To Become the Child of the Master

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

( continued... )

SANT JI, my daughter's question to the Master is: If the Masters are All- forgiveness, why do They also say that there are some sins that cannot be forgiven, like suicide? What happens to a soul that cannot be forgiven?

WE have been given this life as per the Will of God Almighty, and our body is created according to the karmas which we have done in our past lifetime. Whether we are deaf, dumb, or blind; whether we have a good intellect or a bad intellect; whether we have a defective body or a very good, handsome body _ all this is due to our own karmas. And we get the things of this world also according to our own karmas. God has kept the matter of life and death in His own hands, and it is for Him to decide how long a soul should live in this world and when a soul should leave this world. We think about committing suicide, we commit suicide, or do such kinds of karmas only when we do not accept the Will of God Almighty, only when we try to impose our own wishes on the Will of God Almighty.

All the Vedas and Shastras and all the religious scriptures unanimously say that whoever commits suicide cannot be forgiven because whoever commits suicide is a grave sinner.

Master Sawan Singh Ji used to say that sins are also of different categories or different degrees, and the sin of committing suicide is of the highest degree. He used to say that God Almighty doesn't forgive the soul who commits suicide. A soul who commits suicide is made to hang upside down and is given a lot of punishment over there. You know that in this world also, if someone tries to take his own life, even the law of this world doesn't pardon him, doesn't forgive him. He has to go through a lot of suffering; he has to bear the punishment and be in prison. So when the law of this world doesn't forgive someone who tries to commit suicide, we should know that the law of God is also unchangeable, and according to the law of God Almighty we will not be forgiven for this terrible sin of suicide. It is only because of the weakness of our soul that we think of, or we actually commit, suicide. And if we do commit suicide, then not only do we have to suffer for the karma of committing suicide, we also suffer the karmas, we also suffer on the account of the other things which are involved in committing suicide. And you know that no problems are solved, nothing gets resolved by committing suicide.

Many people commit suicide because they are afraid of their worldly responsibilities, because of their weak mind. And many people commit suicide because of craziness.

SANT JI, did you spend any time with Baba Somanath or Mastana Ji? If you did, would you tell us about it?

YES, I had a very brief meeting with Baba Somanath. You know about my relationship with Baba Bishan Das; he was my previous Master and He had given me the Initiation into the first two Words, but He had told me, "There is something beyond this. If you ever come across a Master who is capable of giving you more, then you should take me also to have the darshan of such a Master. And if I will come across someone who knows more than what I know, then I will take you there." So such was the Will of God Almighty, because you know that I had the opportunity to have the darshan of Baba Sawan Singh [before I met Master Kirpal]. So when I went to see Baba Sawan Singh and I was convinced, then I also took Baba Bishan Das there. Baba Bishan Das told Baba Sawan Singh about me _ how I had performed the austerities and had done so many different kinds of practices in search of God Almighty.

Baba Sawan Singh Ji said, "I also have a disciple here, I also have a Baba here, who has gone through the same kind of practices, who has done a lot of searching for God. He even had long hair which he cut off only after coming to Beas." Then Baba Somanath was called, and we met there in the presence of Baba Sawan Singh.

I met with Mastana Ji many times at the feet of Baba Sawan Singh. During the Satsangs I had many opportunities to spend time with Mastana Ji. He was my old friend; we had a lot of love for each other.

He was a lover in the true sense. He used to call Master Sawan Singh as Sawan the Emperor, and he used to remember Him with his every single breath. In fact, the bhajans which you sing, written by Mastana Ji, are bhajans which were penned by me. But after Mastana Ji left, since He did not leave any successor, there was a person who started writing his own name at the end, saying that he had written those bhajans. But I did not feel comfortable, after Mastana Ji left, to delete his name and add my name. So that is why we wrote the name of Mastana Ji. But in fact, the bhajans which you sing which have the name of Mastana Ji, were written by me.

Mastana Ji used to have anklets with tiny bells on his feet, like dancers have, and he would dance in front of Master Baba Sawan Singh.

