Why the Veil was Thrown Down

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This question & answer talk was given January 7, 1996, in Bombay, India.

Is it possible to progress in one's meditation and not know it? Does the Master at times keep the inner vision of the disciple closed and at the same time the disciple is progressing? Why is this? Some of us have been meditating for over twenty years with very little inner experience, but our love for You is very strong.

Salutations unto the Feet of Almighty Lords Sawan and Kirpal Who showering Their limitless grace upon our poor souls have given us the opportunity to sit in Their remembrance.

Dear ones, I have already answered this question many times and it has been published in the Sant Bani Magazine. This is why I always make the request to all the dear ones to read the Sant Bani Magazine because many of the questions that the dear ones have asked and that I have answered for the benefit of the dear ones are published in the magazine. So that is why you should read the magazine and you can get the answer to such questions.

Well dear ones, as I have often said, in the very beginning the Masters used to give only the Simran to Their disciples. When the disciples would perfect their Simran, when they started to remain at the Eye Center after perfecting the Simran, then the Master would give them the Initiation of the Sound Current.

But sometimes, before the disciple could perfect the Simran, before the disciple could gain the concentration at the Eye Center, either the disciple would leave the body or the Master who had given the Simran would leave the body. You know that the Power which takes our soul back to the Real Home is the Sound Current, the Sound of the Shabd, the Dhun Atmak Naam. The Simran has been given to us only so that we can withdraw from all the outer things, so that we can collect our scattered thoughts and attention and bring them to the Eye Center.

But dear ones, don't think that by doing the Simran you only gain concentration. In the Simran that you have been given by the perfect Master, the renunciation, the sacrifice, the hard work, the meditation of the Master is also included. By doing the Simran given to us by the perfect Masters we can develop or create the yearning and longing for God Almighty within us.

Those who have the knowledge of the greatness and importance of Simran know how we can gain the ridhis and sidhis, the supernatural powers; but it is the instructions of the Masters to Their disciples that, "Your Path or your Way is above this, ahead of this, and you don't have to get stuck in the supernatural powers."

In the Iron Age Kabir Sahib showered much grace upon the devotees, much grace on the people of the Iron Age, and that is why He started giving the Sound and Simran both at the same time.

But what do we usually do? In the very beginning when we get the Initiation, we put a lot of emphasis on listening to the Sound Current and we don't put much attention on doing the Simran and gaining the concentration. In that process even if we hear the Sound Current, that Sound Current doesn't pull us up because of the lack of concentration. We have not yet gained enough concentration so that the Sound Current which we hear can pull us up.

This is the reason why at the time of the Initiation you are told that you should meditate at least three fourths of the time for the Simran and you should devote one fourth of the time listening for the Sound Current. Regarding the Simran, it is also said that you should not give up the Simran. The reason you are asked to listen to the Sound Current for one fourth of the time is so that you can maintain the habit of listening to the Sound Current, and also so that you may enjoy the Divine Melody which is sounding in your within. But a lot of emphasis is put on doing the Simran. It is also said that you should not give up your Simran _ even when you are sitting in the latrine, even if you are traveling, or doing anything _ all the time you should be doing the Simran.

We know that if very fine sugar is mixed with sand, an elephant does not have the skill or power so that he can separate that sugar from the sand; but a small ant has that capacity and she can easily take out the sugar which is mixed with the dirt.

In the beginning, no matter what kind of Sound we are hearing, even if it is a slow humming Sound, still we should listen to it. We should not go on changing the Sounds every day, we should listen to and concentrate on the same Sound, because that is the Sound which is going to take our soul back to Sach Khand.

I am telling you from my own experience that when we gain complete concentration, and at that time when we hear the Sound Current, even though the Sound is coming from within and it is audible only to the meditator, but it seems to him as if the Sound is coming from outside or that it can be heard all over the place, maybe in a radius of twenty miles or so. Many times when such Sound comes within the disciple he tries to look for the Sound coming from the outside and he thinks that it is audible everywhere. But it is so melodious, it is so strong that, even though only the meditator is able to listen to that, he becomes so intoxicated, he becomes so happy and content with that Sound that he becomes absorbed in it.

It is like that special kind of musical note which the hunters often play to attract deer. Usually the deer don't like to go near men, but when the deer hears that sound to which he is attached he also becomes intoxicated. He is attracted to that and he comes and places his head at the feet of the hunter. So when you gain the concentration and you hear the Sound Current, you become so intoxicated and attracted that it may seem that it is being heard all over. But that is not the case; it is within you, and only you are listening to it.

