From the Purity of Their Heart

This bhajan talk was given at the S.K.A. Retreat, near Sampla, India.

March, 1997


Satsang at 16PS

SALUTATIONS unto the Feet of Supreme Fathers, Almighty Lords Sawan and Kirpal, Who have given us the opportunity to sing Their glory, to sing Their praise and to do the devotion. In a very loving way, Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj has said that the tongue which does not sing the glory of the Master should be cut. Seal the ears, close the ears, which do not hear the Shabd of the Master. And the eyes which do not do the darshan of the Master, and which do not become happy by having the darshan of the Master, you should take out those eyes.

The truth is that we can sing the songs of love of the Master, we can sing the songs full of yearning for the Master, only if that God AImighty Who is capable of doing everything, showers His grace upon us and has mercy upon us. I have already said a lot regarding singing the bhajans, and dear ones might have read that in the magazine. In fact, singing the bhajans is not less than meditation. Master Kirpal used to say that the bhajan which creates the yearning within you, you should sing that bhajan before sitting in meditation.

It is a very good opportunity for us to express our humility in front of the Master. By singing the bhajans, one by one we can [recognize] our faults, and we can express our feelings and confess our faults in front of the Master. It is only through the bhajans that we can confess our faults in front of the Master; otherwise, you know that [it is a rare moment] when our forgetfül mind allows us to even confess that we have made any mistake or we have done any fault.

When, by doing the Simran, we vacate from the nine openings of the body and we concentrate at the Eye Center, when we rise above the three vestures and reach the place from where the power and grace of God Almighty are coming, and when we reach the Feet of the perfect Master, only after that, the true humility, the true appreciation, and the true gratitude for the Master come.

Until we reach there, as long as we are below that plane, below that point where the grace of the Master is coming, we sing the prayers written by the perfect Masters. The Masters are fully aware of our shortcomings, and They know how we will come around, that is why the bhajans which They have written are in fact prayers. These are the words which have come out from within that pure and holy heart. And by singing those prayers written by the perfect Masters we can become humble.

Normally the poems which we people write are written on the level of the mind and the intellect, and that poem carries the effects of lust, anger, greed, attachment and egoism, because those words have come out from a heart which is polluted with all the passions.

We should always take advantage of the prayers which are written by the perfect Masters. Perfect Masters are those Who attain the highest status, because They have seen Their Master in the within, and They have said that prayer in front of the Master and, after meeting with Their Master, They have become the Form of Their Master. So since those words have come out from the purity of Their heart, that is why we should take advantage of the words and prayers written by the Masters. If we read or sing the poems written by the worldly people, the words which have come out from the dry hearts, we will also become dry like they are.

So as you know -- on the first day when the dear ones come here we have the bhajan singing session -- so today is the turn for singing the bhajans. The dear ones who get permission to sing a bhajan, before they start to sing, they should read out the page number so that it will be casier for the other dear ones to find that bhajan in the book.