The Master is Always with the Disciple

A Talk given by Sant Ajaib Singh Ji before a morning meditation

Rajasthan, September 23, 1988


Satsang at 16PS

All of you are welcome here. I always feel a lot of happiness sitting in the meditation with all the dear ones with the grace of Hazur Sawan and Kirpal. It is only because of Their grace that we are sitting here in Their remembrance.

Saints always advise Their disciples, "Come, come along with us," but very few are the people in this world who want to hear what the Masters have to say to them. And when the number of people who have to hear what the Masters have to say, the number of followers of the Masters, starts decreasing then the Masters start giving us the worldly examples, and by telling us the worldly stories and parables They touch our hearts. And gradually when again we divert our mind, our attention, to the words of the Master, then the Masters give us the Naam Initiation and once again we are put on the Path of Naam.

Saints tell us that we should always keep our mind in the Simran; but it is very difficult for our mind to do the Simran. Especially in the beginning, the mind does not want to remain in the Simran. The mind does not want to do the Simran. That is why whenever we try to do the Simran, he always makes us forget and we stop doing the Simran.

Masters tell us that the condition of the mind is like a child who does not want to sit in a room. If you take a child into a room, no matter how many things you have put in that room, since the child is used to wandering here and there outside and he likes the things outside, that is why he will not want to sit in that room no matter how many attractions you put there. He will always want to come out. But if you lock that child up in that room for some time he will jump here and there and he will try to escape from that room and he will find it very difficult to remain in that room, but afterwards when he realizes that there is no way out and that he has to remain in that room no matter what, then what does he do? Gradually he starts paying attention to and playing with the things in the room and finally he likes and becomes attached to all those things in the room and after that if you want him to leave that room he will not want to leave that room. He would say that he wants to remain in that room; even if you take him out, he will come back into that room again and again.

Our mind is the same. In the beginning it is very difficult for our mind to go inside. He feels as if we have put him in a prison because when we try to do the Simran and take our mind inside he feels trapped. But if somehow we take our mind inside, into our inner world, and when our mind sees all the beautiful things which are there and when our mind sees what the position of the Master is, and why the Master has come into this world, when he sees all those beautiful things inside, then he starts to get attracted and attached to those things. Afterwards, without our making any effort, our mind would always want to sit and go within. Then our mind realizes what the power of the Master is and why the Master has come into this world, then he sees that the work of the Master is to connect our souls with the Almighty Lord and that He has come into this world only to take our souls back to our Real Home. Masters do not have any worldly mission on this earth. They have come into this world only to connect our souls back to the Almighty Lord. So when our mind realizes all these things and when our mind starts liking all those beautiful things inside, then it becomes very easy for us to do the devotion and then, even if we want, we cannot tell our mind not to sit for the meditation.

Fortunate are those souls who receive the Naam Initiation. Sooner or later they reach the Real Home because Naam is such a power which cannot be destroyed, which can not be finished off by any other thing.

The Master, Who is the Form of the Shabd, lives forever and He is always with the disciple. No matter if the Master leaves His physical body right after giving us the Initiation, but still His astral and causal form, His inner forms, His Radiant Form will always be with us. He will always guide us and He will always take our soul back to the Real Home. He will take care of our soul and He will guide our progress to our Real Home, but the only thing, the necessity of the living Master or the physical form of the Master is for getting the guidance. If there is no physical form of the Master, He cannot give us the Satsang. He cannot make the new disciples. Only His successor can do that. That is why we need the living Master. Otherwise the Radiant Form of the Master, the causal or the Shabd Form of the Master who has given us Initiation is always with us.

Those who have received the Initiation from the Perfect Master, the Form of the Shabd, do not need to take Initiation from any other Master after their Master has left the body, because they are already initiated and connected with that Shabd. Of course, by going to His successor, His real successor, and sitting at His feet, we can get the same grace and same blessings, by having the darshan of that successor. But we do not need to let our thoughts, our attention waver. We always have to keep our attention towards our Master and we always have to remember His form only. By going and having the darshan of the successor of the Master and also by having the darshan of the physical form of the Master, we can pay off many karmas. When our Master leaves the body, the physical form, then we are devoid of that benefit. We can not have the darshan of the Master and in that way we cannot pay off the karmas. But if we have the same faith and love for the successor, we can get the same benefit, by having the darshan and by sitting at the feet of the Successor.

Master Sawan Singh Ji often used to say, "If Baba Jaimal Singh were to come and give me the darshan of His physical form, I am willing to give up everything I have." These are the words of that Mahatma, that Master Who went inside and Who saw Sat Purush, He who saw His Perfect Master as the Sat Parush and He who saw how His Master was connected with the Sat Purush and how He, Himself also went inside and connected Himself to His Master.

Dear Ones, those who do not take advantage of the physical form of the Master and those who do not do the meditation while the Master is in the body and those who do not go within and see the reality of the Master while the Master is still in the physical form, they go astray. They waver from the Path after the Master leaves His physical body because they have not seen the Reality and only those people form parties and criticize. They make the propaganda and they make the parties and they go here and there and, in a way, they start defaming the name of the Master. But the real ones, those who have done even a little bit of meditation, those who have seen a little bit of the glory of the Master inside, they do not fight over the things and they do not form the parties, they do not get involved in any kind of propaganda, because they know that the power of the Master has not died. The Master is always living in the form of the Shabd and there is no need to panic. There is no need to waver from the Path, because the Master is still guiding them as they go inside and they see the glory of the Master there.

When my Beloved Master Kirpal left the body, everybody all over started saying that Master has left the body. Many people started doing whatever they wanted to do, thinking that, "now Master is not around here, Master is not present." But this person in Rajasthan had this understanding and he said, "No, Master cannot die. Master never dies. He always lives." As Guru Nanak Sahib also said, "Master is the immortal one, and He is present all the times." I even said that those who say that the Master has died should be sued in the court, asking: "Why did they take someone as the Master who was involved in the births and deaths," - because my Master never dies. My Master is always with me.

Master Kirpal Singh Ji always used to say that it is just like one bulb fuses and it is replaced by another new bulb. In the same way, the Power of the Master never dies. The only thing is that those who do the meditation, those who have understood the reality of the Perfect Master, those who have taken advantage of the physical form of the Master by sitting at the Master's feet, those who have utilized their time, those who have gone in the inner world, those who have seen the grace and glory of the Master, they never say that the Master dies. So this was the difference between what I had understood about the Master and the other people. They were saying that Master has left the body - but I was the one who was saying that Master has not left the body. He is still with us.

Masters tell us that if we have very good fortune, good fate, only then are we chosen by God Almighty for doing His devotion, and only then He sends us to the Perfect Master. If we have more good fortune then that Master accepts us and He connects us with the Naam. And if we have even better fortune, then we start believing in the Master and we start practicing the Path on which the Master puts us.

So let us take advantage of this beautiful opportunity which our Beloved Masters have given to us to do the devotion. Let us all withdraw our attention from the outside and concentrate in the meditation.