Expressing Our Heart in the Bhajans

Expressing Our Heart in the Bhajans

a talk given after bhajan singing, January 13, 1990, in Bombay

I hope that all of us will take advantage of this precious opportunity which our beloved Lord Kirpal has given to us to be in His remembrance. All the saints and Masters have had Their own ways of expressing Their love and gratitude for Their Masters. All the bhajans are filled with Their love for the Master and Their gratitude to the Master and by singing the bhajans we are, in a way, also expressing our love and gratitude to the Master for what He has done for us. So while singing the bhajans we should always remain humble and we should always be full of love and gratitude to the Master.

If we go to the Masters and tell Them, "O Master You are All Powerful," or "You are Omnipotent and You are Almighty," and things like that, They would not like it and They would not allow us to do that. And also if we go on saying to Them directly, "We are the sinners," "We are the poor ones," and those kinds of comments, They will not appreciate that, and They will not encourage us to do that again and again. So singing bhajans is a way of expressing what we understand Them to be, and what we really are. it is a very good way of expressing gratitude and singing the glory of the Master. At the same time it is a very good way of telling Him that we are the sinners, we are the downtrodden and poor ones, and he should shower grace upon us.

I thank Guru Kirpal for this precious time. I did not realize that all the time had gone by while singing His glories and singing the bhajans.

This talk is published in the booklet:
Sing the Praises of the Satguru:
Eleven short talks by Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

published by Sant Bani Ashram, Sanbornton, New Hampshire, 1993.