Chapter 19

Live in Love and Harmony

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

This is the farewell Satsang given in South Africa, September 7, 1994.

First of all, I thank Beloved Lords Sawan and Kirpal, who united us, the separated ones. He brought us from far and near, and He connected us with His Sound, with His Sound within, and He brought us together. So first of all I am grateful to Him for doing this.

Only because of His grace, only because of His permission, only because of His orders, and only because He has told me to do this, I came into this world. Often I have said that I do not have any mission of my own. The mission is His. I come here only to give His message to the souls.

You know that it is not an easy task to take the message of the Master from home to home, from door to door. You have to suffer a great deal in doing this work. You have to bear hunger and thirst. You have to take so much upon your body. It is not a very easy thing to do. But that Almighty One, that omnipotent Master, is very powerful, very strong. Whatever He wants His disciples to do, He can make them do that. Master used to say that if the Master wants, He can even make a wooden stick work for Him.

His message is to give up hundreds of important works to go to Satsang, and to give up thousands of important works to sit for meditation. He used to say that we should not feed our body until we have fed our soul with meditation. You know that we need to feed our body, because we are aware that if we do not feed our body it will become weak and we won't be able to do the things of the world. That is why we understand it is very important and very necessary to feed our body, and we always feed our body with good kinds of food. But we have never paid any attention to the issue of feeding our soul. In fact, our soul needs even more food than our body does, because our soul has been hungry for birth after birth. We do not know for how many births our soul has not gotten any food of meditation to eat, and that is why she has become very weak, very feeble. It is only because of the weakness of our soul that she is not able to stand in front of the mind. You know how the mind is bothering us, and he has made our soul like a servant. Whatever he wants us to do, we do. It is only because we have not made our soul strong. That is why our condition is like this.

The reason why we easily get anxious and nervous is the weakness of our soul. So just as we need food for our body, we need the food for our soul even more than that.

Why is it necessary for us to go to Satsang? Last night in the Satsang I said also that when our mind sees that his freedom is going to end, he cannot bear that. He cannot give up his tendency of remaining free. So he does not like to go to Satsang, that is why he creates all sorts of obstacles to keep us away from the Satsang.

But if we somehow keep ourselves in the Satsang, then we start to enjoy the Satsang. In the beginning, just as it is difficult for us to go to and enjoy Satsang, once we start getting the enjoyment, the pleasure, from attending Satsang then it becomes very difficult for us to give up going to Satsang.

There are only two people who can tell us about the weaknesses which our mind has created within us. Either the Masters can tell us about the weaknesses which we have, or the one who opposes us can tell us. Our opponent, or our enemy, will say that we have this fault or we have this weakness within us.

We should not mind the words of the Master, and also we should not mind if our enemy or our opponent tells us about our weakness. We should not go into detail about who has told Master this, or who has told that person about this. Instead of getting into that kind of argument, we should look within ourselves and we should remove that weakness, we should remove that lacking, because we have to look within our own selves and we have to become free from that lacking or that weakness.

The difference between the enemies telling us about our weakness and the Master telling us about our weakness is that our enemy, our opponent, will tell us to our face, "You have this fault in you," whereas the Master will tell us stories and parables to make us understand that we have this lacking within us.

This is why the Masters always praise Their opponents, Their critics, and They even pray for their long life. They always become grateful to Their critic for telling Them about the weaknesses or the lackings. Even though the Masters do not have any weakness or any lacking in Them, God Almighty has created the critics or the opponents of the Masters only to remove the dirt which They have accumulated. Paltu Sahib says, "How could the Saints get liberation if the critics had not worked very hard in purifying Them by criticizing Them?"

Many Satsangis misunderstand this statement, and they just say, "Well, it is okay that the other person is criticizing us." Dear one, the criticism is that you don't have that particular fault in you and [still] you are criticized for that. If you do have that fault, that weakness or lacking within you, then it is better for you to give up that fault, once you know that you have it.

Kabir Sahib says that if your heart is pure, and still you are criticized, you should be grateful that the critic is washing your dirt. Sufi Saint Farid Sahib has said that in the domain of Negative Power where even the innocents are punished, how will those who are committing the sins be forgiven? He gives the example of a bell. In the ancient times they used to ring bells, in a way it was like beating the bell, so using that example He says that in the domain of the Negative Power where even the innocent ones are getting a beating, what will happen to us who are always committing sins?

If we practice the things we hear about in the Satsang, only then is our attending the Satsang useful. If we meditate — as Master has said, "we should give up thousands of works to meditate" — if we meditate, only then is our attending the Satsang useful.

Master Kirpal showered so much grace upon us, and He gave us this diary form. Even though all the Masters have in Their own ways told us to keep the account of our deeds, but Lord Kirpal showered so much grace upon us and gave us this diary form, in which we can write down all that we do and all that we think, and where we stand. The diary is like a daybook in which we can write down every day what our thoughts were, how much work we have done, where we stand, and what our faults are. So Master showered so much grace upon us, and He gave us this form to keep so that we may know where we are.

I get so many dear ones' diaries in which I see that they go on repeating the same faults, the same mistakes, again and again. Often in Satsang I say, "Dear ones, once you have made a mistake, why should you make that mistake again?" Because once you realize that it was a mistake, and when you yourself have confessed it, when you yourself have written down in the diary that it was a mistake which you have made, then why do it again? Just one mistake in your life can ruin your entire life. So when you know that you have made that mistake, why go on doing it again and again? Why go on committing the same sins again and again?