I was also very fond of dancing in those days, and in that mood I had written this bhajan, "Dance, mind, dance; dance in front of the Satguru." In the presence of Master Sawan Singh I said, "Just as Ranja (a great lover in Indian folklore) said, 'Come with me all those who want to become a fakir _ because I neither got married, nor will I get married, and there is no one in this world who will mourn my death.' So those who want to become a fakir should come and follow me."

Just as Master Kirpal Singh [later] made me sit in the underground room to do the meditation, in the same way, Master Sawan Singh had made an underground cave for Mastana Ji and had made him do the meditation. I also got the opportunity to be in that meditation cave and meditate there.

Dear ones, when Mastana Ji gave the Initiation, He had a very large following, but still the love which He had for me was the same as it used to be in the court of Master Sawan Singh. Whenever I would visit Him, in front of His whole following, in front of His whole sangat He would call me and He would say, "Okay, now you tell people what Master Sawan Singh was like; how did He look?" So I would describe the glory and beauty of Master Sawan Singh to all Mastana Ji's sangat in exactly the way I had witnessed.

Master Sawan Singh was very beautiful; He was very handsome. In fact, He was the true gentleman Guru. He had a gold chain fitted to His watch, and He always used to wear very clean clothes. Nobody had seen any stain on the clothes of Master Sawan Singh.

When He would laugh it would feel as if His whole being was laughing, and as if flowers were pouring down from His mouth, when He laughed like that. He was so beautiful, so handsome, that even the fairies used to pay homage to Him, because even the fairies were not as beautiful as Master Sawan Singh was. His style was such that He would be talking to a person, but on the other side somebody else would be trembling there, realizing his sins.

So dear ones, Mastana Ji used to say, "All that you see here is the blessing, the grace, of Master Sawan Singh" _ because Mastana Ji used to distribute money to the people. When He would do that, He would start in the morning, and He would go on distributing money to the people until late in the evening. Many times the Indian government officials tried to find where He was getting all the money from, and they even put Him into prison. They searched all His belongings, but they could not find any money; but still He was distributing to everyone. So He used to say, "All that you see here is nothing but the blessings and grace of Master Sawan Singh."

He used to say, and He had this thing in writing also, "If anyone says that he has given even one rupee to Mastana Ji, he can take back 1,000 rupees." His own clothes were always torn, and I have seen that He used to wear torn shoes too. He used to say, "The poor Mastana has only these things." He used to show His torn clothes and torn shoes, and say, "Such is the play of Master Sawan Singh: the poor Mastana doesn't have anything more than these torn shoes and the clothes."

One day very lovingly He told me, "Look here, everything you see here is the grace of Master Sawan Singh. I have the blessings of Master Sawan Singh, but the Power Who is going to come to you by Himself, He has done the meditation. Sawan Singh is God Almighty, and the One Who is going to come to you, He is the Son of God. He has done so much meditation, He is such a big Power, that if He puts His hand like this in front of cannons blowing the fire, even the cannons would stop. When the time will come, that Power will come to your home by Himself and you have to appreciate Him."

Dear ones, He had so much love for Master Kirpal Singh also; His sangat used to love Master Kirpal Singh a lot.

Generally He was not pleased with the initiates of Master Sawan Singh. The reason for that was, as He used to say, "You see that you got the form of God Almighty in the form of Sawan Shah, but you did not appreciate Him."

So dear ones, because the Form of the Master, because the Form of Sawan Shah was still in His within, that is why He said, "You people did not appreciate that Form of Sawan Shah," and that is why He was not pleased with those who did not appreciate Sawan Shah. The Form of Sawan Shah was so deeply engrossed in His within that He could not forget it. Just as I have written in one of my bhajans, "Such a Form of my beloved Master is manifested within me, is imprinted within me, that not even for a moment do I forget how my beloved Lord, my beloved Sawan, used to smile." And I never felt, I never saw, any difference between my beloved Master and Master Sawan Singh.

