To Develop Humility

To Develop Humility

from a talk to the sevadars, Shamaz Retreat, May 8, 1985

The reason for writing so many new bhajans-- the thing which I want you people to understand from all these bhajans is what the Master is, and what kind of humility is developed within those who manifest the Master. That disciple of the Master who goes within and has attained everything, feels in front of the Master that he is a guilty one; he always calls himself a sinner and a guilty one in front of the Master.

It is difficult for you people to read that language, but I think that it is a blessing that it is difficult, because in trying to read it, in trying to sing in that language, you will practice more and more, and go on reading it more and more. So later on, eventually, your feelings will also become like that and you will also have the same kind of humility.

I have done rites and rituals, and I have not said anything in the bhajans from hearsay; I have tried to say those things which have come in my experience, whatever I have done myself. So I hope that whenever you do Satsang, or even at other times when you are not doing Satsang, just doing your worldly work, you should remember at least one or another line of a bhajan which you feel appropriate, or which you feel comfortable remembering, because that will help you a lot in doing mediation. In one bhajan I have said, "You will get released from the noose of Yama only when you sing the bhajans of the Master." If you love someone, his words will come on your lips by themselves. You do not need to make any effort in remembering the words of the one whom you love; you know that the side of the balance which is heavier descends. In the same way, if you remember the Master and the words and statements of the Master, love for the Master will start developing within you by itself.

Real love, real humility, comes only after going within. Outside you cannot develop real humility and love because you don't know when the mind is going to deceive you. I have often told you that if we have any enemy in this world, it is our mind. Showering grace on us, God first gave us the human body, and after showering more grace on us He brought us in the company of the Masters and Saints. Graciously master has given us the Naam Initiation and now, sitting in His lap, we are making spiritual progress. And in this Path of spiritual progress, if there is any obstacle, it is our mind. We can easily remove all the other obstacles, but this is the only thing which always stands between us and the Master, and unless we remove this obstacle we cannot progress spiritually.

But I have also told you that the power of the Simran and the power of the Shabd is not less than the power of your mind. The disciple should always do things taking the support and strength of the Master, because the Master who has given you Initiation is always within you. A disciple should never think that his Master Who has initiated him is different from him, or is away from him. The Master can never go away from the disciple; He is always within the disciple. So long as we are fond of the pleasures of the sense organs or of the mind, He sits behind the veil, but when we become free of all those pleasures and when we give up the attachment to them, He lifts up the veil and we can see Him as clearly as we see our image in a mirror.

This talk is published in the booklet:
Sing the Praises of the Satguru:
Eleven short talks by Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

published by Sant Bani Ashram, Sanbornton, New Hampshire, 1993.