The Ambrosial Hour

Talks by

Baba Sawan SinghJi
Sant Kirpal Singh Ji
Sant Ajaib Singh Ji
and others

Cover of the book : The Ambrosial Hour

Sanbornton, N. H. :
Sant Bani Ashram, 1996
xiv - 456 pages
ISBN 0-89142-048-7


Foreword, by Russell Perkins
Introduction, by Daryl Rubin

Preparing to be with the Master: Gaining Receptivity

  1. Come to Your Senses
  2. The Tradition of the Path of Love
  3. Factors Necessary for Progress
  4. The Eternal Song
  5. Learn to be Receptive
  6. To Get Mastery Over Our Mind
  7. Make Each Breath an Offering
  8. The Cage of the Soul
  9. On Judging Others
  10. Content In the Will of God
  11. Sant Ji's First Message
  12. The Test of a Gurumukh
  13. When the Yearning is Created
  14. The Steps from Sach Khand
  15. Faith, Love, Devotion & Effort
  16. To Be Steadfast on the Path
  17. The Enemy Within
  18. Go Ahead and Do It
  19. Live in Love and Harmony

Seclusion: Spending Time in the Company of a Saint

  1. The Value of Seclusion
  2. The Importance of Ashrams
  3. What is a Holy Place?
  4. On Satsang and Darshan
  5. What We Should Ask of the Master
  6. Shot By the Bullet of Love
  7. You Have Made a Long Journey
  8. Simran

Meditation on the Naam of the Lord

  1. To Change the Mind's Habits
  2. The Glory of the Disciple
  3. A Broom to Clean Our Soul
  4. Make the Mind Quiet
  5. "Knock at the Door and it Shall be Opened"
  6. The Stairway of Simran
  7. Make a Habit of Meditating
  8. Reach the Form of the Master
  9. The Streams of Mind and Soul
  10. Sow the Seed which is in Season
  11. When We Do Simran Lovingly
  12. The Master Loves His Satsangi Children
  13. Because He Had Sympathy for Us
  14. We Need a Guide
  15. With the Help of the Master
  16. Something Worth Experiencing
  17. The Ambrosial Hour
  18. God Almighty Hears our Plea
  19. Carrying the Basket of Grace
  20. An Ounce of Practice
  21. The Only True Wealth
  22. The Gift of Devotion

Meditation: Questions & Answers

  1. An Interview with the Master
  2. The Different Kinds of Simran
  3. The Pearls of Spirituality
  4. The Meditation of the Saints
  5. The Karmas are Revealed Within
  6. On Forgiving Others
  7. The Master Becomes Happy
  8. Questions & Answers on Meditation

The Glory of the Company of Saints

  1. To Keep the Sweetness
  2. Where He Quenched the Thirst
  3. To Sit at the Master's Feet
  4. According to His Instructions
  5. The Heart-to-Heart Way
  6. The Long, Long Journey
  7. The Fragrance of Naam
  8. The Price of Happiness
  9. Use The Time You Have Now
  10. The Distribution of Grace
  11. Concentration of Mind
  12. To Glorify the Master's Name
  13. Take the Inspiration
  14. A New Year: Like A New Birth
  15. Awaken the Light and Sound Within
  16. That Precious Jewel of Naam
  17. To Have His Company
  18. In the Company of the Saints

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