Just as in the evening before we go to bed we fill up the diary about our activities during the day, in the same way in the army also, before you go to bed, you are supposed to mark the attendance and write down what you did during the day.

We are very fortunate ones that through the diary He has given us this opportunity through which we can improve our life. So we should keep the diary, we should fill out the diary, according to the different sections which are there, and we should fill that out sincerely.

If you keep the diary even for one week with the feeling for which the diary has been given to us, I am sure that you will be able to divert your attention from the pleasures of the senses, and you will be able to go within. If a Satsangi is able to go within even once, if he is able to make his soul drink the Inner Nectar, he will never want to drink the useless water of the pleasures of the sense organs. So if you keep the diary sincerely, even for one week, understanding the idea why we have to keep the diary, I am sure that you can improve a lot.

Saints and Mahatmas are not social reformers, nor are They here to improve our financial condition, etc. Their job, which They have from God Almighty, is to come into this world and collect the separated souls and connect those souls with the Light and Sound of God.

I have not told you anything from hearsay. I only talk about those things which I have done in my own life. I met with my Master, I met with God Almighty; I got hold of my Master, I got hold of God.

So He has showered so much grace upon us. He knows what is going on within us, He knows about our yearning. So if we will sit in His remembrance, if we will sit with yearning for Him, then He will also make every possible effort to pull us up. This is a kind of competition which goes on within us between the disciple and the Master. The disciple who does the Simran and remembers the Master with all his yearning thinks that he is remembering the Master and he has all this yearning. But when he does that, when he goes within, then he realizes that it was the Master Who was yearning for him, remembering him and pulling him towards Him.

Bikha Sahib has said, "O Bikha, no one is hungry. No one is empty. Everyone has the precious ruby within him. But they do not know how to untie the knot. That is why they are living like a pauper."

Kabir Sahib says that sitting in His window, God Almighty is looking at us, and according to our devotion and service, He is giving us the rewards.

The other thing the Master teaches us is humility. In the same way, I saw Master Kirpal Singh, and He also was so humble that I cannot describe His humility in words. The Masters bring a lot of humility, and They express that to us.

We satsangis must adopt this quality of being humble. This is the highest quality and we must adopt this quality. You know that if you are standing on a lower place, all the water will come to you. In the same way, if you are humble and lowly in your own self, you get everything.

Regarding humility sometimes I have told this story which Baba Bishan Das often told. It is about a Master and His disciple. Once a Master and His disciple were both going somewhere, and the disciple requested the Master to give him some good piece of advice or teaching which would be very pleasing to him, and which would bring some peace to the disciple. The Master said, "Dear one, don't become anything."

Now the disciple was expecting that the Master would tell him a very long story or give him many teachings, but the Master kept quiet after saying, "Dear one, don't become anything."

On the way they came to a garden of the king, where the king used to come once in a while to rest. The disciple saw a very nice bed there which was scented with different kinds of flowers and perfumes. It looked very comfortable, so he just went there. He thought, "Well I should rest a little bit here before continuing our journey." So he fell asleep on that bed. Meanwhile the Master was not tempted by those comforts; He just went to one side and sat somewhere on the ground in meditation.

After some time the guards came there, and when they saw a fellow sleeping there, they woke him up, and they asked him what he was doing there and who he was. So he said, "I am a sadhu." Hearing that the guards started beating him, and they said, "You call yourself a sadhu, and still you are sleeping on this comfortable bed?" So they gave him a thorough beating.

When he got that beating, he ran to his Master and told Him, "Master, they gave me a beating." So the Master said, "Well, you must have done something wrong." He said, "No, Master, I didn't do anything." Master said, "Well then, what happened? Why did they beat you?" He replied, "Master, they asked me who I was and I said, `I am a sadhu.' And they started beat-
ing me."

So the Master said, "Yes, dear one, you became a sadhu. That is why you got the beating. I told you that you should not become anything. Because you said that you were a sadhu, that is why you got all this beating." The Master knew that one becomes a sadhu only after rising above the physical, astral, and causal bodies, and reaching Par Brahm.

And this disciple of His had not yet learned how to remain still at the Eye Center, but still he had the pride of being a sadhu because he was with the Master. So that is why he got the beating. So dear ones, in the same way, if God Almighty has showered grace upon us, and if in meditation He gives us a little ray of Light, if He gives us anything inside, we should not be puffed up with this pride that we have become something. Even if He showers so much grace upon us, still we should always remain humble, we should never become anything, because we invite all the troubles only when we say that we are this or we are that.

Usually what do we do? When our Master showers grace upon us, we start allowing people to bow down at our feet, we let them touch our feet, we go on giving them blessings. And either we announce it in the newspapers that we have become something, or we somehow make it known to people that we have got the grace of the Master. We even climb on elephants and go around the city, and in this way we go on collecting the praise and glory of the world. We even give blessings to people; those who do not have children, they come and ask us to shower grace and we say, "Okay, God did not write in your destiny that you should have children, but we are giving you this." By doing all this we may be doing some good to the people, but we are not left with anything. Kabir Sahib says, "Only one who is always very humble, and who always speaks humble words, realizes God Almighty, because God Almighty always resides in the heart which is very humble."

As you all know, this program is now finished. The organizers worked hard and made very good arrangements, and I am very pleased with all of them. I hope you will follow and do all that I have told you in the Satsangs. We all are souls, we are brothers and sisters, and we should always love and respect each other. We should keep attending the Satsangs and should always do the meditation. Since we are the children of the same Shabd Master, we all should have love and harmony. We should all live in love and harmony.