The Soul's Promise to God

These meditation talks were given during the last program for Westerners at the S.K.A. Retreat, Sampla, India.

March, 1997


Satsang at 16PS

SALUTATIONS unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers, Almighty Lords Sawan and Kirpal, Who have had mercy on the poor souls They showered Their grace upon the souls and gave them the gift of Their devotion. Dear Ones, the relationship between the disciple and the Master cannot be described in words. Only our soul realizes how strong, how firm, and how deep this relationship is. The Shabd Form Who is sitting within us knows about us, about every single being, and since He is sitting within us, He knows about our devotion and our faith. He knows how much we are receptive and what qualities we have; He knows how much He has to give to us and how much we can take care of [ourselves].

Those dear ones who, vacating the nine openings of the body, concentrate completely at the Eye Center and go into the state of deep samadhi, those who give up the support of all this world and seek only the support of the Master - we can do this only when we remove the three covers from our soul and completely become His and go within. Such a disciple's fate, such a disciple's destiny is formed or is written by the Master Himself. For such a disciple it doesn't make any difference if poverty or disease comes, or if any difficulty and unhappiness comes. It doesn't matter if he is praised or criticized. Whether he is humiliated or is glorified in this world, that has no effect on him, because he has given up [paying] attention to all those things and he always keeps his attention on the Master. So the fate of such a disciple is written down and is taken care of by the Master Himself.

Such a disciple, obeying the Will of his Master, gives us the Naam Initiation. He connects us with that Almighty Lord. Day and night He goes on making this prayer to His Beloved Master: "Only You are the protector of the soul."

Kabir Sahib said, "0 Gurudev, relying on You, 1 have made all this family, all this sangat, get on this ship of Naam. Now they all are in Your hands, now it is up to You how You want to liberate them. Whether You make them meditate or just take them as they are, but having faith only in Your Naam, 1 have made them board this ship."

God Almighty Himself has created this ship of Naam, and He Himself has given this ship to His Beloved Saints. Those who board this ship of Naam with firm determination and with faith in the Master, saving themselves from the waves of the ocean of life, they easily go across. But those who try to catch hold of this ship of Naam without having much faith and without any determination, they remain drowned in this ocean of life.

Dear Ones, the bhajan which was just being sung was full of pain and yearning. We should create such a yearning within us so that what Master Kirpal used to say may become true for us also. He used to say that if the disciple creates the yearning within himself and if he takes one step towards the Master, the Master comes down thousands of steps and embraces the disciple.

SALUTATIONS unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers, Almighty Lords Sawan and Kirpal, Who have had mercy on the poor souls, Who have showered Their grace upon the poor souls and have given the gift of Their devotion. Dear Ones, this donation of the devotion of God Almighty is such that it never ends no matter how much you consume it, no matter how much you use it. It cannot be stolen by any thief. No deceiver can deceive us of this wealth of the donation of the devotion of God Almighty. No fire can burn this gift of the devotion of God Almighty.

We get this donation of the devotion of God Almighty only from the Masters because there is no one else who can give us this donation. Masters come into this world carrying the gift of the devotion. They give it to us and They don"t even make us feel that They have done a favor to us after giving us this gift.

So Masters always come into this world carrying the riches of devotion, and They always give us the devotion, but the question is: How much receptive are we, how much prepared are we, and how much can we digest this gift of the devotion of God Almighty which the Masters give us?

Guru Arjan Dev has called this gift as the "Donation of Life." The Master unites our soul with the Almighty Lord. Coming into this world, the Master makes us meet with the Almighty Lord through this donation of Naam. After giving the donation of Their own life impulse, They make us do the devotion and They make us meet with God Almighty.

Who are the most fortunate ones? Only those who wake up early in the morning and connect their attention to the Feet of the Master. Nanak says that those people are the most fortunate ones, those who take their attention to the Feet of the Master.

Whenever a group comes here, in the beginning and on the last day, I always remind all the souls of a couple of things, and they are: before you sit for meditation make sure that you remember the Five Sacred Names; if there is anything very important that you must do, you should finish that off quickly before you sit for meditation so that the remembrance or the thoughts of that work may not bother you during the meditation. And also, you should never understand meditation as a burden; do it lovingly, because only that work which we do lovingly is accepted.

Sant Ji

Dear Ones, do not make this excuse: "We are householders, so how can we do the devotion of the Lord?" There have been many Masters who lived a householder's life. The meaning of being a householder is that you earn your own livelihood. So while completing the responsibilities which you have been given according to your karmas, you should give the first priority, you should give the first importance, to the meditation of the Master. Do not break the promise which you have made to the Master. Get up early in the morning and give the first priority to the promise which you have made to the Master about the meditation.

