Whose Devotion Are We Doing?

Whose Devotion Are We Doing?

a talk given during a bhajan session, October 1, 1987, in Rajasthan

When this voice comes out from our mouth, and the same thing comes out from our heart--that our Master is everywhere; he is under the waters; He is on this earth; He is in the sky. He was in the beginning; He is in the present; He will be in the future. When we realize that we have only His support--we wake up with His support; we go to bed with His support--whatever happens in this world is happening with His support, and there is nothing else in this world. When we realize this in our heart, and it comes out from our mouth, then the Master Who has given us the Initiation sits within us, manifests Himself within us, in all His glory. Even though at the time of the Initiation He is sitting within us in the Form of the Shabd, but unless we have real love for Him, unless we have sincere love and devotion for Him, He will not appear in front of us. When a child is playing the mother does not care for the child, but when the child stops paying and cries for the help of the mother, she at once gives up her work and attends to her child. In the same way, when we give up the support of all the world, when we give up the taste of the passions and the pleasures, and when we ask only for God from Him--when we do the devotion only of God Almighty Who is sitting within us--then our beautiful beloved Lord also cannot resist, He also leaves al the works in which He is involved, and comes to rescue us. He manifests Himself within us.

A disciple can express his gratitude to his Master only through his writings or through his deeds. In these bhajans I have tried to express my gratitude to my beloved Lord Kirpal, because whatever one has in his heart, only that comes out from his mouth, or through his pen. In these bhajans I have tried to explain what Power our beloved Lord Supreme Father Kirpal was, and how with His grace everything was possible.

I have also tried to show how, when one realizes his Master, when the Master is manifested within him, how that disciple becomes very humble, a very low one--and how for such a disciple, the master becomes the Exalted One. In fact the Master is always the Highest One, He is the Supreme Being, but when the disciple realizes Him, when within the disciple the master in manifested, then that disciple becomes very humble, because he sees the Real Glory of the Master. Unless the Master is manifested within us, our intellect is dirty, and we have a limited perspective. And with our limited vision, we can only see a little bit of the glory of the Master.

Swami Ji Maharaj has said how we should go to the door of our Master and how we should cry in front of our Master. he said, "Just as a beggar goes from door to door asking for alms, in the same way we should also go to the Master."

You know how a beggar goes from door to door--he does not go to the people and ask them, "Tell me if you will give me anything or not." He does not put a condition in front of the generous people, that he will bless them or inspire them in the name of God only if they will give some donation to him. His job is to go from door to door and arouse them in the name of God, bless them in God's name, and stand there at the door and wait for the householders to come and give him anything they may wish.

It is up to the householder to decide whether he should give anything to the beggar, or how much he should give, or when he should give. The beggar cannot put any condition on him. He cannot say, "Please hurry up. I am getting delayed." his job is just to go there and wait at the door patiently and quietly, and to do his job without expecting any result. He knows that the householder is the giver and he will give whenever it is his will, and whatever he wants he will give only that. So that is why he just goes on doing his job; and some places he is successful, and some places he is not.

In the same way, when we go to the door of the Master, we should make our mind like that of the beggar. When we go to the Master we should not put any conditions, "I will do your meditation, or I will follow You, only if You remove my health problems, or my unemployment problem," etc. We should also go like the beggar, sit at the door of the Master, and patiently and lovingly do the work which He has given to us. Then it is up to the Master to see when He wants to shower His grace upon us, and how much He wants to shower His grace upon us. We cannot question and tell Him, "Master, please hurry up," or "Why don't You do this sooner." He is the Supreme Giver and He knows, according to our devotion, how much He should give to us.

Swami Ji Maharaj says, "Dear Ones, it is a pity that you people have not even made your mind like that of the beggar. That is why you do not gain the benefit; you do not take much advantage from going to the Master."

When we go to the Master, do you know what we usually do? We go to the Master and do the meditation, but we always have some desire to be fulfilled. Either we have the desire of removing our health problems, or we have a desire to get worldly wealth. But we never realize who creates all these desires. Do you know who creates all these desires? It is our mind who is creating all these desires. And whom do we want to fulfill all these desires? We want our Master to fulfill our desires. So when we are wishing that our Master should fulfill the desires which our mind has created, just imagine whose devotion we are doing. Are we doing the devotion of Almighty Lord for the liberation of our soul? Or are we trying to do the devotion to please our mind?

We do not understand that the Shabd master Who is within us knows everything, and He will give us whatever we need. Instead of having faith in the Shabd master we always try to do things while obeying the dictates of our mind. And instead of controlling our mind as the Master has advised us, we try to make our Master work according to what our mind is telling us. So how can we become successful? Saints and Satgurus do not act like we people do. They have manifested the Shabd master within Them, and whatever comes in the Will of Their Master, They always accept it gladly. They do not let their mind create any desires, and They do not ask their Master to fulfill any desires of Their mind.

[pause, another bhajan is sung]

I thank God Kirpal Who gave us this blessed opportunity to sing His qualities.

This talk is published in the booklet:
Sing the Praises of the Satguru:
Eleven short talks by Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

published by Sant Bani Ashram, Sanbornton, New Hampshire, 1993.