In Remembrance of Kirpal



A unique Light has come,
Who has become the help of the suffering ones;
He removes the pain
And makes them meditate on Naam.

When the black night of falsehood comes,
The Truth becomes hidden;
When the clouds of tyranny come,
Religion feels suffocated;
But when the will of the Lord comes,
It shows His skills openly,
To remove the tyranny,
To make us meditate on Naam.

He is everyone's companion
And He makes them meditate on Naam.
Obeying the orders of the Lord,
He makes them drink the cup of Nectar.

Becoming a man, He came,
And showed the secret of Sach Khand,
After meeting Sawan,
To make others meditate on Naam.

We are dirty for ages and ages;
He makes us clean.
He Himself removes the dirt
By becoming the washerman of souls.
We have no control over Him:
He is always teaching us,
To put us on the Path
And make us meditate on Naam.

He is the dear Divine Light
Of His father Hukam Singh.
Poor Ajaib wants support
And He has been helping him.
The sangat has come together
To congratulate Gulab Devi
And to celebrate the bhandara of Kirpal.

I thank the all-gracious Lord Who left His real home, Sach Khand, and His Real Form of Shabd, and, taking the human body, dwelt among us. His parents gave him a very beautiful name, Kirpal, which means "one who is gracious." That Kirpal showered such grace that he taught everyone the Message of Love. He taught everyone that we are the children of the same God, we are living under one sky, we are living on one earth, and we are all created by God; and that is why we should treat everyone with love and affection.

That Kirpal left no stone unturned in showering his grace; he always showered his grace. He used to say, "Now the giver has come; take it." And those who were ready to receive his grace understood that great Soul according to their receptivity, and they got grace according to their receptivity. We can even say that Kirpal had sight and we were all blind in front of him; and he himself called us and made us hold his finger, and only then were we able to recognize him.

We know that always he had the word of love on his tongue; whatever he spoke was of love. He was prepared to bring everyone in this world together in love, no matter to which country or religion they belonged. He was very pleased to bring everyone together in the relationship of love. He used to say, "We have come here to do the devotion of the Lord," and he always made us do the devotion of the Lord. And he said, "We can only do the devotion of the Lord if we have love for the creation of the Lord." If we claim that we love God we need to love the creation of the Lord more than we love the Lord: because the Lord has created this whole creation, and unless we have love for everyone and give up enmity and jealousy for others, we cannot do the devotion of the Lord. The Lord has come down from Sach Khand and we must do His devotion and go back to Him, but unless we have love for everyone, we cannot do His devotion.

So that all-gracious Kirpal was an Ocean of Love, and all those who became devotees of love, received love from him. So we should also follow his teachings, obey his commandments, and go back to him and become a part of him.

Today is the auspicious day and it has come with good fortune:
For we had the darshan of our beloved Satguru.

One who is entangled in this world;
One who is always forgetful in this world;
One who has gone many times up and down;
One who is stopped in this world;
One who was caught in the superstition and blind faith of the world --
He has been taught the teachings of Satguru, and Satguru has put him on the Path.

Today He speaks some of Light,
Some far and near,
And other matters are coming on His lips
Like waves in the ocean.
He has awakened us from within by saying
Some incidents of past days,
Some of the present days,
Some of the coming days,
And He has told us many good things. Thus He has awakened us from within.

He Who is the Beloved
And worthy of worship in this mortal world,
He is free from all temptations.
He is the star of this dark world;
He has removed the sins from the world -- from me and you.
He has cleared up the difference between the liar and the truthful one -- between the low and the high.

One destined for hell gets heaven if he comes to His Path.
This is in one's own hands.
One who does this, whether today or tomorrow,
Will never die out of hunger for Naam --
Because, coming to this Path, many sinners have turned into devotees.

God is not achieved in the mosque,
Nor is He in the temple.
He is not in the wilderness,
But He is within everyone.
When we close our outer eyes and walk
On the Path shown by Master,
And do the Simran of Master's teaching --
Master Himself unites us with God after bringing us to the Path.

From the shadow of the clouds,
From behind the drops of rain,
From the cold of winter and the fire of summer,
Master's teachings,
Master's grace,
And Master's sayings
Have liberated millions of sinners
Who have remembered His Naam Only once.

This is the determination of Ajaib:
Always be attached to Kirpal.
Always be happy in His Will --
Whatever He gives, be contented with that.
This is your Path.
If you go away from it, you will go astray;
You will suffer.
Because those who have forgotten their Satguru have not been happy.