In the womb of the mother every soul hangs upside down. She cannot move her body over there, and it is a very dark place, a very narrow place, and the jiva is stuck over there. The soul lives there on the support of the Naam. With every single breath she gets the support of the Naam. And the soul there makes the prayer to God Almighty, saying, "0 God, take me out of this dark cell. Take me out of this prison and I promise that I will give You one-tenth of my time and one-tenth of all that 1 will have." Dear ones do devote one-tenth of their earnings. For example, if someone is a farmer, when he harvests his crop, then he gives one-tenth of it for the cause of the Master. When some people get their salary, they take out one-tenth of their salary. So there are many dear ones who devote onetenth of their earnings, but there is hardly anyone - you will find maybe one out of hundreds or thousands of people - who devotes one-tenth of his time. The two-and-a-half hours of meditation which we are expected to do is that one-tenth which we had promised to Almighty God when we were stuck in the womb of the mother.

So according to the instructions of Master Kirpal, all of you should keep your diary; you should do your meditation and you should make your life.

Closing your eyes, start your Simran.

SALUTATIONS unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers, Almighty Lords Sawan and Kirpal, Who have had mercy on the poor souls, Who have given the gift of Their devotion and also the opportunities to do the devotion.

Our Supreme Fathers, Almighty Lords, always from the depth of Their souls, used to say that you should think good, you should do good, and you should be good, because it is only when we will think good for others that we will do good for others. Whenever the perfect Masters come into this world, They always ask for the well-being of the entire creation and the world. Guru Nanak Sahib said, "0 Nanak, may Your Naam be glorified everywhere, and in Your Will may everyone live well." The Masters ask for the well-being of everyone. In the same way, Guru Gobind Singh Maharaj prayed in front of His Beloved Master; He said, "May my whole family be happy, and may they be well and live happily. All my disciples, all my followers and everyone, may they live happily." In the same way, this poor soul also prayed in front of His Beloved Kirpal, "0 Lord, You have mercy and You shower grace upon everyone. Please shower Your grace upon every single creature, every person." The Form of the Sat Purush Who goes back and mingles in the Sat Purush knows only to have mercy and shower grace, and He always showers His grace.

We know that if we want to get some fruit, first of all we have to plant a seed or we have to plant a tree. We have to prepare the ground. We have to work for it. We have to put the fertilizers and things like that on it. We have to water that plant. After a long time, and only after working so hard, we get the fruit to eat.

In the same way, in order to get the sweetest fruit, the fruit of Naam, by eating which we get contentment, in order to get that fruit, first of all we have to go to the feet of the perfect Masters. The Master sows the seed of Naam within us, and He tells us that every day we have to water that plant, we have to water that seed, with the water of meditation. The meditation which we do every day is like giving water to, that plant, it is looking after that plant.

So Dear Ones, this is an opportunity to obtain His grace. Every single breath, every single moment which we spend in His remembrance, in His Simran, is counted. Do not think that He is not aware of whatever you are doing. He is fully aware of all that we do, and He rewards us for all our devotion.

So now all of you close your eyes and start doing the Simran.

SALUTATIONS unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers, Almighty Lords Sawan and Kirpal, Who have had mercy upon this poor soul, have given us the gift of Their devotion, and have also blessed us with the opportunities to do the devotion.

Dear Ones, our forgetful mind understands himself as the most rich or the most wealthy person when he gets some money. When we get the reward of our past good karmas and if we happen to get some good position in this world, we get the ego, we become proud of ourselves. There comes a time in everyones life, whether one is a king or a common person, whether one is rich or poor, there comes a time when everyone has to leave this world empty-handed. When we withdraw our attention from all the outer things and concentrate at the Eye Center completely, then we realize how much bankrupt how very poor we are as far as Spirituality is concerned. What is the use of acquiring so much wealth, and what is the use of all these worldly positions, when they are not going to help us at the time of our death? Just as a gambler, after losing all the money he has, leaves the place empty-handed, in the same way, when death arrives we also leave all our wealth and all our important positions behind and we leave here without taking anything with us.

Experience shows, and this happens particularly in India, when any big, important person leaves the body then they have a period of mourning, and at that time they play devotional songs on the radio. They play the songs which they usually play [only] during the mourning period. At other times they do not remember Kabir Sahib or Guru Teg Bahadur and they do not sing or broadcast the writings of those great Masters, but when any important person dies they play those songs. Then they play the hymns of Kabir Sahib which say, "Your body is going to be reduced to ashes. Why are you so proud of yourself?"

Dear Ones, such hymns, full of yearning, written by Kabir Sahib should be applied to our life while we are still living. Becoming detached from this world, and full of yearning for God Almighty, we should sing as Kabir Sahib sang: "0 my mind, now my mind is attached to becoming a fakir." If people sing those bhajans after we have left this world, what good are those bhajans going to do to us? We should sing those bhajans in our own life, and we should apply those words of the great Masters in our own life.

Dear Ones, we should be more grateful to God Almighty and we should be doing more Bhajan and Simran. If God Almighty has given us the reward for our good karmas and if He has given us a lot of material wealth and if He has given us a good wife, or good husband, or good children, we should become even more grateful, and we should do even more Bhajan and Simran, so that He may give us an even greater reward than this, so that He may give us that highest status.

So closing your eyes, all of you should make this prayer. All of you should call Almighty Lord Kirpal. He is gracious and with both His hands He is always showering His grace, He is distributing the riches of the grace. He has always been listening to and answering our prayers and our calls. So it is our responsibility to reach that place where He is showering His grace upon us, and that place is our Eye Center.