Wishing to be better is not enough

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

1995 Message for Christmas & the New Year

December 15, 1995

Dear Children of Light,

May Master's Love and Blessings be with each one of you in this season of remembrance and joy. All over the world there are holy days and festivals of light which celebrate the Supreme Powers coming onto this earth to live among us. The child Christ was born full of light and surrounded by light. He went through this world giving light and love to those with eyes to see and hearts to feel. When He climbed onto the cross, heaven and earth shook, but still He gave out light and love. We also come into this world full of light, but caught up in the mind and outgoing faculties we forget who we really are. We should remember that great Master Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj gave us light and love. He always used to tell us to take up the cross of this body every day, to meditate and go within so that we may live in and radiate the light and love that is coming from our True Home, Sach Khand.

This is a time of peace. Christ was seen as the Embodiment of Peace, and so kings and peasants and birds all came together to celebrate His Birth. In the same way that a place was made for Him in humble conditions, so also we need to make a place for our Beloved in the home of our hearts. And the best way to prepare our house is to use the broom of Simran to sweep out the dirt of this world.

Beloved Master Kirpal Singh Ji lit the candle within each of us. It is our job to remove the various covers so that light may shine ever more brightly. In that way it will lead us to our True Home and shine forth from our faces to give a lift to all around us. Our Master used to say, kind words cost nothing, and Sweet words are a gift that we can give.

It is not enough to simply wish to be better. We need help. We need to understand that our job is to make the effort and then leave the rest to dearly Beloved Father Kirpal. He used to tell us the story of the two students who were late to school. One student sat down by the side of the road to pray for the forgiveness of the teacher and the other student ran as fast as he could to get to school. With whom will the teacher be more pleased?

So now is a good time to pause and reflect to take stock of where we are on our inner and outer journey of life. If we remember Him in all that we do and say, then we ourselves may become fountains of light and love.

I send you all best wishes for a happy holiday season,

With all His Love,
Yours affectionately,
Ajaib Singh