To Save His Souls

Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

EDITOR'S NOTE: Following are two statements by the Master made to the third group of Westerners who visited Him in Rajasthan in November 1984 just after the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the political turmoil and violence that ensued. The first is a section of the discourse of November 29, 1984; the second is Sant Ji's response to a question asked the following day, a question generated by the first section.

IN MR. OBEROI'S BOOK, an account is written which is of the time of Master Sawan Singh's lifetime. I was eye witness to that incident which happened when India and Pakistan were formed in 1947. At that time people were being killed in both the parts. Many girls were being raped and everywhere many tragic events of killing were going on. At that time Master Sawan Singh had to shed His blood in order to save His souls. A commanding officer in the military where I was also working was a very devoted disciple of Master Sawan Singh. When we went to see Him, He took about two hours to tell us about His sickness. And He told the attendant, when He was losing his blood, "Let the blood flow in both east and west"-because in the west there was Pakistan, where there were many Muslims who were being killed by the Hindus, and on the east side there were Hindus who were being killed by the Muslims. Negative Power does not spare any soul; he always wants that all the karmas should be paid off either by the disciples or by the Master. So when such things happen, the Perfect Masters of the time have to give a lot of blood from their body in order to keep the balance. At that time over there, there was a person who, after hearing all that Master Sawan Singh said, still did not have faith in Him and he did not believe in what Master Sawan Singh was saying. So he asked Him if it was His own karma that He was paying off by giving a lot of blood from His body. Master Sawan Singh replied that it was not His own karma because Saints are free of karmas. He said that it was the karmas of the disciples which He was paying off. He said to just imagine the condition of the father whose sons are being burnt in the fire. Will he not feel anything when he sees that his sons are being burnt in the fire? Saints have love of more than thousands of worldly parents put together. So in order to save their souls, they always have to shed their blood or they always have to suffer the consequences of the karmas of the disciples on their body.

In 1971 there was a very big war between India and Pakistan. From both sides they were using cannons and destroying places even fifty miles from where they were firing. One night the army movement was very strong. They were carrying a lot of tanks to the area where they were fighting. That night what I saw in meditation was like this: I saw that Master Kirpal went into the place where both the armies were fighting. And cutting His head he gave a lot of blood from his body to cool them down. Many dear ones who were meditating at that time saw this experience. After a few days the war came to an end and then we came To realize that it was because Master gave His blood that this had come to an end. When He cut His head and gave His blood, at that time Baba Jaimal Singh, Master Sawan Singh and all other Saints were present. And Master Sawan Singh said that He did not want to keep his disciples in this burning world even for a moment, and that He was helpless; they have to live in this world and do their work. And you know that after some years Master Kirpal left the body. Before leaving the body He had to undergo an operation. And He left his body because of that sickness.

The political people do not know what they are saying because they are not aware that death will come to them also. The night when this thing happened that I just related, the Prime Minister of Pakistan had said that they would fight for one thousand years. When the people in my Ashram heard that news they were worried. They did not know what was going to happen. But I told them that they should not worry because the war was going to come to an end and everything would be all right. And afterwards the same Prime Minister surrendered and the war came to an end. I am sorry to say that the Prime Minister who said that he would fight for one thousand years, could not even live to the age of fifty years. Before he reached fifty, he left his body.

So the disciple is making the request before that Form of the Shabd who has come to save the souls. He says, "Oh Master, I am caught up in the illusion of doubts. You remove the illusion and you clear up the doubts for me . . . O Swami, O Satguru, you shower such grace on me that I may develop faith in you and I may believe that whatever you are doing, it is for us. Our minds do not believe in what you are doing for us and we have doubts and distrusts, so kindly shower such grace on me that I must start believing that you are doing everything for us."

Master, yesterday you spoke to us about how Master Sawan Singh shed blood when there was the fighting between the Muslims and Hindus in 1947, and how Master Kirpal had to also sacrifice Himself during that war in 1971. And we know that you also shed your blood for fifteen days after the assassination of Mrs. Gandhi. And so we want to know how much this will affect your life, or how this affects your life, since we are very worried about what might affect you.

You should not worry about anything, because in Sant Mat we are taught to rise above such worries and confusions. Yesterday in the satsang I did not want to tell you all that I said in the beginning, but the mood in the satsang was such that I was compelled to say all that I said. What happened fifteen days ago also affected me very badly, and I became so sick that before the group came here everybody in the Ashram was worried about what was going to happen because the group would be coming in a couple of hours and I was not feeling well. I told the dear ones that this is the work of Master Kirpal and if He wants me to serve His children then He will perform some kind of miracle; and He did perform a miracle when the group came here. Most of you would have noticed that when I was coming down the stairs I was feeling so weak that I was needing somebody's support to even walk. But while I was sitting on the chair in front of all of you, I don't know how but Master Kirpal sent that current in my body and I started feeling better. And you would have seen that when I was going upstairs I was not feeling that weak. It was much different then from what I was feeling when I was coming down the stairs.