Up until the time of Guru Arjan Dev Ji the disciples were made to progress, and at the same time they were shown how much they had progressed. But it so happened that once in the place called Kabul some disciples of Guru Arjan Dev Ji were visiting and over there someone's son left the body. You know that the disciples of the Masters have the same kind of sympathy and they also feel the pain of others. When one of those disciples, who was an advanced disciple, when he saw that the son of the family had left the body, and the family members were all crying and weeping and mourning his death, he could not stand to see their pain. Using his meditation powers he brought the life back to that boy. You know that Masters always remain in the sweet Will of God Almighty. They always say, "O Lord, Your Will is very sweet." They never compete with Him; They never interfere in the law of Nature, or the law of God Almighty. Whatever God Almighty plans, whatever God Almighty does for Them, They always bow down Their head and They always remain like the beloved children of God Almighty. They never do anything against His wishes and They expect the same thing from Their disciples also.

But Guru Arjan Dev's disciple did that thing and when Guru Arjan Dev was told, "He has brought life back to that boy," He became very upset, and since then He threw down the veil on the disciples. So that is why the disciples, even though they progress, but they are not shown how much they have progressed. Of course, some disciples, those who have digested the grace of the Master, those who have digested the progress of their meditation, and for whom the Master is sure that they will not misuse their progress, misuse the powers that they have gained from the meditation for the worldly things, for them sometimes the Masters even make it possible for them to see the progress. But for most people usually that veil is thrown and they don't see how much they have progressed, even though they do progress in the meditation.

Dear ones, normally good parents don't show their children how much wealth they have. Even though they have collected that wealth only for the benefit of their children, but they know that if the children knew that their parents had so much wealth, they would not study, they would not work hard, and they would not stand on their own feet. But when the parents' endtime comes they pass on everything to their children.

In the same way, dear ones, the Masters protect the wealth, the progress of the disciples, because finally They have to give that progress of the meditation to the disciples. Many times it so happens that the Master becomes so pleased, They have to give the progress of the disciple, but They also give Their own wealth, Their own capital, and carrying all the riches and prosperity, They go and sit within such a disciple.

Once I received a letter from a dear one and I felt like laughing and also I felt very sorry. I started wondering: "What do these people understand about the Path?" and "What will they benefit from it?" He had written that he had thought that by coming on this Path and by taking the Initiation, that all his problems would be sorted out and all his matters would be resolved. He thought they would have a very good form of livelihood, they would have big factories, and they would live a very comfortable life. But ever since they got Initiation nothing like that happened and they had not gained anything of the material world, and no sickness and disease in the family were removed. So when I read all that, I felt very sorry for him. So just imagine, dear ones, if such people are given a glimpse of the spiritual wealth which the Master has for them, will they not misuse it for gaining worldly riches and things?

Now things are changing in India, but still sometimes people are attached to having only the sons and they don't like the daughters. And I have heard this myself, in the time of Baba Sawan Singh, there was a woman who had the desire that she would give birth to a baby boy, but she got a girl. So I heard her telling Baba Sawan Singh, "Now I don't have any faith in You, because I had done Your devotion expecting to have a boy and now I have got a girl, so now I don't have any faith in You." So what will these kind of people gain from the Path?

Dear ones, when I went to the U.S.A for the first time I got a phone call from some dear ones who had just gotten a baby girl and they said, "With Your grace we have got a baby girl and we ask Your blessing for the baby girl." You know that I was brought up in India and according to the Indian culture if anyone gets a baby girl, they don't accept it and they don't become very happy. It is as if mourning prevails in their home, as if they have lost something, so there is no question of congratulating. So I was confused about how I should respond to that phone call because I was brought up in the Indian culture and I still had that effect. So I called Kent, the principal, and I told him about that phone call asking how should I respond.

He said, "Well, it is not like India. In America we do not feel any difference whether we get a baby girl or a baby boy and you should just congratulate them."

So after that I went around America and I saw many of the people, and when I saw that the dear ones in America don't feel any difference whether they have a girl or a boy baby, I became very happy that they are good people and they accept and they become happy no matter what God Almighty gives them.

When Sukhpal was born _ all of you know Sukhpal _ when Sukhpal was born we celebrated her coming. The Sangat was visiting the ashram, so we distributed parshad of ladoos and other sweets and we expressed that happiness. But many people in the Sangat were upset. They said, "Well, she should have given birth to a son." I told them, "You should ask those who have given birth, how happy they are."

So the meaning of saying all this is that those who are expecting only the boy babies, and those who are ready to lose the faith in the Master if they do not get a baby boy, what will they gain from Sant Mat? Master Sawan Singh Ji used to say, "If you are coming to the Master expecting to get the baby boy, or if you are expecting the Master to help you resolve a lawsuit, it is much better if you don't show your face to the Master, it is better if you just stay at home. Because the Masters have the Naam. You should come to the Master only for the Naam. You should ask for the Naam, and you should do the meditation of the Naam so that your problem of coming and going from this world may end. When you have done the meditation of Naam, when your coming and going from this world is ended, then there will be no suffering."

