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Christmas & New Year Messages

The Unity of religions and the Unity of Mankind :
Sant Kirpal Singh Ji's 1962 Christmas Message
Sant Ajaib Singh Ji's 1995 Christmas Message

Sant Kirpal Singh Ji : « The Message of Christmas Day » (December 1971)
Sant Ajaib Singh Ji : «A New Year: Like A New Birth» (January 1, 1990)

Excerpts from the Master's Teachings

Those who do not meditate... get kicked and knocked

« Swami Ji Maharaj said that those who are the thieves of meditation, those who do not want to meditate, they are bothered by lust, laziness and sleep. They get kicked and knocked, and they get drowned in the river of greed » (Sant Bani Magazine, October 2000, p. 30-31)

So long as the mind is filled with me and mine... it cannot pass through the narrow way.

« So long as the mind is filled with me and mine (my wife, my sons, my daughters, my property, my honor, my wealth, my country, my nation, my wisdom amd so forth) it cannot pass through the narrow way. To make the mind go through this narrow way, is to bring it up before the narrow gateway and make it struggle and force its way. By actual struggle and experience, it will very soon learn what keeps it from going in. Only then will it feel the superfluity of what it is carrying with itself and, as a necessity, will have to shed it. Then it becomes light and humble, and will pass through the narrow way very easily. » (Master Sawan Singh, Spiritual Gems, p. 252; also The Self-Introspection Diary, July 1st)

More excerpts

One who has love for the Master

« One who has to meditate, one who has love for the Master, it doesn’t matter in what hours of the day he is working but still he will have some time for the meditation. And those who don’t have to meditate, no matter if they have the early hours free, still they will not get up and they will never meditate. We need to create love and yearning in our within. If we think that we will meditate only when we don’t have any obligations, only when we don’t have anything to do, I will tell you that such people never meditate. Even if they don’t have anything to do still they will never meditate. Such people become lazy because when they don’t work they become lazy, they do not maintain good health. But those who work hard earning their livelihood by honest means and those who have some time for meditation, they maintain good health and they also progress in their meditation. » (Sant Bani Magazine, June 1999, p. 30)

I will advise you...

« I will advise you that you should start doing your meditation as the wrestlers start doing their work when they go into the ring to fight or wrestle with another wrestler. At that time, neither of them is thinking about their defeat. They both have hope, and they both want to become successful. That is why they apply their full force, and with all their concentration they do their work. Success or defeat is something which comes later on, but in the beginning they both have the same enthusiasm, and they both are trying their best to defeat each other. In the same way, when you sit for meditation you should not be discouraged, you should never think that you will not become successful. Like the wrestlers, you should also have hope and you should also be enthusiastic. You should apply your full force in doing your meditation. At our Eye Center, which is our ring where we have to fight with our mind, we should apply our full force, and we should put all our concentration in fighting with him. » (Sant Bani Magazine, May1999, p. 11)

On the fate of the Gurumukh:

« Those dear ones who, vacating the nine openings of the body, concentrate completely at the Eye Center and go into the state of deep samadhi, those who give up the support of all this world and seek only the support of the Master - we can do this only when we remove the three covers from our soul and completely become His and go within. Such a disciple's fate, such a disciple's destiny is formed or is written by the Master Himself. For such a disciple it doesn't make any difference if poverty or disease comes, or if any difficulty and unhappiness comes. It doesn't matter if he is praised or criticized. Whether he is humiliated or is glorified in this world, that has no effect on him, because he has given up [paying] attention to all those things and he always keeps his attention on the Master. So the fate of such a disciple is written down and is taken care of by the Master Himself. » (Sant Bani Magazine, September 1999, p. 19)

...But what do we do?

When you sit, refuse to follow your mind. Do not bring the worldly thoughts. Tell your mind, "Have we ever interfered with your affairs when you do the worldly things? Now when we are doing our work, the work of our Masters, please do not interfere with it." When you sit in the meditation never listen to your mind. He will come to you, but do not listen to him. You know that sometimes there are many crows who live on the ship. They may fly away long distances, but at the end they return only to the ship because they do not have any other place to go. The same is the condition of our mind. If you do not follow your mind to the movies, to the marketplaces, to your worldly works, where will the mind go then? It will return to you. It will get exhausted while wandering and will come back to you. But what do we do? We follow the mind and, wherever he takes us, we go along with him. He takes us to the movies, to the marketplaces, to our worldly works, while we are sitting in the meditation. And when we get up from meditation we say, "I couldn't concentrate." How can you concentrate? You were not meditating for one hour: you were talking with your mind and were following him. (Sant Bani Magazine, July 1999, pp. 5-6)

Concentrating on the Form of the Master

« So I think that it is better not to understand the language because the happiness which one gets by concentrating on the Form of the Master without understanding the language is greater than the happiness we get when we understand the language. » (Sant Bani Magazine, April 1999, p. 3)

On singing Bhajans:

« I have already said a lot regarding singing the bhajans, and dear ones might have read that in the magazine. In fact, singing the bhajans is not less than meditation. Master Kirpal used to say that the bhajan which creates the yearning within you, you should sing that bhajan before sitting in meditation. » (Sant Bani Magazine, September 1999, p. 17)

Sant Ji explains the pain of separation from His Master:

« ...He is listening to my every plea, and He is giving me everything I need. But the thing is that I cannot see Him moving and walking and talking... »

Sant Ji answers a very basic question :

Every day as the Meditation starts, You say to still the mind. How do you do that?

A memorable answer of the Master :

« Sant Ji, I'd like to take you home with me to Boston » :
(September 1979 at village 77RB, Rajasthan.)