And happily, smilingly, He gave me the immortal sign, the immortal gift, in the Form of Kirpal, Who always accompanies me.

WHEN a disciple prays deeply to the Master from the depths of his heart, does this type of prayer go to his account, similar to meditation?

YES, it is good to pray. If our prayers are sincere; if they are not for the worldly materials; if they are for the spiritual things; then our prayers are listened to, and they are answered also.

The reality is that we become able, or we get in the position to be able, to do the true prayer only when we rise above our body consciousness. When we vacate the nine openings, go to the Eye Center, and manifest the Form of the Master there, only after that can we do the true prayer. Because once we reach the Eye Center and manifest the Form of the Master, then whatever comes from the depth of our heart is the prayer only for the spiritual things, only for the Master. We will not have any desires for worldly things; we will never ask for worldly materials. Because when we go inside and manifest the Form of the Master within us, then we also realize that if we are asking for anything except the Master, we are only inviting, we are only asking for the pains. So that is why the true prayer happens only when we go within and manifest the Form of the Master.

One dear one prayed to the Master that she should be given a child, and she was given a child. I am very happy that in the West people do not make a big fuss over whether they should have a girl or a boy. For them, both the sons and the daughters are the same. Now in India, because of the effect of Western culture, things are changing. But in those days it was a very big thing [to have a son]. So that woman who prayed for a child got a daughter and because she had prayed to Master Sawan Singh _ she stood in front of Master Sawan Singh and said, "Now I don't have any faith in You, because I asked You for a son and You gave me a daughter." So what kind of prayer was that? If we pray to the Master for a child, He gives us a child, and then we create the controversy, we create the confusion, over having a son or a daughter.

So there is no use in making such kinds of prayer to the Master.

There was a dear one from the West who came to the 77 RB Ashram many times, and she told me that she was not respected by her family, by her mother-in-law, and other relatives because she did not have a child. So she prayed for a child. I told her, "This is the court of beloved Lords Sawan and Kirpal and whoever prays to Him, He definitely answers their prayer. So you should pray to Him." And as a result she got a child. When I went to America, I saw her in the Satsang; she had a child. But since then it has been many years, and I have never seen her again. So dear ones, when we pray to the Master, He gives us what we are praying for, but most of the time, after receiving the things for which we have prayed, we leave even the Master.

I have said this many times before also, that once we travelled a very long distance and we visited a very wealthy family in the U.S. So when I went there, both the husband and wife came, they embraced me and they cried. They said, "Well, You have given us so much material wealth, but we do not have any child. So either You should not have given us all the material wealth, or You should also give us a child." So I said, "Well, this is the court of Lord Kirpal, and He will answer your prayers." A year after I visited their home they got a child, and then they wrote me a letter saying, "You have given us the child, but the child cries a lot in the night, so You also should make him quiet." So when we pray to the Master He answers our prayers, He gives us all that we are looking for, but then we ask Him to do many more things. First we ask for the child and then we also ask Him to come and baby-sit for our kids.

I can tell you many prayers which the worldly people often make to the Master and which are fulfilled, and then they make more prayers. It could fill many books if I went on telling you about the worldly people's prayers. I don't feel like talking about this, but since the nature of the question is like that _ I am compelled, because I am answering this question _ so I will tell you about one woman who for many years went to 16 PS Ashram with a desire. After many years she asked, "Don't You know why I have been coming here?" I said, "Yes, of course I know what you have come for." So she said, "Well, if You know, why don't You give me that?" I said, "Well, will you be content, will you be happy if you get what you are asking for?" She said, "Yes, I will be content. I will be happy if You give me what I am praying for." She did not have a child, so she prayed for a child. And with the grace of God Almighty Kirpal a new soul entered her body. And after that she came to see me and she said that she was expecting a child but she warned me, "If You don't give me a son, then I will lose faith in You." With the grace of God Almighty Kirpal, in His Will she got a son. But unfortunately when the child was still very young, one day some hot water poured on his body and he became very sick. So she came to me and she said, "Well, if my son will not survive I will lose faith in You." That also became all right, her son became all right, but afterward she became crazy. She herself went crazy, and then she came to me and she said, "I have lost faith in You. First You should make me better, and then I will have faith in You."

