Sant Ajaib Singh Ji

A Prayer For Peace

A talk given before meditation, January 1, 1991. Published in January, 1991 Sant Bani magazine.

Good morning! I wish all of you, your families, your country, and all the human beings on this world, a very happy New Year.

I wish and pray to God Almighty that the clouds of war which are hovering over this world may be removed with His grace and that all of this world may have a very happy New Year.

This whole world is the home of the Master, this whole world is like the country of the Master, and you know that if one child in the home is unhappy or suffering, the father is affected by it, he is also unhappy, he also suffers. In the same way, if there is any trouble anywhere in the world, the Master is also affected. So I pray to God Almighty, again and again, that He may protect all of us, giving us His gracious hand, that in this Iron Age He may protect these souls of the Iron Age. I bow down in front of Him again and again; I lay myself down in front of Him again and again with the prayer that He may protect all of us.

At present, as you know, everyone in this world is frightened; as you know, the superpowers are standing on piles of dynamite and you never know what is going to happen. If at this time God does not shower His grace upon us, if He does not protect us, then you can very well imagine how much the human beings will be affected and how much loss can happen if He does not shower His grace upon the people. So once again, it is our prayer in front of God Almighty that, giving us His support, He should cool down the minds of the people and He should shower grace upon all the people, and He should bring peace to the world.