This is why Masters emphasize on doing the meditation. They tell us that we should do the meditation and come to the Eye Center. And after removing the physical, astral and casual covers from our soul, we should reach Par Brahm. When we reach Par Brahm, there is no difference between male and female; the soul is neither male there nor is she female. It is neither from America nor India, it is neither black nor white, it just a soul. That is why the Masters Who come from Sach Khand do not see any difference between the male and female and that is why when They give Initiation They do not differentiate between the men and women, because for Them it is just one soul, and soul is neither male or female. Even in the Satsangs Masters do not find any difference between the men and women. Their teachings, Their instructions, are the same for everyone; whatever the Masters say applies to both men and women. When I went to Jaipur to do a program, some pundits came to see me and they told me, "You allow both the men and women to sit together when you give them the Initiation. Nobody else does that, because the women do not have any right even to hear the religious sermons."

So I told them, "Yes, I agree with you that 'the women do not have the right to read the Vedas.' This is what they understand. But tell me: those who have the right to hear the Vedas, are they not from the womb of the mother? These kind of differences exist only in the minds of the people who have not reached Par Brahm. If you had done the meditation of the Shabd Naam and reached Par Brahm, then you would have realized that there is no difference between the man and the woman. It is the same soul who is working in both the man and the woman."

The reality is that those who reach Sach Khand and those whose inner experience gets opened, they are the only ones who really know what is written in the Vedas and the other holy scriptures. They may not know the language, but they do know the essence; they do know the extract of what is written in the Vedas. The reality is that in the Vedas it is written that first you should give the knowledge, you should give the education to your daughters and after that you should get them married. So those people who talk like this don't know what is written in the Vedas.

The purpose for saying so much in response to this question is so that you can understand this very well, that whatever you are doing here, whatever meditations you are doing here, not everyone is shown the progress that he is making. Some people, those whose vessel is made, those who are receptive, they are even shown how much they have progressed. But not everyone is shown their progress.

Two years ago in the Bombay program one dear one came to me and he told me about his very high experience _ what we normally discuss and tell about: the kinds of lights, and all the other experiences. So he had all those experiences and he told me about it, and for many days after I heard that I became very happy. I became very overwhelmed that at least there is someone who has understood and has done the meditation and has gained the experience.

I told him, "It would be much better for you to just keep it to yourself and not to talk about it to the other people." So what I mean to say is that when people come to see me in the interviews, they tell me about their experiences and I become very happy. When some people come here they put a lot of emphasis on doing Simran; they gain the concentration, but they don't tell me about their good experiences. That does not mean that they have not progressed. They also have progressed but they have not yet developed that vessel with which they can preserve what they have been given, that is why they have not been shown how much they have progressed. But like the other dear ones, those who talk about their experiences, they also have done the meditation and they also have gained the progress.

There was an initiate of Master Kirpal; I think his name was Glen Jarman. When he would come to see me he would always greet me with "Sat Sri Akal" and he would always be very happy to see me. I remember when he came to see me in the ashram at 77 RB. He greeted me with "Sat Sri Akal," and he told me how all that I talk about in the Satsangs Master Kirpal had shown him very clearly. He had now realized, he knew that now his time for going back was coming, was approaching very fast.* And then he told me that I should allow Sally and Michael Barickman to do the seva in his place. So I was very happy when he told me about his experience, and also when he told me about his end time coming, because normally people don't want to talk about the day of their death or the day of their departure. Even if someone gathers the courage to talk about it, they will say it in a very low tone, so other people don't hear it. I was very happy that he had so much faith in the Master that he told me about his experiences.

Dear ones, often I have said that if we want to store the milk of a tigress, we need a vessel made of gold. In the same way we need to make our within, our heart, very strong, very courageous, very grand, if we want to preserve this wealth of Spirituality. We should not be like a gambler and waste the spiritual wealth which we have gained for the worldly problems. Because when we are living in this world, the pains and happiness are [both] going to come. The problems will come, so that is why we need to make our heart, our within, very strong, so that we can maintain and preserve this spiritual wealth which we are getting from doing the meditation.

I believe that the bhajans are no less important than Simran but what should we do if the remembrance of the bhajans becomes more like a repetition, sometimes even interfering with the Simran?

Dear ones, the purpose of doing the Simran is to gain the concentration. If a line of any bhajan, or if any bhajan becomes a part of your within, and if it goes on happening in your within and it helps you in concentration, even that is not less important than doing the Simran, because the love of the Master is in that line of the bhajan.

