Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

September 11, 1926   —   July 6, 1997

Sant Ji Our Beloved Sant Ji Our Beloved Sant Ji " Swami Ji Maharaj said that those who are the thieves of meditation, those who do not want to meditate, they are bothered by lust, laziness and sleep. They get kicked and knocked, and they get drowned in the river of greed. "
Our Beloved Sant Ji Sant Ajaib Singh Ji, 1996 Our Beloved Sant Ji
Our Beloved Sant Ji Sant Ji
Our Beloved Sant Ji Our Beloved Sant Ji Sant Ji Our Beloved Sant Ji
« These are selections by God...
They know when to come and when they are going back.
They won't let you down, mind that. »

Kirpal Singh, from the last Darshan, August 17, 1974

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« Remain strong ! »

«... the instruction is the same for everyone, whether one is from the West or the East [...] and that is "Remain strong!" Of course, if you find someone who has meditated like my Master made me meditate, very happily you can take advantage of him. I am ready to help you in that case. Do not follow the false one; do not waste your life.» "Remain Firm on the Truth", Sant Bani Magazine , July 1997, p. 21.

Bombay, January 1997:
"Understand the Feelings of My Heart "

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From the Masters' Discourses

  • In the Sant Bani Magazine section of this site, the following texts are available for reading:

    • From the Purity of Their Heart, a bhajan talk given by Sant Ajaib Singh Ji in March, 1997, at the S.K.A. Retreat, near Sampla, India (Sant Bani Magazine, September 1999 , pp. 17-18);
    • The Soul's Promise to God, Meditations Talks given by Sant AjaibSingh Ji during the last program for Westerners at the S.K.A. Retreat, Sampla, in March 1997 (Sant Bani Magazine, September 1999 , pp. 19-26);
    • On Independence, Master Kirpal's last Satsang, August 15, 1974 (Sant Bani Magazine, August 1999 , pp. 25-28);
    • The Love of the Very First Day, a question & answer session given by Sant Ajaib Singh Ji December 1, 1978, at Village 77RB, Rajasthan, India (Sant Bani Magazine, August 1999, pp. 29-32);
    • He is Calling You, a Satsang givem by Sant Ji January 15, 1983, in Bombay; recently translated into English (Sant Bani Magazine, July 1999, p. 3-17)
    • The Sales Agents of God, a previously unpublished question and answer talk given October 2, 1980 at Sant Bani Ashram, Village 77 RB, Rajasthan, India. (Sant Bani Magazine, June 1999, pp. 23-30).
    • Satsangis Are never Alone, a previously unpublished question and answer session given by Sant Ji September 29, 1980 at Sant Bani Ashram, Village 77RB, Rajasthan (Sant Bani magazine, May 1999, pp. 3-11)
    • For Him, Everyone is Equal, a previously unpublished question and answer session with Sant Ji given January 15, 1983, in Bombay (Sant Bani magazine, April 1999, pp. 3-9)
    • On Parental Duty : Two Children's Satsangs from Australia (Sant Bani magazine, April 1999, pp. 10-15)
    • Why not do Meditation , Sant Bani Magazine , February 1999, pp. 3-9.

  • Time and Eternity, Master Kirpal Singh Ji's 1960 Birthday Message, originally published in the February 1970 issue of Sat Sandesh, republished in the February 1997 issue of Sant Bani Magazine, p. 21-22. The first paragraph :
    « Time is an interminable eternity with no beginning and no end except as man has for his own convenience, in his own limitations, tried to limit it and make separate divisions out of it. With all these ruthless vivisections, eternity remains ever in love with the products of time and is willing to unfold the secrets of heaven and earth to him who reposes his trust and faith in her begninity. »

Excerpts of the Master's Satsangs

Sant Ji

Sant Ji

Sant Ji

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" When you go within you will know how much our Hazur is waiting for us. When He was living in His physical form at that time we didn't have so much responsibility to go within and see Him, but now that He has left the body, He has left the physical plane, now it is our responsibility and duty to go within and see Him as soon as possible. " — Sant Ajaib Singh Ji, May 4, 1977.

This site is maintained by permission granted by Sant Ajaib Singh Ji in December 1995. He wrote :

« Ithink it is a very good idea to make the information available to the dear ones through the computernetwork. »

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