Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

1996 Message for Christmas & the New Year

December 1996

Dear Ones,

In this season of Christmas and the New Year, I send you best wishes in the name of Almighty Lord Supreme Father Hazur Kirpal. For thousands of years we have celebrated the coming of God into this world, by ringing bells, lighting candles, and giving gifts. We read in the accounts of the birth of Lord Jesus that all of the people, rich and poor, came bringing gifts to place at His Feet.

But did we ever consider Who is the Real Giver? Hearing the cries of the suffering souls who were trapped in this world, God Almighty sent Himself down into this world, to give with both His Hands. He is the One Who frees us, through the gift of His life, which comes in the Form of Light and Sound.

Beloved Lord Kirpal used to say that we have been caught by the Master, and must be taken to our True Home, Sach Khand, just as an expert fisherman will never let a fish escape until it is in his basket.

So the Master has each one of us in His Hands, but we should do our best to remember that gift which He has given to us. We must thank Him with the tongue of Simran and the song of Bhajan. To sit in the remembrance of Beloved Master is the best way of thanking our Beloved, and also our own selves.

Almighty Lord came at different times, and worked through different bodies. He was born as Buddha; sometimes He was born as Jesus; sometimes He came as Kabir and Guru Nanak. We are the most blessed ones because He came again as our Beloved Lord Sawan Singh Ji, and then as our Beloved Maharaj Kirpal Singh. Who could be more fortunate than we? We were able to walk and talk with such Beloveds of God.

So we should remember to be thankful for these blessings which the Almighty Gracious One showered and continues to shower down upon us. In the New Year, let us resolve afresh to remember the One Who remembers us and makes our lives.

I send you all best wishes and Happy Christmas and New Year,

With all His Love,
Yours affectionately,
Ajaib Singh