This book is a collection of talks given by very great Saints of our time. They speak of the Love of The Almighty Lord, of the Saints whom He Sends into this world to distribute that Love, and how They work to awaken that Love in the hearts of those who come into Their company.

First of all, I wish to express my deepest thanks and gratitude to the Masters, for Their gracious granting of the opportunity to live this life in Their devotion and protection, and for the privilege of collecting and organizing Their true and sacred words.

This book presents more than eighty talks by three great Saints* Who have incarnated in a land called India, and Whose Lives have been a perfect and immaculate example of their Masters teachings. All three, Baba Sawan Singh Ji, Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji, and the present Master, Sant Ajaib Singh Ji (Sant Ji), have graciously allowed Their Western disciples to visit Them in India and take much advantage of the aura and presence of a Living Saint. Presently, the visits happen in some Indian city or village, and an intensive meditation and Satsang schedule is followed by the guests under the direct personal guidance of the Master.

Over the years, many groups have made these trips, and there have been many requests for information on how to best prepare for such a sacred pilgrimage, and how to make the best use of this rare opportunity. So with kind permission and loving guidance from Sant Ajaib Singh Ji, these talks of the Masters have been compiled. The book can also be useful reading before seeing the Master on any of His tours, during the retreats, and also for the many retreats held around the world in His remembrance where He may not be physically present.

The book is entitled The Ambrosial Hour -- as the many references herein will make clear, this human life is an ambrosial hour, the Holy Initiation is an ambrosial hour, and the daily meditation on Naam, which the Masters teach, is also an Ambrosial Hour. When anyone follows the words of such a Master, at any time, and in any degree, the benefit he receives is also an Ambrosial Hour in his life.

These talks have been organized, in five parts, around the sequence of events that unfold on this holy pilgrimage of Spirituality. First is a group of talks on how one may prepare at home for being in the Master's presence and on gaining some receptivity before going to see Him. Next are some of Their words on how to conduct oneself at a retreat place, the value of seclusion and how to sit in the presence of the Master.

The third part of the book is a collection of meditation talks. Meditation is the main purpose for which these programs are held. As Sant Ji has said, "Meditation is the only means of receiving the grace of the Masters," which They want to give Their disciples in great abundance. He said that at these programs much emphasis and importance should be given to meditation, and for whoever will follow this, it will definitely prove to be very beneficial. He said too that, "If you are receptive, these days can change your life and can become the most remarkable days of your life."

In response to a question, Sant Ji once said that Master Kirpal Singh Ji also placed great importance on meditation, and that Master Kirpal, in His unique and gentle way, always believed that whenever anyone would become aware of his failings and shortcomings, and would sincerely wish to rise above them, that person would undertake doing meditation himself. In the same reply, Sant Ji also mentioned that Master Kirpal knew, and took delight in the knowledge, that the One Who would work in His place was going to be very strict about this, and would make the dear ones who came Him work very hard at their meditation practices.

The fourth part contains the Master's replies to questions asked about meditation.

In the fifth part of the book are talks which were given at the end of these group programs, either underground room talks in Rajasthan,** or farewell talks after the city programs. Sant Ji talks a lot about the meditation He has done in His Life, and what He got by doing it. He tells us to take inspiration from that blessed place and to utilize the sacred gift of Naam to bring the real peace and happiness to our own soul. He also speaks about how to maintain, preserve, and increase the grace and benefit that one has received by making this holy trip to be in the presence of the Master, and He gives encouragement to work hard in our meditation and gain progress towards our spiritual upliftment and purification. In the end is a brief hymn of a great Master in the line of the ten Sikh Gurus, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, on the glory of the company of a Saint. Anyone who has been blessed to be in the company of these great Saints can only bow down at the truth of His words.

The original idea for this book was to be a collection of meditation talks and a retreat information book. As the material was being gathered it became clear there was much more than was first planned, and if the book were expanded to include more talks, it would be useful in other ways also. Sant Ji was asked if He would like the book to be done in this larger and expanded version, and He approved of the idea, adding this comment, "This book will be very valuable and helpful to many dear ones. For those who are initiated and striving to practice the path, and for the dear ones who have just received or who are waiting for the nitiation, and who will be starting their life on the Path, this book will be very helpful. And there will be many people who are searching for Spiritual Truth and who will be interested to know what Sant Mat is, what this Path of the Masters teaches, and how these teachings compare to other paths, and for those dear ones, this book will also be very helpful."

Daryl Rubin, June 1996


* A hymn of Soami Ji Maharaj and of Guru Arjan Dev are also included.

**The "underground room" refers to the blessed place at Sant Ji's ashram in Rajasthan, where He did continuous meditation at the instruction of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji.