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Sant Bani Ashram 1996 Tour

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The July 21-27 1996 "Ambrosial hour"
Meditation Talks & Post-Meditation Bhajans

These talks and bhajans were recorded every morning at 7AM -- the "Ambrosial hour" -- during the 1996 Tour, and they were recorded digitally, thanks to the thoughtful satsangis who were doing the seva of recording Master's words. Now we reap the benefit of that great idea : the sound quality is absolutely won-der-ful ! It is crisp and clear as if you were there again ! What a blessing ! If you are on a slow connection, it may take a while to download the longer files. It is well worth it, but if you want to wait less, simply don't save the file to disk, just play it from its location. It will start sooner.

Using Internet Explorer 5.xx, a dialog box will pop up and you'll have to choose between opening the file, thus playing it, or saving it to disk to play later. Using Netscape 4.7x, if you want to save the file, you'll have to press shift and hold it down and them click on the link. Otherwise just clicking will play the file as soon as enough data has been buffered. You need an MP3 player.

" Sant Ji Sant Ji Sant Ji
Jubilosos te esperamos
De Ti, de Ti, de Ti,
Bendiciones imploramos

Nuestros corazones
Sedientos están
De amor, de amor, de amor
Hacia Ti Sant Ji, Sant Ji. "

More to come...