A Way of Showering Grace

A Way of Showering Grace

a talk given before singing bhajans, July 1987, in Bangalore

You should always sing only those bhajans which you have practiced and which the other dear ones can also sing after you. There is a lot of enthusiasm and yearning in the bhajans, and for you people the significance and importance of the bhajans is even more, because they are not in your language. That is why you make extra effort to learn them by heart. And when you are singing them again and again to avoid any mistakes, then you get more opportunity to read the words of the Master and you get more benefit.

The Perfect Masters have always expressed their gratitude towards their Masters by writing the bhajans, and only the Perfect Masters know what Power the Master has and what the Master really is. The Perfect Masters always describe their Master as a vast ocean, and they describe themselves as a lowly creature who lives in that ocean. And even though the Master lives in that ocean as a lowly creature, He says, "I cannot fathom the bottom of this ocean, I cannot understand the greatness of my Master." He lives in that ocean, and even though He knows everything, still in His humility, He says, "I cannot understand what the Master really is." So the bhajans, the words, of the Master are the expression of gratitude by the Masters for their Perfect Master.

The Perfect Masters do not write the bhajans or talk only to impress the people of the world. In fact, that is a way of showering grace on all the souls; not only on the human beings but also on other creatures like birds and animals, They shower Their grace. And since the bhajans are the voice of Their hear, that is why they carry a great impact. Those who sing the bhajans written by the Perfect Masters with much love and longing get a lot of intoxication and grace from the Master. It has a very great effect on the people. Both those who listen to the words of the Master which are being sung and those who are singing the bhajans get a lot of benefit.

I have often talked about the times when I used to sing bhajans in front of my beloved Master. Because I was fond of singing the bhajans to Him, I had this habit. And it was His grace that He used to give me the opportunity. I used to sing the bhajans to Him without asking His permission, and He used to enjoy those bhajans very much. Many times His eyes would be filled with tears remembering His Master. And many times, hearing the bhajans which I would sing to Him, He would become so happy, as a rainbird becomes happy when he sees that it is about to rain. In the same way, whenever He would listen to those bhajans, He would remember His Master and bring tears to his eyes, and be very happy.

Dear ones, a healthy person does not have any understanding of what the sickness is; only a sick person knows haw difficult it is to be sick and what sickness is. In the same way, dear ones, those who have seen and understood the Master, only they know what the Master is and what the love of the Master is.

This talk is published in the booklet:
Sing the Praises of the Satguru:
Eleven short talks by Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

published by Sant Bani Ashram, Sanbornton, New Hampshire, 1993.