So it is all the grace of Master Kirpal that He showered grace on me and I am able to serve you in the group. It is very interesting to know that this is one of the biggest groups we have ever had, and in this group we have received many more letters, almost double what we get in the other groups. But it is all His grace that all the works are being done and all the credit goes to Him.

What I said in yesterday's satsang, I was compelled to say, because I received many letters from many dear ones, satsangis and non-satsangis, about what happened and how they were protected by the Master Power. I also received many letters from people who do not believe in me and go to somebody else. Just recently I got a letter from Delhi from a person who goes to see somebody else, and he said in his letter that as long as Master Kirpal lived in Delhi, nothing like that had happened in Delhi. And he wanted to know now that I was living in Rajasthan, was my state peaceful? And I can say with God's grace and Master Kirpal's grace, Rajasthan was the most peaceful state during this tragic event. That dear one wrote me in his letter that that person in whom they believe, now he is losing his faith in him because he thinks that that dear one did not protect those people in Delhi as Master Kirpal used to do in His time. And he was also wondering what effect all this has had on me. I have lovingly replied to his letter and posted it just this morning. I told him that whenever tragic events happen, it always affects the Perfect Masters of that time. And they have to shed their blood in order to save the souls. They not only save their disciples but they also save those dear ones who remember them with love and affection. And for a Perfect Master, it makes no difference if such things are happening in a city or outside a city. In any part of the world, when anybody is in trouble and he remembers the Master with love and affection, Master Power goes there and sheds his blood to save that soul. Since the Masters give their blood, or shed their blood in order to save the souls, it affects their span of life.

Once Master Sawan Singh Ji was talking with some Akali leaders, Master Thara Singh and Master Uthum Singh Naboukai who were very famous religious leaders. At that time the commander of our army was also present there along with all of us. And they asked Master Sawan Singly "We know that in your horoscope it is written that you have a life of a hundred years. Is that true?" Master Sawan Singh replied, "Yes, that is very true. But I will live to a hundred years only if the dear ones will allow me to work peacefully. If people throw their difficulties and problems on my head and if I have to shed my blood to save the people, then I will not be able to live that long.." The people who meditate know that Master Sawan Singh left the body ten years earlier than he was supposed to leave. In the same way, because Master Kirpal Singh was burdened by the problems and difficulties of the dear ones, He also left his body fourteen years early. Saints do not like to shed their blood for no reason, but they are helpless because they are very gracious on their souls, and whenever they see that the people are fighting with each other and killing each other, they at once go there and go to rescue them. The grace of the Saints is not limited to just His city or state or country. His grace is extended to everyone who remembers Him with love and affection. Even a worldly father is affected if he sees that his two children are fighting with each other. He also feels sick. In the same way when the Saints see that the people are fighting with each other and killing each other, they also feel very sad for them and they intervene in their fight, and in that process they have to sacrifice themselves. Saints do not perform any miracles and they do not use their supernatural powers. But it is true that during such happenings, nature itself takes up the form of the Saints and goes to rescue the people.

I am not telling you this incident to praise myself but this is the fact. I have received a letter from a non-initiated person who lives in the town of Sirsa. He has written to me that he had met me in 1978 when I was going to Delhi. On our way up to Delhi, Pathi Ji and my driver went to buy some ice, and that man was sitting in his shop about a hundred feet from our jeep. I was sitting in my jeep and that person was looking at me, and after a few minutes he came to me and said, "I could not resist, your personality has attracted me to come to you." In my humor, I said, "Dear one, I am not a magnet who could pull you here." But that person said, "Well, you can say whatever you want but I am telling you the fact that you have pulled me here." He greeted me and afterwards he went back to his shop. It was just a brief meeting in which he did not ask me who I was and I also did not inquire about him. Outwardly, he was a person like me, I mean he was also a Sikh with a beard. And during the events which happened in Delhi, he was visiting his relatives in Delhi and he got stuck over there. Whatever happened in Delhi was not fighting between Hindus and Sikhs. In many places Hindus protected Sikhs and in many places Sikhs protected Hindus. So it was not like communal fighting as it has been reported. It was the work of the bad elements, the plunderers, who got an opportunity to go and plunder and they made the Sikh community as their target.

So he was driving his car and at one point he was trapped by many Hindus who wanted to kill him. Suddenly he remembered the brief meeting which he had had with me. And Nature, or you can say God, came in the form of a clean-shaven man and told him to hide under the seat and that clean-shaven man offered to drive the car. Afterwards that clean-shaven man took the car to a safe place and to the relatives of that person where he wanted to go. And before leaving that place the Sikh man asked him to tell him his name and address so that he could thank him. But that person who had helped him said that he didn't have time to tell him his name and address and that he had to go and protect many other people. And he disappeared from there.

Afterwards that dear one came to realize that it was the Master Power which had protected .him. He had remembered reading Sant Bani Ashram's name on the jeep. And he wrote me a letter writing only that much of the address on the envelope. That was not the correct postal address, and he was not sure whether I would get the letter or not. But many people in Rajasthan know me, and even if you write only Sant Bani Ashram, Rajasthan, sooner or later the letter will get to me. So I got that letter in which he told me all about our meeting in 1978 and how he was protected by God and all that. And he asked my permission to come to the satsang.