But the dear ones should put emphasis on doing the Simran as you have been told at the time of Initiation. You were told that you should do the Simran, and when you are doing the Simran, you should only be doing the Simran. The bhajans written by the perfect Masters have much yearning and much love for Their Master. And if we sing those bhajans before doing our Simran, that will help us to gain the concentration. After the meditation also, if we can sing one bhajan full of love and yearning for the Master, even that will help us. It will keep us happy and content during the rest of the day.

When someone's parents live together for over fifty years and then die of natural causes within hours of each other, what [meaning] can one draw from this, if anything?

I think that outwardly we should not get involved in drawing the meaning of these kinds of things happening. Instead of getting confused and worrying about it outside, it would be much better to go inside so that we can find out why they were brought together and also why they left together.

You can even understand up to this extent, that from here where will they go, and in the future who is going to become the husband and who is going to become the wife.

Sant Ji, You have written an enchanting new bhajan "Guru, Guru." If it is in the Master's Will, would You kindly tell us what it means?

Well I hope that someday I will be able to do a Satsang, a commentary, on this bhajan, because if I try to explain to you the whole bhajan it will require a lot of time, so you will have to wait for it.

The fact is that when your Master has controlled your body, when He has controlled your thoughts, when He has controlled your everything, do you have any other choice? Will you not sing of Him? Will you not think of Him? Will you not talk about Him? He Himself will make you sing of Him, He Himself will make you talk about Him and think about Him, and you will have no choice, because He is controlling your everything. Guru Nanak Sahib also said, "O my mind, go on repeating 'Guru, Guru' because I am nothing without the Guru. Day and night you remain at the Feet of the Master, because His gift is such which cannot be erased by anyone."

Yesterday we had taken the hymn of Swami Ji Maharaj in which He had said, "My Master is my life, my being, my pranas."

The hymn of Swami Ji Maharaj was that, "My Master is life, my being, my pranas, and He has given me the gift of the Shabd." Dear ones, you know that when any worldly people get married, when they become the husband and wife, they love each other so much and always they remember each other and they always talk about each other. So when a worldly husband and wife also remember each other, will you not remember your Master, He Who has given you so much, He Who is the owner of your life? A devotee, a disciple, always remembers the Master; he will always finds the excuses to remember the Master.

Dear ones, their condition becomes like this: that if you have the fever I feel the heat, I feel the pain. Your life and mine have become one. The condition of the true devotee and the Master becomes like this: that if the devotee has the fever, the Master feels the pain. And they both think that both of their lives are one and the same.

In Punjabi there is a very famous saying: "The pain of the separation from the beloved one is very bad. To hide from people, the lover goes and moves the fire and as a result she gets the smoke. She is crying in the pain but she doesn't want to show the people that she is crying in the pain of her beloved, that is why she goes and plays with the fire so that people may see that she has the tears in her eyes only because of the smoke."

Master Sawan Singh had a very poor disciple. The family was so poor that they used to cut and collect grass and sell it in the marketplace. So that poor woman disciple was a very devoted disciple of Master Sawan Singh, and her family members were always against her even taking the Initiation. First of all she got the Initiation and she was very devoted; she would meditate whenever she got the chance. But whenever the family members would find out that she had been meditating, they would give her a hard time and they would beat her. So when she would go into the fields to cut and collect the grass, she would do her work very fast so that she would get some time, and she would sit there in the water course in the field itself and meditate.

Sometimes when her surat would get attached within it would take her a longer time and then she would be delayed in going home. The family members would get upset and say, "Today you must have sat in the meditation." And they would give her a beating. But she was so devoted that she would not give up the intoxication, she could not give up the taste of the meditation, and she would always meditate whenever she would get an opportunity.

Once it so happened, because she lived not so far from the place that Master Sawan was, and whenever Master Sawan Singh would go near those fields, she would come along with her friends to have the darshan of Master Sawan Singh. So one day when Master Sawan Singh was in the area, that girl, along with some other friends of hers, came to have His darshan. Bibi Lajo who used to cook for Baba Sawan Singh was there and she told me about this incident. She said, "She came to see Baba Sawan Singh and I told her, 'No, don't go near the Master, because your clothes are dirty and they smell. You should not go near the Master,' and Master Sawan Singh said, 'No, you allow her to come near me, because the bad smell is coming to you, but not to me.' "

Master Sawan Singh knew about her, so when she came near, Master Sawan Singh asked her, "Tell me, do you have any difficulty, any problem on the inside?" She said, "No, I don't have any difficulty on the inside. The only problem is that sometimes when I sit for a long time, I get delayed, and when I go home they give me a beating. When You know everything, why don't You let me go earlier?"

So dear ones, those who have got such enjoyment, so much intoxication in the meditation, will they not sing of their Master all the time? They always go on singing of the Master, they always remain in His remembrance.