Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

Salutations unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers, Lords Almighty Sawan and Kirpal, Who have had mercy on our poor souls and have given us the gift of doing Their devotion and have also allowed us the opportunities to do Their devotion.

In every group, whether they are the Indian Dear Ones or the Western Dear Ones, I always remind them of a couple of very important things. If we remember those things and if we follow those things, it helps all the satsangis who follow those things to stop their wandering minds. It helps them to progress in the Path of devotion because they are very important things and if we remember them, if we follow them, we can progress in the meditation very easily.

You know that there are more waves of the mind than the waves of the ocean. One wave is followed by another one. All the fantasies, all the thoughts, which we are having in our mind, day and night, are nothing but the waves of the mind. And because of those waves, because of those thoughts of the mind, we are bound in this world. Some people do say that we should not repress the desires of the mind, but the truth is that, if you go on feeding the mind, if you go on fulfilling the desires of your mind, the desires will never come to an end _ because after one desire is fulfilled, mind creates another desire. The wandering mind, the mind who is not still, can take you to your disaster, because no matter how many desires of the mind you fulfill, he will go on creating more and more.

In the beginning, outwardly, we have to make the efforts; we have to struggle to stop these desires, stop the waves. But once we go on doing the meditations, along with making the effort - making the struggle to suppress the waves of the mind - then our direction changes; we get strength from our within not to pay any attention to the desires, and our within gets illuminated. We get the Light within us, and then we do not have any difficulty in controlling these waves of the mind.

This is the personal experience of all the Saints and Mahatmas, that: now it is very difficult for us to take our attention away from the desires and the pleasures of the world, and it is very difficult for us to stop the waves of the mind; but after we manifest the Shabd within us, when we manifest our Beloved Master within us, after that it becomes even more difficult for us to go back to the desires of the mind, to go back to the waves of the mind. If we have any thought, any fantasy, it will only be for the Master and of the Master, and we will not have any desires or any thoughts of the worldly nature.

These eight days which you have got are a very good opportunity in which you can perfect your Simran. So over here, instead of talking and gossiping, or having any other thoughts of the world, if you would do the Simran, then all the thoughts or all the things which will come from your within will be only of the Simran. So this is the best opportunity in which you can develop the practice; you can perfect your Simran.

You know that, in their homes, the women raise their children, but they do not have the children with them all twenty-four hours; they do not have them always in their lap. They do some other work also, they take care of their household affairs and also they raise the children. It is because of their attachment to the children, it is because of their attention toward their children, that they are able to raise their children and also take care of the other things which they are responsible for.

In the same way, when we are living in this world and doing the things of the world, just as the women who are raising the children do, we can also have the attachment for our Master. Guru Nanak Sahib says, "The devotee lives in the world, deals with the worldly things, but in his heart, he is always attached; he is always connected to his Beloved Lord."

So while we are here, while we are doing the outer things, at the same time, either we should have the Simran of the Master on our tongue, or in front of our eyes _ in our eyes _ we should have the beautiful form of the Master, and only then the fire of the pain of the separation can start.

The other thing which I always remind the Dear Ones, whether they meditate here or back in their homes, is that before we start doing the meditation, make sure that you remember the five sacred names so that when you sit in meditation and start doing the Simran, you will not have any difficulty finding them or making the effort to remember them. Never understand the meditation as a burden. Do it with eagerness, with fondness, with love. So now start doing your Simran; close your eyes.

-- December 11, 1995
talk before meditation, S.K.A. Retreat, Sampla, India