When he came, I didn't put any question to him, I didn't even ask him, "Who are You?" Once Master asked everybody: "Do you want to see God?" And everybody raised their hands and said, "Yes, we want to see God." Then Master told them, "Those who want to see God, close your eyes." Everybody closed their eyes. But I didn't close my eyes. There were some dear ones who complained that I wasn't closing my eyes. Hazur smiled, and he told them, "Yes, he has understood." Because I said, "You have told them that those who want to see God should close their eyes, but I am seeing my God with open eyes. Why should I close my eyes when I am seeing my God walking and all other things?"

Once I was sleeping in the room with Master Kirpal, and we were both lying down, and I was looking at Master Kirpal and Master was looking at me. Suddenly he asked me, "Are you awake?" and I answered, "No, I am sleeping from ages and ages." Then Master called me near him. He told me, "Come on, come here," and he sat on the bed, and he told me to sit on the chair. And then he looked into my eyes, very deeply. He awakened my soul with that one look only.

Only You know Your nature; no one else can know.
Only he upon whom Your grace descends will recognize You.

Age after age You came.
First You were called by the name "Kabir."
Liberating the world from rites and rituals,
You made them devoted to the spiritual path.
You suffered the pain and torture; <r>You told them the secret of the Real Home.

Becoming Nanak You liberated the world;
Then You had the name "Angad."
You were called "Amar Dev," "Guru Ramdas Ji," and "Arjan Dev."
Guru Arjan Ji sat on the heated iron
And became grateful to the Will.
Har Gobind, Hari Rai, Hari Krishan Ji, are the Beloved Ones.
Satguru Teg Bahadur sacrificed his head for dharma.
Guru Gobind Singh graced Ratnagar Rao
And gave honor to the homeless ones.

Tulsi Sahib, the lover of Naam, liberated Swami Ji.
Swami Ji made Jaimal Singh board the ship of Naam.
Jaimal Singh's beloved Sawan Separated the milk from the water.

Beautiful Sawan developed this garden in which he placed a gardener.
His name is "Beloved Kirpal" and he is the protector of the Sangat.
Listen to this request of poor Ajaib: <r>Protect the honor of the honorless ones!

Only You know Your nature; no one else can know.
Only he upon whom Your grace descends will recognize You.

I had many opportunities to sing bhajans in front of Master Kirpal. I did not prepare for singing the bhajans. It was not that I would write a bhajan and then sing it to my Master. It would come instantly. In fact it was he himself Who would make me say the words of praise of him. So whenever in my words of poetry, in my bhajans, I would sing the name of Master Sawan Singh Ji, at once the tears would start rolling down his cheeks and he would start weeping. And those fortunate souls are the best people, those who shed tears in the remembrance of the Master.

When Supreme Father Kirpal left the body of five elements -- he came in the Will of God and he left in the Will of God; but when he left his physical body this poor Ajaib wept very much in his remembrance. When I was weeping, one person came to me and said, "You have always said that you should never cry or weep when anyone leaves the body, because just by weeping or crying for someone you cannot bring that person back. You have always said that, but now you yourself are crying. You are a wise person; why are you crying?" At that time I was in deep pain, I could not talk very properly, but still I told him this story:

There was once a king who decided to go on a tour to some other states, to some other kingdoms. He told his queen that he was going on the tour. When he left he did not really go on the tour; after some time he just came back, canceling his tour. But the queen was in love with another man, and when the king had left for the tour she had already made arrangements with the man she loved, saying, "The king has now gone on tour and he will not come back for some days, so you come and we will enjoy." When the king came back, at that time the queen and the other man were enjoying and sleeping together. The king was surprised to see that another man was with the queen and he was also surprised because that was the palace. How could another man come into the palace? But when he saw that the other man was with his wife and they both were sleeping naked, he did not get upset. He did not show that he was there and they did not know that the king had come back. The king simply took off his shawl and covered them with it, and he went into the other room.

Now when both of them woke up, the queen was terrified to see the king's shawl over them, and she thought that the king would give her punishment because he had seen all that they had done: because this was the shawl of the king, and nobody else would have come and covered them with it except him. So when the queen thought of that, she became very afraid. But the king did not mention anything about that to the queen; even though they met many times after that and lived together for many years, the king never mentioned anything about that to the queen.