So these are the stories of the prayers of the worldly people. We go on praying and we go on getting the things. All our prayers are answered, then we go on asking for more and more, and we never get any contentment, we never get any satisfaction. So the meaning of saying this is that the true prayer can happen only when you rise above the nine openings of the body, when you go within and meet the Master within and pray to Him. Only in that case, only in that situation, will the prayer come from the depth of your heart _ because then you will not be asking for anything which will bring pain or unhappiness to you. Except for the prayer for the Naam and the Master, the prayers for all other things will not give you any contentment or happiness. Do you think that you will get any contentment, do you think that you will get any happiness, if you are praying for any worldly thing? The contentment comes only when you pray for the Naam.

I will tell you one more thing, one more incident to make you laugh. There was one girl who came in the month of October. She came for the October monthly Satsang over there in Rajasthan. And when she came to see me in the private interview she told me, "I attended Your Satsang, and I liked it very much. But You say that the soul is the same whether one is male or female, if You say that the soul is the same, then why didn't You get married?" I made a crooked-looking face and I said, "Well, nobody liked me. That's why I didn't get married." But she didn't accept that. She came back again in November for the Satsang and once again she came to me and she said, "I had prayed to the Master that He should get married, but now He has become old so He will not get married."

So this is the kind of prayer we people make. So how can we expect that such prayers could be answered? We do not know what kind of prayers we should make, what kind of things we should ask from the Master, because we are here outside. When we go within, only after going in the within, we will know what we should ask from the Master, and what we should pray to the Master.

So dear ones, we do not know how to make the prayers. In fact, only after going within and manifesting the Form of the Master and accepting His authority, His being, in our within _ only then do we realize what our Master is and what He is capable of giving to us. Dear ones, when we go within and see His power over there, then we make the true prayers, and then we ask from the Master only the Master.

Regarding prayer, in Satsang I have always said, "Suppose there is a child who is supposed to go to school and study. But instead of going to school, if he just sits on the way and prays to his teacher that he should be made to pass the examinations, he should have good numbers in his test _ you know that he will not get good results, he will not get good marks, and he will not be able to pass the examination just by praying for it. He will get good results, he will pass the examination only if he goes to the school and works hard."

Dear ones, when [I was in the army] I went to the city of Poona to take the exams to become a signalman. The teachers there were very strict and they said, "We don't believe in those gods, in those beings, to whom you have prayed before coming here. We only believe in the hard work which you have done in preparing yourself for the examination. If you will not do well then we will mark an "F" on your examination, and we'll send you back from here."

Dear ones, from the blessed mouth of Master Sawan Singh I have always heard Him say, "I am a farmer Guru." Farmers are supposed to be very rugged, very strong, and He used to say, "I am a farmer Guru, and I will put all of you to a very severe test. I will make you work very hard." And from Master Kirpal Singh I always heard Him say, "I am an accountant, and I will ask you for the account of every single penny. If one penny is less, why was it less? If there is one extra penny, why is it extra?"

The meaning of Master Kirpal Singh's saying was: "I will ask for the account of every single breath which I have given to you. Did you do the Simran in all the breaths which I gave you, or did you just waste them for the pleasures and the other useless things?"

Dear ones, we are very fortunate ones that we got our beloved Masters Who taught us how to do the prayer. He taught us how to do the prayer and He gave us all that we have. If you go to a shop which sells pearls and diamonds, no matter if you burn the incense over there, if you offer prayers, if you offer anything over there, and ask for coal, they will not be able to give you coal because they only have pearls and diamonds. Only if you ask for pearls and diamonds will you get the pearls and diamonds. But if you are asking for the coal, they will not be able to give it to you, no matter what efforts you make. In the same way, at the shop of our beloved Master there is only Naam. So if you pray for the Naam, you will get the Naam from Him. If you will pray for the other things which the Master does not have, how can you get them?