doesn't have any fear. He doesn't have to fear anyone in the three worlds, says Kabir. If we obey the Master lovingly and affectionately, this is true that such a disciple cannot be bothered by any forces of the Negative Power up to the limit of Triloki, up to the three worlds. Because if he obeys the commandments of his Master lovingly and affectionately, he will always have the company of the Master with him. The Master will always be with him and no forces of the Negative Power can come near him. Nobody can bother him. And this is true, that when we rise above the body consciousness, come to the Eye Center and manifest the Master within us, after that the Master always accompanies us like our shadow accompanies us. Not even for a moment are we left alone.

COULD Sant Ji comment on what is required to become a child of the Master?

IT is a very interesting question. My face is smiling; not only my face, but also my heart, my whole body, my whole being is very happy; it is smiling listening to this question. Whatever I will tell you is my own experience. There is a lot I can say in response to this question but I will tell you only a few words and that is that we have to give up all our cleverness, all our wisdom. We have to give up all our shortcomings.

Even a person who has a master's degree has to behave like a forty-day-old child if he wants to become the child of the Master. Whoever wants to become the child of the Master, his mind should be pure, his earnings should be pure. His whole being should be pure because purity is what counts in becoming the child of the Master. Often I have said that such souls are already made before they come into this world, and since their childhood they always have this yearning: they always search for that love which cannot be bought in any market, which cannot be grown in any field, which cannot be obtained by any other means. Such souls are always craving for that Beloved One right from their childhood. I have always said that such souls are not made in this world. They are already made before coming into this world.

Many times I have related this incident to you and once again I will refresh this for you, because it is always good to talk about your own experience. I am telling you that I made Him my true Father with sincerity in my heart, and He made me His own child. For twenty-five years my Beloved Satguru went on saying that it is not difficult to realize God - it is difficult to become a man - because God Almighty is in search for a man.

God Almighty has kept the accounts of all the souls. He has kept the destiny of all the souls in His own hands, and it is for Him to decide. He Himself decides whether such a soul will come to the Master in this lifetime or not, whether he will receive the Initiation or not, and after receiving the Initiation, whether he will have the faith in the Master or not. God decides whether the soul will do the meditation or not, whether he will be made to reach the perfection, whether he will be made to give the Initiation and do the work for the other people, or whether he will just be kept away and will not be allowed to do the devotion. So all these things are kept in the hands of God Almighty, and He Himself decides who should be brought to the Path and who should not be brought to the Path. So when such a chosen soul who has the yearning - when the time of that soul comes - he gets to meet the Master or the Master Himself appears in front of such a disciple.

Dear ones, many times we feel very embarrassed, because even though we are married, we still get lost in this world. We commit the mistakes and commit the adulteries, and we say that the mind was very strong and because of the mind we made these mistakes. But this poor soul who is sitting in front of you, right from his very childhood, at the place where he was born, there was no dearth of anything, all the material conveniences were there. This poor soul also became a young man, he also had his mind in him. As far as marriage was concerned, his parents pressured this poor soul very much to get married. They even said that if you will not get married, we will jump in the well and finish our life. I cried, I wept in front of them, and somehow I convinced them, "No, it is not for me." Because I did not want to hurt their feelings, that was why I had to explain to them that I could not get married.

Before I met my Beloved Master for the first time, I had not met anyone who had criticized or praised my Beloved Master, so I did not know anything about Him. So when I first met my Beloved Master, I told Him, "Master, as I was born from the womb of the mother, still I am the same. I am as pure as a virgin, and I have come to You with all my purity and virginity."

So dear ones, in search for God Almighty I slept on the floors. For many days I did not eat food; I remained thirsty. When the pain of separation is there, when you have the yearning, how can you remember the evils? How can you remember the pleasures and the vices of this world? You only have one desire, you only have one wish, one hope: that some day you may meet your beloved.

In 1947, when there was a war between India and Pakistan, our army was also involved in that war. I got the opportunity to serve my country during that war and we were fighting in the mountains where it snowed a lot. It was very cold over there. After we became successful in the war, the government, as the reward for our good work, gave us six months' leave and allowed us to go to another hill station called Simla, thinking that before we went back to the plains we should spend some time in a cool place (because we had been in a very cold place in the mountains).

But instead of going there and enjoying a vacation like the other people did, I chose to come down to the plains, and I performed the austerities in the month of June, which is a very hot month in India. I did not perform the austerities to collect money from people. I performed the austerities only with the wish that maybe by performing the austerities and by burning the body in the fires, I would realize my Beloved One. If I could do that, I would think that still it was a very cheap bargain.

I knew that one cannot realize God Almighty by performing the austerities. I knew that by remaining hungry and thirsty one cannot realize God Almighty. I knew that God cannot be realized this way, but still I performed all those practices only because I didn't want the mind to make this body make me lose my way and make me someone who is lost in the pleasures of this world. That is why I gave all the difficulties and hardships to my body and to the mind who was in this body.

