Sant Ji at the 77RB Ashram« Sant Ji, I'd like to take you home with me to Boston. »

Twenty years ago in September of 1979 we were in a group with Sant Ji at 77RB in Rajasthan -- one afternoon as the trip was drawing to a close, during a walk talk out by the hut Sant Ji had meditated in, a disciple said, «Sant Ji, I'd like to take you home with me to Boston.»

How we all laughed, and in the seconds before Sant Ji replied, I was not alone in thinking, oh, what a clever remark that was... But with the blink of His eyes Sant Ji's mood grew sober and He sat up and leaned forward in His chair and said,

«Well, I would like to, I would go with you, but the thing is that you won't take me with you. It is possible that you may take me with you up until you get to the Boston Airport, but as soon as you will see your cars and your friends you will forget me and you will say, okay now, bye-bye, you can go wherever you want & now I am going to do all my worldly works. And after that also I'll be with you, even if you forget me. Sometimes you will remember and pay attention to me but many times you will just keep forgetting me. Baba Jalunjut who used to live in the village of Nowshera, he was a good meditator and he said that people in their childhood play and when they become young they go and work in the field but when they become old just because they feel obliged to do the devotion of the Lord, they just go on moving the rosary but they are not really interested in doing the devotion of the Lord. In that way, all the Satsangis are doing the meditation and they are on the Path only because they feel obliged that they should do this, otherwise not many are interested, really interested in doing the devotion. Otherwise, you see Master is always with the disciple and He is always waiting for the disciple to turn his face towards Him. All His life He is always waiting for the disciple to come towards Him and He is always within him, but the disciple turns his face towards the Master only for a few times in his life.

Anyway, Thank you for inviting me to be with you -- I hope that you will remember me as long as you can.»

(Loving thanks to dear S. Shannon for noting down and keeping the treasure of these unpublished words till today)