One Full Year Before You

ATalk given by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji

January 1, 1974


Let The New Year Start With New Life — Life Afresh. . . .

Just review your last year and how you stand now as compared with when you started last year ’73. Now you are starting ’74. How you find now? Better than that date? Are you improving as compared with then?

General Answer: Yes.

That’s all right. That’s what is wanted.

Question: Master, could you please tell us something from your childhood?

How will it help you? Suppose I was a naughty boy — then? [laughter] Will you copy it? Each man has to run his own course — race — you see? Of course, some people have got their background, but that makes no difference; those who start now go way ahead to win the first prize. They can go quicker and reach there first. They can start now. That depends on devotion, you see, and regularity, and the ruling passion you have got. Why not set an example for others?

So those who have got the man body have the hereditary right — the hereditary right! — which nobody, not even the government, can take away — to know God. That depends mainly on our devotion and ruling passion — passion not for the worldly things, but for God. That’s the foremost work, the very private, personal work that you have to do. Most of us are engaged in other work. Take cross daily and rise above body consciousness. There the ABC will start on the way up to God.

Keep a note of what you are today, first day of the year. And at the end of the year, compare how far you have progressed. If you follow it for one full year — in the schools they take one year to be promoted to the other higher class, is it not? But they have to put in five to five-and-a-half hours in the school and two or three hours at home. If they are regular, they are promoted to the next higher class — those who are not sitting idle. Now a year is before you. Let us see how far you progress in this year. You should go up at least one class from where you are now, to the next higher class. You work for it! It is one full year.

So work in a way that you may be able to fly with the Master within to the higher planes. Have some ideal before you, that’s all.

In the scriptures of the Muslims, God says, "God does not change the lives of anybody unless they themselves want to change." If you’ve got that ideal before you, God will help you. God helps those who help themselves. He is not demanding very much from you. Very much? Too much? You have one full year. From today onward go on regularly. Put in as much time as you possibly can with due regard to your other requirements so that you may see yourself the ideal that you are putting up before you — so that you have got an achievement.

I hope you keep this in view . . . or are you afraid of it? Have you got the will to have that ideal before you or no? Why are you afraid of it? [chuckles] As I told you, God helps those who help themselves. God also says in the Koran, "Those who don’t want to change their lives" — even God says "I cannot do it." So from today onward you set up such a program. You may see this dream become alive, you see.

It is spoken of one King, Mahmud, who invaded India 17 times and plundered — made orphans and widows and took away all rubies and gold, etc., from India — that at the last moment of his life he desired his ministers to just put all that he brought from India, all the plunder, gold, rubies, silver in heaps all around and let him pass through that for a while and see how much he had gathered. So they did. He was looking all around at those heaps of gold and emeralds and shedding tears. And one minister told him, "Well, King, all have to leave; it is no new thing with you." Mahmud said, "All right; you remind me when I go back to the palace." And the minister thought, "I will be given a very great reward." When they came back, the minister reminded him, "Lord, you asked me to remind you." "All right," he ordered; "Send him to jail for the remainder of his life." "What? What sin have I committed?" The King said, "When I was making orphans, widows, people penniless — why did you not remind me then?"

So I am telling you now, you see [laughs] — my duty is over. I told you very seriously — not joking — after due thought, due consideration. You have heard all of this? This is a timely notice, mind that! So that’s the only thing that will go along with you. This body does not go along with us. But if you have arranged something, then please do tell me too! [chuckles] This is your work — your real personal work. This is the work you can carry with you; nothing else. So when the time of examination comes after a year, the man who has been regular throughout the year, he has no fear. And those who have not? — the last month has come up and they will work day and night worrying. There’s no use! Why not start now? You’ve got one full year before you, is it not? One year — 12 months — not even one day less. Today is the first, is it not? Just start it.

Always have the highest ideal before you, mind that; don’t be a manikin. You want to jump ten feet high — then have that ideal of ten feet high before you. If you don’t leap ten feet high, at least you do four or five feet. Hafiz says, "All right, do something, but have the highest ideal before you" — not two feet or three feet. Have the highest aim and you’ll jump up, if not full, at least nearing it. Always keep the highest ideal before you; then you’ll do something. If you don’t have very lofty ideals before you — if they are average, like that — you will remain where you are. You have got the man body, you see. Nand Lal, a great devotee of the tenth Guru, says, "A man is really worth being called a man if he catches God." If you’ve got that ideal before you, then naturally you will do comparatively much better.

Man body means the highest ideal is to know God, is it not? Nothing less; nothing more. With all, in relationship to all, you are paying off debts — actions and reactions of karma; but have that ideal. Pity it is we have got no ideal before us. The ideal should be the highest — loftiest! If we start this year with the lofty ideal, I think you’ll do that. After all, those who found God, they were also men. Do you think they fell down from heaven? They were born the same way as you — or me.

People pray . . . two students were going to school; they were late. One began to pray and run. The other sat down on the road and prayed, "God, let me reach there in time." Which of the two will reach there? The first one runs also; he might be late four minutes, five minutes. But he who sits on the road and prays, "O God . . ." — that won’t do. When God sees you are running, you see, He will also give you a boost. Maulana Rumi referred to a pigeon who was flying to a place of pilgrimage, Mecca, in the air. You see pigeons fly about 60 or 80 miles an hour. And he saw one hare also going fast. He asked him, "What are you doing?" "Well, I want to reach the place of pilgrimage, Mecca." He had pity on him; he saw him running, doing his best, so what did he do? He put him in his claws. If you are always lying on the road, who will care for you? So don’t be afraid — you’ll get help. The Master is seeing that you are also doing your best.

Our Master used to say, "I go around during the night to give grace to everybody; but all are asleep. Nevertheless, a few people are waiting for me." He goes around to shower His grace, but nobody is there to receive. So He goes around during the night, you see, taking — what would you say? — the pill of everlasting life; he distributes it; and those eyes which are drowsy, they are left alone. I’m only quoting these things to give you new incentive, you see — up! So why be like a manikin?

This is the New Year’s message to you, is it not? and God also helps those — what else? — those who are helping themselves to the best they can, and others who? — do not help themselves . . .

And this message, today’s message for the New Year: let us see how you find yourselves at the end of the year — God willing, of course. If you are spared, then — who knows? Man may be cut off at any moment. The sooner man reaches the goal the better. Once you reach the destination, then lie down; but the man who is lying at the very start?

Don’t forget this. I’m absorbed in the duty of Mahmud [laughs].

All right, have your breakfast. God bless you.