Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

The Heart to Heart Way

Reprinted here are two talks given by Sant Ji to the September/October group at Sant Bani Ashram, Rajasthan, India, October 5-6, 1986. Published in November, 1986 Sant Bani Magazine.

Farewell talk, in the Upper Room, October 6, 1986

Once again I thank you all because you people did that work which the Saints always expect and hope from their disciples. You people were very patient, and you did a lot of Bhajan and Simran. Many dear ones told me about their very high experiences, which I cannot describe. I appreciate all this and I am thankful to you for doing your meditations.

This world is full of suffering, it is the world of the Negative Power. Saints come in this world only to ease the burden and sufferings of the dear ones. They are sent into this world by Almighty God only for this purpose. Whatever pain or suffering comes in the Will of the Master, they always accept it. They accept the sweet Will of the Master. Kabir Sahib has said, “If there were no Saints in this world, it would have burned down, because it is full of suffering.” Now you can maintain this patience and meditation when you go back to your home only by doing your meditations, because you know what discipline means, and you can maintain that discipline only by doing your Bhajan and Simran regularly.

Outwardly you know the condition of the world. At this moment it is very important for all the satsangis to have a lot of love, as much as possible, and they should do the meditation as much as possible, because that is what is needed at this moment in this world which is full of suffering. Because the satsangis, only the satsangis, have the real meditation and the real path by which they can connect themselves with Almighty God. It is possible that looking at your love, looking at your devotion, God Almighty may forgive many other souls.

I wish you all the best for the return journey, and I am very thankful to our Masters Baba Sawan Singh and Hazur Maharaj Kirpal Singh Ji for graciously giving us this opportunity of sitting in their remembrance for ten days.

At the Underground Room, October 5, 1986

Regarding this underground room, I have said a lot, and a lot has been published in the magazine, which you would have read. Today I am not going to speak much about it, because, as you know, I am not supposed to talk much because of my health. But I hope that you will always remember and get inspiration from what happened to this poor soul in this place. In fact, it was Almighty God Kirpal himself who made him go inside this underground room. At that time this poor soul had given up the support of the whole world and had relied on the support of the Almighty Lord. He Himself made me go inside; He Himself put His loving, gracious hand on my eyes, and closed my eyes from outside. And He Himself opened my eyes within. Whenever He wanted, He came to see me. Whenever He thought appropriate, He came and gave me His darshan.

Master is not unjust. He is the person who is truly just. If anyone is sitting in remembrance of Him, if anyone is lovingly devoted to Him, He definitely comes and quenches the thirst of that disciple. When He gives the initiation He gives the initiate the right to enter Sach Khand. But He also puts one condition for the initiates, and that is, as Master used to say, that if you cannot do the meditation, if you cannot do any other thing, at least have love for the Master. Never understand the Master as a human being, because you should know that He has assumed the human body only to come into this world to free us. We are the people who are suffering and who are captive in this prison of the world. He has taken the human form only to make us free from this prison. I hope that you will also take the same inspiration from this place, so that you may also be able to obey the commandment of the Master, maintain true love for the Master, and may make a heart-to-heart way with the Master.