Sant Bani Magazine

The Voice of the Saints

October 1997 --- Vol. 22, Nr. 4

Sant Bani Magazine - October 97 issue cover

The Fire of Yearning
Sant Ajaib Singh Ji
a Satsang of July 26, 1996

Always Be Full of Gratitude
Sant Ajaib Singh Ji
meditation talks from Alberta, June 1992

The One Concern Before Us
Sant Kirpal Singh Ji
San Jose, California, August 14, 1955

O Merciful Lord, Keep me Near Your Feet
Bhai Nand Lal *
translated by Raaj Kumar Bagga

Give First Priority to meditation
Sant Ajaib Singh Ji
questions and answers, February 17, 1996

* Bhai Nand Lal was a famous poet and a follower of the tenth Guru, Guru Gobing Singh.
For more information about him, see Servants of God, by Jon Engle, Sant Bani Ashram, pp. 163-165.

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