A Place Where the Master Can Sit

A Place Where the Master can Sit

a talk given January 9, 1992, in Bombay

All of you are welcome here in the name of God Sawan and Kirpal. I am extremely happy to see all the dear ones. You know that a wrestler becomes happy when he meets another wrestler. And like a drug addict becomes very happy to see another drug addict--in the same way a Satsangi becomes very happy when he meets another Satsangi. The Masters are always very happy to see the Satsangis, the disciples, because They come to refresh in our mind the teachings which our Beloved Master has given to us. So I am extremely happy to be here and I am very pleased to be able to sit in the meditation with all of you.

Sand Mat is not a Path of mind, intellect or reasoning. It is a path of doing the practice. It is the Path of going within and meeting with God Almighty.

If there is any perfect holy scripture or any perfect book it is our own human body of six feet. Only after going within this human body and only after reading this holy scripture can we realize the Truth and meet our Beloved Lord.

The purpose of the Masters' coming into this world becomes fulfilled only if we live up to Their commandments and only when we go within this human body and read this holy scripture and meet God Almighty. Only then the purpose, or the teachings which the Masters have given to us is fulfilled.

Kabir Sahib says that the only Truth is to go within this human body and receive the Pearl of Naam. That is the only Truth and we can realize that Truth only if we go within.

Dear ones, Saints do not mean to say that reading is bad. In fact, Master Kirpal Singh Ji used to say that if a Saint Who has done the meditation is educated, if He has learned the things of this world, it is like an additional ornament or garland around His neck. So They don't say that reading or gaining worldly knowledge is bad. But They do say that in order to realize the ultimate Truth it is very important for us to enter this laboratory of the human body.

I remember the times which I spent with Baba Bishan Das from Whom I got the Initiation into the first Two Words. He belonged to the royal family of the state of Nabha which was once a very wealthy state. Baba Bishan Das was very educated but when He went to see His Master, Baba Amalok Das, he thought, "If I will try to talk to Baba Amolak Das about books and all those things it is not going to work. So why not, becoming humble and poor, try to get the real wealth of devotion which Baba Amolak Das has." So He used to say, "When I went to see Baba Amolak Das the only thing I said was, 'Master, take me out from this hell.'" So whatever wealth of devotion Baba Amolak Das had with Him--He had perfected Himself up to the second plane--He gave all that wealth to Baba Bishan Das.

So dear ones, with the grace of those Masters I got the opportunity to make my life. And only with Their grace I was able to make my life. I did not get any peace from wealth or anything else. Only with Their grace I was able to get this peace and make my life. I see many people, I see poor people as well as the richest people, and the people who have the power, but I have never seen any of them satisfied. The peace is in the Naam and only those who have the Naam and those who meditate on the Naam can get the satisfaction.

Thanks to our Beloved Master that He has given us this blessed opportunity to sing His praises. So today we will sing the bhajans. All of your bhajans are very sweet and loving, and I love them. So anyone who wants to sing a bhajan can do that, but please raise your hand. [When Sant Ji says, "Okay, you can sing,"] then you can read out the page number from which you are singing, so that the other dear ones can join you in that bhajan.

Many hands go up while this last section is being translated. Sant Ji laughed heartily.

In the early days when both the Spanish-speaking people as well as the English-speaking, the North Americans, used to come together to the Ashram in Rajasthan, you know that the South Americans or the Spanish-speaking people have much enthusiasm for singing bhajans so they would always want to sing more. So once again this time I have got the opportunity to see all the dear ones together and you would have noticed that as soon as I said that you should raise your hands, they all raised their hands. So I am very happy to see all this enthusiasm.

The first bhajan sung was, Aj Shub Diharda E ("Today is the auspicious day and it has come with good fortune, for we had the darshan of our beloved Satguru"), after which Sant Ji commented--

For twenty-five years of His life our Beloved Master Kirpal went to many places in this world, far and near, to give out the message to the souls to come back home. In this bhajan it says the same thing, how He went to all those different places and wherever His souls were, wherever anybody was sitting in His remembrance and was yearning for Him, He went there to quench their thirst. It is true that before I met Beloved Master Kirpal Singh physically I had not met anyone who would criticize Him or who would praise Him. I had not heard anything about Master Kirpal Singh before I met Him physically. It was only His grace that he chose me and that He travelled all the way from Delhi, five hundred kilometers, and came to my place. Before coming He sent one of His dear ones to tell me to wait there at my ashram, because the Master was coming. He knew where and who was sitting in His remembrance and He found me Himself. You know that right from my childhood I had this habit of sitting in the remembrance of God and waiting for Him.

This particular bhajan, which the dear ones have just sung, was sung at the time when I met my Beloved Master Kirpal Singh physically for the first time. So whenever the dear ones sing this bhajan it refreshes the memory of those moments, those first moments when I met my Beloved Lord. If you read the words of this bhajan you will find hundreds of secrets hidden behind every single word.

Often I have said that I never asked any question to my Beloved Master. When I met Him I told Him, "Master, I do not have any questions which I can ask of You. I am like a virgin girl and I have nothing in me except that right from my childhood I have been waiting for You, sitting in Your remembrance. My mind and my soul are empty and I do not have any questions; I do not know what to talk of or what to ask of You." Hearing that, Master Kirpal Singh said, "I have come all this way only after looking at your empty mind and soul. Because there are many people around me who are mental wrestlers, those who wrestle with their minds, and those who are very learned; but I do not have anyone around me whose mind or whose soul is empty and who is waiting just for me. So I have come to you, all this way, only because I have seen that you have a place where the Master can sit."

This talk is published in the booklet:
Sing the Praises of the Satguru:
Eleven short talks by Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

published by Sant Bani Ashram, Sanbornton, New Hampshire, 1993.