After some years, when the king's end time came, he called his sons and gave them the successorship, and then he told them that they should respect their mother and obey her. "Take good care of her, she is a good woman; do whatever she tells you." And then he transferred some property and things for the expenses of the queen also. But when the king was telling his sons to take care of their mother, the queen started weeping and went on weeping very bitterly.

The king asked her, "Why are you weeping now? I have transferred so much property to your name and you will be comfortable when I die. What else do you want, why are you weeping?" She said, "I am not weeping for any wealth. I am crying because now, when you are leaving, who will come and throw the shawl over me? Who will hide my faults?"

So I told the dear one that that was why I was weeping. I told him that when the Beloved Master was in the physical form he used to hide my faults, he used to forgive me for my faults. Even now when he has gone back to Sach Khand, in His Radiant Form he is showering grace on me, and he is forgiving me and hiding my faults. But when you have the physical form of the Master in front of you, you can express what is in your heart, you can go and weep at his feet.

Just by having the darshan of the physical form of the Master you can get rid of so many bad sins and bad karmas that you have done, which you cannot do very easily when the Master is not there in his physical form. So that is why those who go within and see the glory of the Master within, and who know how the darshan of the Master works, they weep in the remembrance of the Master, because they know that now the Master is not going to come back in his physical form and hide their faults: He is not going to come and throw the shawl over their faults.

Kirpal gave only this message, and even the wind also teaches us this:
If you keep walking while doing the Simran,<r>the destination comes to you by itself.

The fort of deceit will be destroyed in this world,
Because walls of sand do not last.

There are so many sins with you - you are a great sinner -
Hail the Power of Almighty Kirpal Who carries all the burden.

No one is an enemy; no one belongs to anyone else;
Everyone is Your very own for, as the Gurbani teaches,<r>All this world was created from One Light.

O Guru Kirpal, the Negative Power trembles,
And death also is nervous in front of whomever has caught hold of your finger.
Ajaib says: Apologize to Kirpal if your soul wants happiness.

Kirpal gave only this message, and even the wind also teaches us this:
If you keep walking while doing the Simran,<r>the destination comes to you by itself.

Dear ones, the great Satgurus left their Home of permanent peace and happiness and came into this burning world for the forgetful sinners like us. Working so hard, day and night, they brought the people of different kinds into the gardens of their Satsangs. They protected us and took care of us like tender plants. We are the forgetful jivas. They gave us the holiest, purest, and simple teachings of the meditation of Surat Shabd. They put us on the Path of Spirituality. Every day, giving the water of Satsang, and sprinkling the drops of their gracious sight, they made our burning and dry hearts green. They brought us close to each other by sewing us in the silken thread of Love, and made us brothers and sisters. They made us the members of their spiritual family, and explained to us that we are the children of the same Father, so our relationship is very firm here, and also in the Beyond.

In very forceful words, the great Satguru explained to us that this world is a travelers' inn. No one has ever lived here forever, nor is anyone going to live here forever. Remember that you have to leave this place. So make your life and your earnings clean. Make the Satguru and the fear of him dwell in your heart. Make room for his love in your heart. Spare at least ten per cent of your time, and use it for the meditation of Shabd Naam. Make meditation an important part of your life, so that with the grace of the Master, and under his guidance, you may reach your true abode and have his darshan in abundance.

Dear ones, we have spent all our life beautifying our body. Now the time has come to pay attention to our soul. The soul has been crying, but we never pay any attention to her. We never pay any attention to cleaning her. Today on this holy occasion, and remembering the beautiful Form of the Master, let us all take this vow, make this promise, that from now on we will spend as much time in meditation as possible. Falling at the Feet of the Master with all humility and with a true heart, let us all pray that he may give us such understanding and strength that from this day we may understand the long-forgotten work of doing Simran as the most important and personal work, and start doing Bhajan and Simran.

Dear ones, today is a very auspicious opportunity to pray to the Master and ask him for his blessings and grace. We should clean the soul with the broom of Simran, and with meditation beautify our souls. Apologize for our faults. Who knows whether we will get such an opportunity again or not? I can assure you that if our efforts are determined and our faith in the Master is strong, definitely the destination will kiss our feet and will welcome us.

So let us appreciate the time, and not let it slip out of our hands. Let us apply ourselves in cleaning our soul, so that we may make our birth successful and earn the pleasure of Hazur Kirpal.

Ajaib Singh

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