Who Are the Fortunate Ones?

Who Are the Fortunate Ones

a talk given during a bhajan session, January 12, 1992, in Bombay

"Who are the most fortunate ones? Only those who are able to sing the praises of God are the most fortunate ones." When can we sing His praises? Only when we are accepted by Him, only when He likes us.

I got many opportunities to sing all these bhajans in front of my Beloved Master and he used to become very pleased with the bhajans I would sing to Him. When I sang, "O Master, I do not have even a little bit of control over You," He said, "No, don't say that because like the Master has all His control over the disciple, if the disciple loves the Master, if he goes within, he also gains control over the Master."

I had very good fortune to sing the bhajans in front of Him. Today, only with His grace, I am able to hear the bhajans from you. But the pleasure which I used to get from singing the bhajans to Him, I do not get that because if a disciple is not able to sit in front of the Master and if he is not able to sing the bhajans to Him, he does not get that grace, he does not get that enjoyment and pleasure which he gets if he has the opportunity to sing in front of the Master. Those who go within, only they realize how much they have lost if they do not get to see the Master physically, if they are not able to sit in front of Him physically.

So now you can sing the bhajans, but before singing the bhajans please read out the page number so that the other people may find it easier to sing the chorus along with you.

After the bhajan, Likhan Valya Tu Hoke--"O Writer of Fortunes, Graciously write on my heart love for the Master"--Sant Ji commented--

I am extremely grateful to Gods Sawan and Kirpal Who gave us this opportunity to sing Their praises. This bhajan which was sung just now is a bhajan which I have been singing since my childhood, even before I met with the Master. I used to sing this bhajan to Almighty God who is Omnipotent, Who is present everywhere. Even though I had not seen Him, but still in my heart I used to feel as if I had lost something, something which my soul was looking for. When I started remaining sad in respect to the world and when I started sitting with my eyes closed and when I started sleeping on the floor, my father worried very much about me and he came to me. he told me that he had called the pundit and with a pen of gold the pundit had written "Om" on my tongue. So he said, "I have done all this for you and now you don't talk to me?" This is why I said (in the bhajan) that I don't want to have the "Om" written on my tongue; I want to have the name of my Master written on my tongue.

This was a prayer since my childhood, "Graciously write the seva for the Master in my hands. Write in my forehead the Light of the Master and in my eyes the darshan of the Master. But don't write the separation from the Master on my forehead." But when that Omnipresent God Almighty Who came in the form of God Kirpal met me, right from that time He started hinting about His departure from this world. I had requested, "You may write anything in my fate, but don't write separation from my Master."

A healthy person does not know about the pain of a sick person. Only he who has been separated from his beloved knows the pain of separation. All of your bhajans were very sweet. It is only because of his Grace that we were able to sing them. So now all of you sit in remembrance. God Almighty whose praises we have sung, closing our eyes we have to seek for Him; we have to see Him only.

This talk is published in the booklet:
Sing the Praises of the Satguru:
Eleven short talks by Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

published by Sant Bani Ashram, Sanbornton, New Hampshire, 1993.