So the reason of telling this incident to you is that whenever such tragic events happen, at that time when the souls are saved, Nature takes up the form of the living Saint and in that way protects the souls. Someone has to pay off the karmas, someone has to suffer on the account of the past karmas, either the person or some other power which is bound to help that soul. Nature, or you can call it God, takes up the form of the living Saint, and Nature does not pay anything itself; it is the living Saint who has to pay.

I ate my last meal correctly on the 30th of last month. And until yesterday I, did not eat anything. I just used to have tea and nothing else. I am not in the habit of eating cashews or dried fruits or other fruits, because I have kept my diet very simple since my childhood. But because of all that was happening, I was so weak I could not digest anything; I did not eat anything. Just yesterday I felt like eating a good amount of food and I ate it. I told Pappu about that yesterday.

Group Two was here when all those things happened in Delhi. And I knew that this was not a problem between Hindus and Sikhs. That is why I personally went with the group up to Sirsa, keeping my car in front of the bus. And we had to go through many villages where only Hindus live. I knew that they were my brothers and no harm would be done to me. And when we got to Sirsa I said to Pappu, "I am confident in my Master that you will reach Delhi safely," and with His Grace, Group Two reached Delhi very safely.

So whenever the souls are saved or whenever the sufferings of the souls have been reduced, somebody has to pay for their karmas. No karma is erased without paying for it. Mrs. Indira Gandhi was not a bad person, she was a very good person and she helped a lot in keeping our country united. She had respect for all the religions and communities and she used to treat every person alike. But I don't know why those two misguided people assassinated her; she was deceived by them. Not everybody in a particular community is a bad person. Even though the two people who assassinated Mrs. Gandhi were from the Sikh community, still you cannot say that everybody in the Sikh community is a bad person. There are many Sikhs who are holding very high positions in India, and our President is also Sikh. The souls who have been rejected by God, and the souls who have not been given the opportunity to do the devotion of God, we should always be afraid of them.

Once Prophet Mohammed was sitting with his disciples, and with some other religious people, and one initiate of his was also sitting there who had done some kind of misdeed. So the other disciples of Prophet Mohammed told him that this dear one had done this misdeed. Prophet Mohammed said that as all the Saints love to be just and always like justice, Prophet Mohammed was also very just. So he said that he would not be responsible for that disciple who had killed somebody; he would not be responsible for that disciple who had deceived someone, he would not be responsible for that disciple who had stolen things from others; and He would not be responsible for those disciples who commit adultery.

When he made this very strong statement, one of His disciples said, "Master, right now you need many disciples, so you should not give this disciple such serious punishment." Prophet Mohammed replied, "I do not want to become the guru of the false Muslims and I do not want to have such disciples who would do all these misdeeds. I want to become the Master of the true disciples."

When Guru Gobind Singh came into this world, at that time also, such fire of tyranny was burning as it burnt in Delhi. The fire in Delhi was extinguished soon, but when Guru Gobind Singh came it took him a long time to extinguish it. Guru Gobind Singh protected many innocent souls and in that process he sacrificed himself.

The dacoits do not belong to any one community and they do not favor any one community. If they see that at some place there are many Hindus, they will become like Hindus. If they see that there are many Sikhs in one place, they become like Sikhs. Nowadays many artificial beards arid things like that are available; if you don't believe me you can ask our Principal Sahib; he will also tell you how sometimes he has a false nose or false moustache. Saints love all the communities, all the religions, their own and other people alike.

If we live up to the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj we will not find anyone as our enemy. In the war when Guru Gobind Singh was helping the innocent people, he had a disciple whose name was Bhai Khanaya. He was given the job of giving water to the wounded soldiers in the war. That dear one used to go within and he had understood the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh. So when he would go to the battlefield to give water, he would not only give water to his own countrymen, he would also give water to the enemy. So the other people complained to Guru Gobind Singh, saying, "Master, we with very much difficulty hurt the enemy, we make wounds in their bodies, but Bhai Khanaya gives them water and so they again get up and start fighting with us."

So Guru Gobind Singh called for Bhai Khanaya and said, "These people are complaining about you; they say that you give water to the enemy also." Bhai Khanaya replied, "What enemies? I don't see any enemy there; wherever I look I see only You." Guru Gobind Singh was very pleased with him and told the other people that he had understood His teachings. He got so much blessing from Guru Gobind Singh, that even now there is a sect which functions in the name of Bhai Khanaya.

All the Saints come into this world to teach us unity and love for other fellow beings. They tell us that we should love our neighbors as we would like to be loved and we should treat our neighbors and other fellow beings as we would like to be treated by other people. They teach us to live and let others live. Even more than that they always tell us that just as a human being has a right to live on this earth, in the same way the other creatures-animals and birds-also have the same right to live on this earth. Those people who go away from the teachings of such Masters, they walk on the path of killing and disturb other people. They make their own lives restless and they create disturbances for the other people and make the lives of other people restless also.