When the time came of my meeting with my Beloved, I was at my home and He Himself came to my home. I did not know Him. I did not know that He was coming. He sent a messenger to me because I did not even know His name. So when He came, He quenched the thirst which I had since my childhood. He fulfilled my desire.

Right from childhood I had had the desire that my Groom should come to marry me. Even though my mother had told me that a man does not get married to another man, still I had the desire. I did not know to whom I was going to get married; but I had the desire that the Form of God Almighty Who was going to marry me should come to my home Himself like the groom does. So He came, and really He came like a groom. He brought the ring for me, He brought the clothes for me, and He married me. He gave me His ring; He gave me the clothes, and in that way He fulfilled my desire, He quenched the thirst, which I had from ages and ages ago.

In India there is a custom that when a woman is married, after she goes to her husband's house it is up to him to decide which name he wants to call his wife. They change her name. She does not have any wish or any will of her own. She is completely resigned to the will of her husband and whatever name and fame or whatever there is, that all belongs to the husband. She doesn't have any free will. She always goes by her husband's wishes.

Dear ones, just consider this: suppose the person for whom you have been waiting all your life long _ even if you don't know that person _ comes to you, and on the very first meeting he puts you to a test which is very difficult, a test which doesn't even sound very good in talking, but he puts you to that test, and you are expected to pass that test . . . ?

You know that when my Beloved Master first came, I had a very big place over there. There were many buildings. He saw and inspected everything. He went all around and then He told me that I should leave it. Just as Pappu is making all the buildings here, some things are finished, some things are not - it was the same there. So He told me that I should leave that at once.

I think that if I would tell Pappu that he should leave this place, his heart would fail. Even though, dear ones, I am living with Pappu, but I had not even known my Master before that.

So when He told me that I should leave everything right then, at that time I had taken off my turban, and I just had a small piece of cloth on my head. So when I tried to put the turban back on my head, He said, "I didn't tell you to take even your turban." So with whatever piece of cloth I had on my head I left that place immediately, and I went that same evening to 16 PS, the place where I am living now.

One of my very close associates, one of my very close dear friends [at 16 PS], suggested that we should at least get the vessels from the place which I was made to leave. I got very upset with him and I said, "Well, don't you get the vessels here? Don't you get the food in the vessel? We will have our own vessels here. Whatever the Master has done for me, whatever He has told me, I have to follow that."

One of my relatives opposed my leaving that property very much and he said, "Well, how can you leave your property? How can you go like that?" So I snapped my fingers and said, "Just like this, because I have not been caught; I am not attached to this property. I have been attached only to my Master."

What usually happens? If the Master has made a small hut-like thing for Himself, even though the Master is still in His body, still we go on looking at that place, waiting for that time when the Master would leave the body so that we could become the owner of the place which the Master has made for Himself. And to what extent do we go? When the Master leaves the body, what do we people do? We even go to the courts and fight with each other just for the worldly possessions and the worldly properties.

So dear ones, when you have given up and have left everything for the Master, only then can you become His child. You can do that only if you have given up your cleverness, only if you have become as innocent as a child. Because when you have left everything, it is just like a child _ if you snatch a toy away from the hands of a child, what can he do? He just sits there; he just remains content there. So if the Master takes back everything that He has given to you, you can bear that only if you do not have the cleverness, and only if you are innocent. It is very difficult to become the child of the Master.

My beloved Master never allowed me to sit in front of Him. He always gave me the honor of sitting right next to Him. Many times He allowed me to be with Him, and many times I got the opportunity to eat with Him, and many times I got the opportunity to sit in His lap, just as a child does in the lap of its father. And I got the opportunities to play with His beard also. What to talk about cleverness _ at that time I was half mad _ I was not even aware what I was doing.

Dear ones, a child doesn't know the difference between a friend and an enemy. For him a rope and a snake are alike. He is completely resigned to the wishes of his parents. He trusts them. Our Master has love, more love than thousands of worldly parents put together. So if we totally resign ourselves to the will of the Master, only then can we become His child.

Master Sawan Singh Ji used to say that when someone becomes a child of the Master, even the Master has to give such a child something. And He gives that child such a wealth which cannot be taken away by Brahm, or even the Par Brahm. Not even Jot Niranjan, the owner of the first plane, can snatch or take away the gift which the Master has given to such a child. Because the Master brings the gift from Sach Khand for such a child, and that gift cannot be taken away by any owner of the lower planes.

So dear ones, it is a very big thing, a very high thing, to become the child of the Master. I would say that to have the desire, to have the wish of becoming the child of the Master, such a person, such a soul is a very fortunate one.

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